The Amazing Starseeds: Types and Characteristics Identified

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Do You Think You’re a Starseed? Characteristics and Varieties of Starseeds Have Been Revealed

If you have ever gazed up at the night sky and sensed an affinity with a dazzling cluster of stars or a brilliant planet, you may be sensing your soul’s connection to a previous or future existence.

It’s possible that you may feel this connection all the way down to your bones, given that you sprang from stardust and have been imbued with divine light. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Or did you originate from a faraway star, becoming a direct ancestor of a light body or planet that was located in the void of space?

It took hundreds of years of research and, more recently, more exact evaluations, but scientists currently believe that there are over ten billion galaxies in the known universe. There are estimates that the Milky Way, which is the galaxy in which we reside, has more than 100 billion individual stars.

If you were to put all of that information into an equation, it may look something like this:

10,000,000,000 multiplied by 100,000,000 results in 1 trillion trillion trillion stars!

That number refers to the number of stars that can be seen in the observable universe. Despite the fact that this is an enormous number, just think of the billions of kingdoms and planets that are concealed from plain sight. Imagine the additional miles that we still have to cover.

Think about the notion that time is an illusion and that everything in the universe either evolves or extends with each passing instant.

Could it be that the number of realms, galaxies, planets, and stars is always changing and, as a result, impossible to estimate?

If this is the case, then your birth on Earth was either something you predetermined to happen or something that happened by chance.

When we think about where we came from, we can explore the possibility that the Earth was one of many experiments conducted during a period when several extraterrestrial cultures worked together to seed stars and planets in order to build new worlds.

It would seem that we are presented with a number of choices once we pass away and decide whether or not to be reincarnated.

Because we are souls that wander through space and time, we must take into account not just this planet but also the many other worlds, realms, and universes that exist throughout the multiverse, as well as the numerous spacetime continuums.

Our souls may have been reborn in this manner a thousand times in a thousand other universes. This is one possible explanation. It’s also possible that we’re leading parallel lives that are intertwined in a number of different locations and across a number of different spacetime platforms.

The Earth is a constantly changing, three-dimensional world that maintains a healthy equilibrium between the realms of the physical and the angelic.

Because of this, it is possible that millions of starseed have made the decision to dwell among us in the hopes that they might help or profit from our style of vulnerability, the karmic cycles of rebirth that occur on Earth, and our planet’s ongoing growth.

What Kinds of Resources Did Humans Use To Learn About Starseeds?

Channelers and mystics who maintain frequent connections with the Akashic Records are the ones who brought the thoughts and notions surrounding Starseeds to our attention.

These records include the energy imprints of all intents, ideas, feelings, connections, discoveries, and occurrences that have ever taken place across all races, in all realms, and over the whole of spacetime. These imprints may be found in the records.

Although most of this knowledge may be channeled and understood with reasonable ease, there are a variety of points of view about the process by which starseeds arrive on Earth and the many different sorts of starseeds.

Who or What Exactly is a Starseed?

The channelers claim that starseeds are highly evolved spiritual beings that originate from other worlds and dimensions and who are in possession of spiritual and scientific knowledge that dates back hundreds of thousands of years.

It would seem that the majority of Starseeds are benign creatures with the goal of assisting all living beings throughout all of the realms and universes; but, there are some Starseeds that have the goal of controlling interplanetary resources in order to benefit their home planets.

The majority of people believe that starseeds are wandering souls from other worlds who incarnated on Earth in order to uplift and cure humanity as well as take part in the development of the planet.

There is also the possibility that these Starseeds are the physical progeny of extraterrestrials from other planets who made the journey to Earth in order to serve as lightworkers for our planet.

There is also the possibility that starseeds were born as a result of inter-consciousness conception or virgin births, similar to the accounts told about Jesus.

Another hypothesis is that every soul has the potential to become a starseed if it is intentionally illuminated by the light of another starseed. This is something that may happen to souls while they are still in the womb or at any other time in their existence.

In any case, it would seem that starseeds do indeed exist, but in a somewhat different form. It’s possible that we’ll never know which of the Starseed theories are the most accurate.

How Can One Determine Whether or Not They Are a Starseed?

You could have a nagging feeling that you originated from someplace other than this planet, and you might be able to see how your body looked in previous incarnations on other planets.

It’s possible that you dream about living in other galaxies in the hopes of one day really reincarnating in one of those places. You could be curious about how you arrived here as well as whether or not you would ever go back.

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Even while you have these actual experiences of harmony with other planets, it is possible that you may never know for certain whether or not you are a starseed.

Every one of us longs to feel like we belong, that we are aligned with, or that we are related to another individual, family, community, culture, or society.

We want acceptance and connection in order to have our hearts filled and to be inspired. We decorate ourselves with labels that give us the impression that we are exceptional or one of a kind so that we may better understand where we may fit in.

It’s possible that we’d say something like, “I’m a seven on the Enneagram,” “I’m a repentant Catholic,” or “I’m a conservative Democrat.” We could even declare something along the lines of “I am Starseed, Pleiadian, to be more specific.”

We have a strong attachment to our transient self-identities, also known as the personality constructions that we use to establish our personas, relationships, and lives, regardless of whether or not they are founded in reality. When conventional labels and stereotypes don’t cut it, we go elsewhere—sometimes even to the heavens—for answers.

This does not imply that the reality you have been living as a starseed is false. The purpose of this is to introduce the concept that our birth, perceived, and acquired identities may all be illusory, at the very least in part.

Varieties of Starseeds

It would seem that the majority of Starseeds have come to Earth in order to educate and cure the people who live here; nevertheless, not all Starseeds have the intention of assisting humanity’s spiritual development. Some of them have traveled to our world for their own advantage, while others are here to help in more sinister endeavors. Despite how exotic they may seem, not every soul has objectives that are founded on love and light.

The following is a list of some of the most well-known and widespread varieties of starseeds.


The planets Sirius A and Sirius B are where these souls originally hail from. The star Sirius A shines brighter than any other star visible from Earth’s surface.

It is believed that the ancestors of the people who live on Earth originated from the star Vega, which is located in the Lyra constellation. The Miengu and Merpeople call the lesser star Sirius B, which is located in the constellation Sirius, their home.

The awakening of every single human being was kicked off by these two planets. It is stated that ascended masters such as Jesus and the Virgin Mary came to mankind from the Sirius A star system.


These starseeds originated in the Pleiades, a star cluster that can also be seen in the constellation Taurus and is known by other names such as Messier 45, the Seven Sisters, and the Eye of the Bull.

The logo for the Subaru vehicle brand incorporates a stylized version of this cluster. The record keepers for Earth are the Pleiadians, and they assert that the age of the globe is more than 600 billion years.

The Pleiadians inhabit a frequency that corresponds to the fifth dimension, which is the source of both love and creative inspiration. They have a matriarchal culture that places a high value on the well-being of families, children, and women.

The Pleiadians have a behavior pattern that is quite similar to that of humans, with the exception that they are far more spiritually and emotionally mature.

Although some of them may come to Earth with the intention of manipulating humans with their sophisticated talents, the vast majority of them are here to assist humanity in expanding its awareness and developing further.


These deep individuals hail from the most sophisticated civilization in our galaxy, which is located on the planet Arcturus.

They are creatures from the fifth dimension, and they constructed a civilization that ended up serving as the model for how people should live on Earth.

Arcturians are highly evolved on a mental and emotional level, and it was always their intention to serve as humanity’s spiritual shamans and healers.

Some people believe that after a person dies, they go through Arcturian energy architecture on their way from this life to the next that they will eventually have.

Arcturus has the sense of a heavenly world, similar to all cultures that exist on the fifth through ninth dimensions.

However, it may serve as an advantageous landing site for etheric forms, transcendental awareness, and rebirthing souls, allowing them to once again grow used to a rooted, physical world.

The Bootes constellation contains Arcturus, which is the brightest star in the constellation.


This compassionate, altruistic, and telepathic species hails from the Andromeda Galaxy, often known as MS31 or M31. The Andromeda Galaxy is shaped like a spiral.

These magnificent individuals have one goal: to free the races that have been oppressed by the Reptilians and replace their oppression with love and harmony.

Not only do Andromedan creatures have a strong emphasis on the heart, but they are also highly evolved mentally and experts in every scientific field.

The Andromedan has a unique place in the cosmos due to the harmony that exists between their left and right hemispheres.

Crystal, Indigo, and Rainbow

People who belong to these three soul types often have extraordinary or supernatural talents, such as light emanation, clairvoyance, telepathy, energy cleansing, profound empathy, and the ability to transform realities.

Indigos are imbued with the power of Archangel Michael, and as a result, they have a difficult time tolerating situations that they perceive to be unjust.

Crystals are often more kind and generous than their Indigo and Rainbow siblings because they are imbued with the brightness, joy, and clarity that are associated with the archangel Gabriel.

Rainbow children are the most recent group of healing souls to arrive on Earth. These youngsters often get a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

These three groups, each of which has a natural detachment from the material world, see contacts with this world not as opportunities to advance individually but rather as spiritual exercises.

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According to the legend, these lightworkers’ soul groups in other galaxies urged them to provide their services to mankind on Earth without expecting anything in return.


The Lightworkers are exceptional souls from a range of worlds and dimensions who have consented to incarnate on Earth and other worlds in order to assist in the process of spiritual evolution.

They always choose lives that advance mankind and enhance the degree of awareness of those who are in their immediate vicinity.

They have as their major mission the promotion of goodness, love, and compassion toward all other sentient beings they come into contact with.

Lightworkers are not bound to any one planet, community, culture, or purpose in any way. They dedicate their whole lives to serving the light.


The Orions will inquire about every aspect of the situation. They want to make an effort to bring mentally-based life forms into existence here on planet Earth.

They are completely preoccupied with research and the scientific method, and tragically, they have no idea how their hearts work.

The purpose of the Orion mission here on Earth is to assist in enhancing our comprehension of the significance of scientific research.

Their individual and collective task, as well as their spiritual goal, is to acquire from humanoids the knowledge necessary to become more trustworthy and loyal.

While some Orions aspire to enlightenment, others serve as agents for the Reptilians and other aliens that aim to dominate Earth rather than free it from their tyranny.


These entities from the Lyra constellation may be seen represented in the artwork of ancient civilizations on Earth, most prominently Egypt, with its feline-headed deities and gods. They are said to have originated from the Lyra constellation.

These entities have psychic and telepathic abilities, and they have a tendency to cultivate spiritual capabilities rather than skills that feed or help their physical reality.

They spend much of their time in higher realms, where they seek linkages with the eternal consciousness in order to achieve light, clarity, and abundance in their lives.

The Felines bestow elegance on humans and hope upon all living things on Earth, inspiring creativity in each and every one of them.


There was a planet in our solar system called Maldek that had characteristics quite comparable to those of Earth. Its inhabitants got dependent on robotic technology, quite similar to the way things have progressed here on Earth, and as a result, they finally became ill and indolent.

Because of their insatiable desire for power, they destroyed their home planet, which forced some of them to look for a new place to call home here on Earth.

The Maldek have gained wisdom from their past errors and now aim to impart that knowledge to humanoids in the hopes that they will motivate them to make wiser decisions about politics, technology, health, and communication.

Both Lemuria and Atlantis

These two sophisticated civilizations formerly inhabited these two continents, which have since been submerged under the waters of the Earth. These civilizations created philosophical, spiritual, and therapeutic technology.

They are supposed to have been the first Starseed tribes to engage in direct trade with people from other worlds.

Both the Lemurians and the Atlanteans found success on Earth because of their inventiveness and dedication to technological progress.

In the end, like Maldek, these nations annihilated themselves due to greed, idleness, and sickness.

Despite the fact that these circumstances were very detrimental, the many ideas, inventions, and spiritual qualities that were produced were not destroyed.

Some of the most evolved souls from these societies were saved and turned into starseed to be planted on other planets throughout the cosmos, including in past, present, and future incarnations of beings that live here on Earth.


These shape-shifters, who go by the names Lizard People, Saurians, and Draconians, are motivated only by the desire to rule Earth for their own egotistical gain.

David Icke has published a study on the Reptilians in which he notes that these beings want political power on Earth in order to affect human civilizations, cultures, and the progression of humankind.

Many people are under the impression that certain Reptilians with changed physical looks are now living among us.

Some individuals believe that reptilian spirits may infiltrate the bodies of our most prominent leaders and influence them to abandon principles and choices that would be to the advantage of the people living on this planet.

Fortunately for the Reptilians, they have a lot of opponents who dwell in the light and have taken it upon themselves to fight against all darkness.

Starseed Personalities and Traits

Characteristics of the Body and Capabilities

There is a great deal of discussion over the particular physical characteristics of starseeds. Although there are many who believe that starseeds are tall and slender or have large eyes and wide foreheads, a soul that is pursuing its growth does not need to have a certain physical form in particular.

It is accurate to claim that starseeds may be found in a wide variety of forms and dimensions. It is via resonance and alignment that the soul is brought into the bosom of a living creature, and it is this process that allows the soul to take on a bodily form.

When it comes to our spiritual development and awakening, the physical characteristics we possess are inconsistent along these lines and have very little significance overall.

It is possible to say the same thing about the capabilities of starseeds. Every living thing serves a certain purpose, and that function is what spawns the skills and abilities that are unique to that being’s soul.

The starseeds do not monopolize any one sector of the economy, and not every one of them has the same skills, qualities, or capabilities as the others.

Starseeds are exactly like the rest of us in that they may have careers as machine operators, educators, choreographers, artisans, legislators, or dissatisfied stock analysts. They can also feel melancholy, joyful, wild, constrained, restricted, or expansive.

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Sensitivity on Both the Emotional and Social Levels

It’s possible that starseeds have a higher developed capacity for emotional intelligence and empathy than other people have.

It stands to reason that starseeds could have the kindest hearts and the most acute intuition, given the wide diversity of beliefs and experiences they have most certainly encountered during their lives, as well as the fact that they have lived in a number of different universes.

Having said that, every soul is capable of wandering off course, and even one that has done so is capable of returning to its original path at any time and with only one consistent choice.

Both Intelligence and Consciousness can be Developed

When starseeds are a part of spiritual lineages that strive to serve mankind, it is possible that they will have greater levels of intellect and a more enlarged collective consciousness than when they are not a part of such lineages.

There is a possibility that the only mission of certain starseed is to work as healers or spiritual gurus in order to aid humankind. It’s possible that others came to Earth in order to clear their karma or become better.

The notion that all starseeds are more advanced than human beings is a fallacy, despite the fact that it may seem intriguing or romantic to entertain such a notion.

Every soul, whether it originates from this planet or another, is working toward achieving its goal. On some level, every soul is interested in gaining information, expanding their experiences, or both.

Your birthright is to embrace intelligence, seek an enlarged awareness, and completely awaken at any time, regardless of whether or not you are a starseed or are from Jersey.

Feelings That Are Not of This World

Anyone who has launched themselves into a more deep awareness by letting go of their birth narrative and everything else that goes along with it has accomplished this feat.

They have allowed themselves to become emotionally and intellectually open, which has liberated them from the most fundamental limitations.

A starseed may have a highly developed soul, and as a result, they are able to comprehend and concord with the characteristics of the nature of other planets. It would be a wonderful present for you if this were the case.

You may expose yourself to the enlarged collective awareness that permeates all matter and non-matter by doing so, regardless of where you came from or who you are. This is because consciousness is present in everything.

Your title, your ethnicity, or your ancestry do not confine you in any way. You are a lot more than you may realize at this moment.

If you want to explore other planets, you must first beckon them to you. Find ways to fulfill both your hobbies and your curiosity.

However, in the end, the things that you are calling for may divert your attention away from the growth that you are looking for.


Even though it can be fascinating and engaging to think that starseeds are more advanced than human beings on Earth, the reality is that each and every one of us has the potential to grow at any given time.

A person who is a starseed may or may not have the desire to follow their best self, regardless of whether or not they have the heritage that indicates growth.

It is easy to get sidetracked by the most spectacular spiritual media figures or the most up-to-date spiritual belief systems.

It is much simpler to feel the need to escape our lives and our bodies in order to go beyond the multiverse and become everything in it.

We don’t need to travel anywhere else in order to experience true transcendence. We can accomplish it without leaving the comfort of our living rooms.

We are designed to take pleasure in our imaginations and all the fantastical worlds they create. Because of the way that we are built, a single thought may take us to paradise, while an entirely different notion can take us to hell. We as a species are not really steady, if you want to get down to the nitty gritty of it.

Your present “you” is a transitory construct that you consistently co-created with your pre-birth mentors, as well as the parents and cultures you picked for this life.

Whether you are a Starseed, a Lutheran, an Iranian, brown, a Japanese, white, Asian, African, European, obese, tall, red, amazing, itchy, furious, or funny, your current “you” is a transient construct. None of these things can be regarded as definitive.

They are fleeting collections of structures and situations that are in place temporarily.

Your “you” is only a layer that sits over a magnificent, strong, and alive soul, and you have the capacity to go in whatever direction you choose.

Your spirit does not consist of lowercase letters; rather, it always takes the form of a capital YOU. When we allow ourselves to get preoccupied with our limited selves, we run the risk of missing out on opportunities to fulfill a mission and embody the cosmos.

Be very cautious about the labels you assign to yourself at all times. Every label is only partially correct, and it only applies to the present time and place.

Each of these fleeting versions of oneself comes with its own set of constraints and repercussions. Make an effort to loosen your grip on them a little bit.

Because we answered the invitation to participate in this life, we find ourselves living it. Live your life as though you are already here, in the present moment. Looking up at the stars might be an enjoyable experience, but going inside is where you’ll discover the treasure. “Within” will be your permanent abode.

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