The Way to Good Living: Developing a Spirituality

Developing a Sensation of Spirituality as a Means Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

First, let us strive to be as straightforward and healthy as nature itself. – Walden, by Thoreau

Have you ever considered how wonderful it would be to have a healthy life? Nevertheless, since our lives are so hectic and full of commitments, it’s tempting to question what it really means to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Is it about maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Are you providing your body with the nourishment it needs? Is it about exercise? Handling stress?

In fact, the answer to all of these questions is yes. But before we get into what you can do to live a healthy and happy life, let’s take a look at who you are as a starting point.

After everything is said and done, the core of your being is what lays the groundwork for a life that is both healthy and rewarding.

How do you choose who you are going to be? The vast majority of individuals already have the belief that there is another, more superior force.

But for the sake of our discussion, let’s advance the discussion one step farther. We will refer to this experience as your sensation of being your own nature.

And, what is essential for a life that is properly lived is the connection that one makes to their own inner nature. Creating your own unique belief system is the simplest approach to accomplishing this goal.

Why Construct Your Own Belief Structure?

If leading a healthy life requires, first and foremost, cultivating a connection with your own inner nature, then let’s have a look at a few of the reasons why you should work to strengthen this connection:

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Explains Something That Cannot Be Explained:

There are certain random occurrences and relationships to other persons that empirical science is unable to explain in all cases.

How is it that some individuals experience healing on their own without medical intervention? Or, to put it another way, why does the ideal person appear at the very moment when you need them?

Why do you seem to always have the luckiest situations in your life exactly when you need them?

For instance, just the other day I was thinking of an old college buddy of mine who I hadn’t spoken to in a long time, and an hour later, she phoned.

We hadn’t been in touch for quite some time.

Your own internal nature might provide you with hints as to why all of this is really the case. Try making a list of your strengths and weaknesses.

Have you ever had a gut instinct or a sneaking suspicion about anything, only to find out that it was right? I believe that all of us have.

Put yourself to the test and try to recollect as many of the events as you can, then write them down. In the future, keep these relationships in mind and be sure to keep track of them.

Assists You in Discovering Joy in the Here and Now

Did you realize that the moment you have right now is the only one you have? Looking at the present moment helps you take stock of where you are right now (and who you’d like to be in the future).

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Understanding that the past is behind you and the future is a consequence of the choices you make may be powerful. What aspects of your life do you feel most content with?

Not up to your standards? What aspects of your life do you wish you could alter if you had the chance?

Again, put these items down on a piece of paper and give some attention to each one once you’ve completed your personal inventory.

You will be better able to set your eyes on guided personal growth if you first have an awareness of where you are now.

Helps You Get an Understanding of the Bigger Picture

Imagine the sense of accomplishment you would feel if you finally took command of your life! But the vast majority of people are unaware that we all have access to this ability.

If you start from where you are, you will be able to take manageable steps every day toward becoming the person you want yourself to be.

Why not give it a shot right away? Why not simply be the kind of person you’ve always dreamed of being? Be nice. Maintain your good health. Be enthusiastic. Be successful.

Check the items on your list once again. Who do you wish to be? Once you have this knowledge, the next step is to find methods to implement it.

Do you feel like you might benefit from exuding more confidence? Increase self-esteem? Again, add these notes to your list, and be sure to give them some thought each day for at least a few minutes.

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It seems likely that you’ll find yourself moving into that place sooner rather than later.

Takeaway: Learn to Live with Nature

It’s possible that anything you’re fighting is the cause of your illness or unhappiness; for example, maybe you’re working a job that doesn’t fulfill you.

Struggling with an old injury or sickness that is preventing you from moving forward? Be conscious of these things as they come to you in their own moments. The next phase is to make baby steps toward making changes.

You should make it your goal to work through your difficulties and worries, and you should also be conscious of the ways in which your inner nature might give you hints.

Along the same lines as the unexpected phone call, the new employment that would be more beneficial to you might also be accessible.

Give yourself permission to be open to the many options. You should make it a habit to let life teach you how to live in harmony with it.

Above all else, make sure you enjoy the journey! You will almost certainly discover that you are able to live a life that is both healthier and more satisfying.

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