The Shifting of One’s Mind Towards the Spiritual

The Transformation of Spiritual Consciousness

A quantum evolutionary leap is being created for all of mankind as a result of this new epoch in the history of planet Earth, which is causing a shift in spiritual awareness.

In the past, activities related to spirituality, spiritual awareness, and spiritual development were kept mainly distinct from the activities associated with everyday life.

In more recent times, spiritual development has come to be seen as a route that might bring about more healing and ease in one’s physical existence.

These perspectives on spirituality were incomplete and tied to stages in a process that the collective consciousness of mankind has been a part of; nevertheless, a new and more comprehensive perspective on spirituality is now taking shape.

As the process of physical incarnation progressed, human souls gradually dropped into the experience of physically manifest reality, which at the time necessitated a separation from the world of spirit.

Originally, human souls lived as the same thing as the Oneness of spirit. This separation was essential for a period of time in order to provide souls the opportunity to experience the richness of their uniqueness as well as the full absorption in physical manifestation.

This cycle of total submersion has reached its pinnacle within the time frame that we are now observing. The human race has gone as far as it can in its exploration of the numerous and varied ways individuals may express themselves via their bodily forms.

As a result of the spiritual progression of the planet having reached a frequency that is manifesting more light, the cycle has started to change today and will continue to do so in the near future.

The growing presence of God’s light on Earth is hastening the process of transformation that mankind is going through. This has the effect of speeding up both the exterior occurrences and the interior alterations in awareness.

Dear ones, there is currently developing in the collective consciousness of humanity a growing awareness of the oneness of all life, as well as a need to come together and create unity in ways that have never been seen before on this planet.

In order to fulfill this need, we must come together in ways that have never been seen before on this planet.

This need arises not only as a consequence of the current global crises, which call for a concerted effort on the part of all people, but also as a consequence of the spiritual evolutionary process, which seeks to advance into the next level of growth and awareness by embracing both the complete individuality and one-of-a-kindness of each soul, as well as the unity and oneness of all souls and all embodied life.

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In the new era that is quickly approaching, spirituality will not be seen as something apart from the material world but rather as the basis, essence, and center of the material world.

The pursuit of spirituality will no longer be considered an “extra” activity that people participate in for the purpose of recreation or solely as a means to assist them in coping with difficult life circumstances; rather, it will develop into an essential component of all decisions, activities, and paths that are chosen.

These changes may not be immediately evident to us on a conscious level, as there is so much cleansing and transformation occurring in our everyday lives that much of our attention is concentrated on just getting through each day and dealing with the weighty problems that lie in wait for us.

But you may be able to detect these shifts on a subconscious level. These shifts will make it possible for a far more integrated, harmonious, and peaceful way of being to become conceivable.

It is vital to remember that times of enormous change also bring many obstacles, as well as feelings of dread, uncertainty, and a sensation of being lost and without a sense of security.

Now is the moment to develop inside yourself an inner connection with your own soul essence and spiritual core. This connection may be created in many different ways, including via prayer, meditation, spiritual practice, yoga, dance, true movement, art, music, and so on.

Your prayers and intentions will activate new roads, new directions, and new ways of seeing, feeling, understanding, and connecting to yourself, to others, and to all of life.

Now is the moment when so much is possible for us all—to enter fully and totally into the divine spiritual manifestation of our soul’s essence, both individually and collectively.

God answers the prayers of all souls and fulfills the wants of all souls to come home to the center of spiritual beingness.

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