9 Signs That You’re Evolving Spiritually


Image of a ball of heart-shaped fire symbolic of spiritual transformation

Something in your life is changing, developing, and evolving. These alchemical alterations might be subtle or stunning, instantaneous or gradual… But, in any case, something is changing under the surface. You’re like a caterpillar evaporating in its cocoon.

Perhaps life is taking an unexpected turn. Unexpectedly, new doors may open for you. Synchronicities may become more common. And what used to torment you is starting to slip away.

You just aren’t the same person you once were—and this may be both disconcerting and exciting!

A spiritual shift may be happening if you feel and think like these things.

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What Does Spiritual Transformation Entail?

Image of a pink lotus flower symbolic of spiritual transformation

When we progress on the level of the soul, we experience spiritual change. We rise from the murky waters of the ego into a more divinely enlarged form of ourselves, much like a lotus flower (which is indicative of inner alchemy). Spiritual change can happen over time or in a way that is unexpected, quick, or powerful.

Examples of Spiritual Transformation

Here are a few frequent spiritual transformation experiences that individuals have to assist in depicting spiritual transition in a more nuanced way:

• Getting rid of a previous poisonous habit or behavior

• No longer feeling bound by a specific trauma

• Increasing authenticity and soul-centeredness

• Preferring to leave doors open rather than close (and hide) them

Of course, when it comes to spiritual growth, the options are limitless. Can you relate to any of the instances above? (If you have your own unique tale to tell, please leave it in the comments section below.)

What Is the Difference Between Spiritual Transformation and Spiritual Awakening?

Image of a blue swirl of energy

While spiritual awakening and spiritual transformation sound similar and are obviously related, they are not the same. To clear up any doubt, let me explain why:

Spiritual awakening is an umbrella term that refers to the whole spiritual journey. Spiritual change, on the other hand, occurs on the spiritual journey.

Another approach to separating these two phrases is to consider spiritual awakening to be a force of transformation that occurs at the start of the spiritual journey. And spiritual change occurs at the conclusion of the spiritual journey.

But keep in mind that the spiritual path is cyclical, so we may go through a change and then enter a new phase of awakening, which will ultimately lead to another metamorphosis. The cycle is like a never-ending mandala.

9 Signs You’re Going Through a Spiritual Transformation

Image of a woman in a yoga meditation pose

Our whole spiritual change leads us to the realization that we are enough in our own right.

Ram Dass, M.D.

Spiritual change, in essence, is about getting closer and closer to the center of our being. It is the time when all of our efforts, inner labor, and spiritual traveling begin to ‘pay off.’ However, the benefits we get are not necessarily what we anticipate; rather, they are what we need rather than what we want. Of course, we can acquire both what we desire and what we need.

Spiritual change, being a cyclical process, is guaranteed to happen to all of us pursuing the spiritual path not once, but many times—each time assisting us in embodying deeper layers of our True Nature.

Here are a few major indicators of spiritual change: How many of them can you find in your own life?

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1. Disintegration of old patterns of being

Thought patterns, habits, beliefs, and other limiting ways of beginning to disintegrate-they no longer have the same grip on you as they previously did. This dissolution, or death and rebirth, can elicit a wide range of emotions. Some individuals are relieved and grateful, while others are frightened and tense. Whatever the situation may be, just know that it is a normal part of the process of spiritual evolution.

2. New doors are being opened

You might be offered fresh and unexpected prospects for advancement. Synchronicities (or significant coincidences) will increase, and you will feel as though you are living “in the flow.” Whatever you do seems to have significant results, and there is no longer what appears to be an “invisible barrier” blocking you from developing.

3. Giving up and letting go

For some reason, you feel more at ease letting life take the wheel for a time, believing in its wisdom. You become more at ease letting go, letting be, and surrendering to Spirit. You might have battled and resisted in the past, but today you are more at ease with ‘handing over the reins.’

4. loss of sense of self-identity

The connection to your ego becomes increasingly visible as you go through the process of spiritual change. You let go of your restricted and restrictive ways of being. There is a freshness and lightness in your mind and heart that allows you to be more flexible and adaptive. Because your ego shrinks, you respond less often to individuals and circumstances that might normally irritate you.

5. You may experience the loss of some people in your life

This may not always occur, but it is typical to see individuals move on and leave their lives during spiritual growth. Some argue that this is because you’re no longer “vibrationally suited” to them – or, to put it another way, you’ve each learned your lessons from the other and it’s time to go on. You may have feelings of relief or sadness as a result of the departure of folks who were previously close to you. In any case, allow yourself to feel these emotions and recognize that they are a necessary part of the life cycle.

6. Insights concerning the essence of existence that are profound

During spiritual change, it is typical to experience an outpouring of profound awareness about your life and the cosmos. These epiphanies are sometimes referred to as “cosmic downloads,” as if your skull opens and you absorb all you can about the Great Mystery. What was previously hidden or clouded is now obvious, and the jigsaw pieces of your life begin to fit together.

7. Detoxification and energetic purification

What I call energy cleansing and purification is one of the less pleasurable parts of spiritual growth. This cleansing generally manifests in our bodies and maybe pretty disturbing at times. This event is also known as “Kundalini awakening,” in which the primordial life force energy rises inside us and clears away old “energetic blocks.”

8. Increased inner security and faith in one’s ability to succeed in life

The majority of us live in a state of near-constant worry. Even if we aren’t consciously aware of it, this dread is constantly there at a deeper subconscious level. Some (and in extremely rare situations, all) of this lurking worry dissipates with spiritual development. What we’re left with is greater faith in life’s unfathomable wisdom of the Divine. We see that everything is working for us rather than against us. This increased trust leads to feelings of inner security as we realize that nothing can ever really touch our essence.

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9. Expanding one’s love and compassion

Finally, we get to one of the most (if not the most) lovely elements of spiritual transformation: love. Our connection to our hearts deepens and occasionally broadens to sentiments of compassion for all creatures. The animosity and contempt we formerly had for particular individuals fades and is replaced with compassion, love, and, in some cases, anguish for their suffering. We experience Christ Consciousness (or Oneness), in which we both love and grieve for all creatures. Of course, various degrees of this heartfulness are prevalent, ranging from more heart-centered awareness to total unconditional cosmic love. What matters most is how profoundly we are impacted and how our old habits are transformed, not how much we experience.


Finally, spiritual change is something we cannot control; it is a gift from life. It’s the natural effect of delving inwardly, mending our wounds, and finding liberation. It also does not endure indefinitely. We may go through a lengthy or brief time of transition, but it will pass and be replaced by something new. This is the way things are. 🙂

What was your spiritual transformation experience like? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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