The Subconscious Mind: Power that is in Control of Your Life

subconscious mind in control

I was attempting to explain that an individual’s subconscious mind exerts power over him. Clearly, he was dissatisfied with his lot in life, and a large part of his dissatisfaction was caused by his subconscious programming, which was standing in his way.

This is how the subconscious mind is like a computer: it’s been pre-programmed to do certain things.

As a result of my comparison to the computer, he became quite angry with me.

Though it may be difficult to accept for most, it is still true… and this is the case for everyone.

How Your Life Is Being Controlled by What You Don’t Know?

Everybody hates the idea that their ideas and emotions are influenced by forces beyond their cognitive awareness or control.

You feel as though you have complete control over your thoughts and actions.

Most of everything you think, believe, and feel has been programmed into your brain since you were a youngster.

so that the subconscious mind could keep track of it all.

No, I don’t deny my own denials.

Is Your Consciousness Being Denied?

The things that bring you pain are so simple to overlook or ignore, don’t you think? In your heart of hearts, you’d want anything to alleviate the suffering, yet most people either blame someone else or resign.

People have even told me they’ve tried everything and nothing works.

A problem or issue can only be resolved if it can be properly defined. As long as you don’t confront or deal with the root causes of your problems, they’ll keep coming back.

That’s why it’s so common for individuals to deny their misery, rather than examine their subconscious for the root reasons or answers.

Why Do People Become Infatuated with Groups?

As a human being, it’s understandable that you want the approval of others. Why? Why? Because when you persuade others to agree with your beliefs, it makes you believe that they are true and proper.

People join organizations for this same purpose. When there are individuals who share your beliefs, you feel comfortable and secure.

It’s an issue, of course, since you don’t have an absolute truth meter. What you already think, particularly in your subconscious mind, is what resonates with you. As time goes on, you tend to change your views on a variety of topics. It’s possible that some of your beliefs aren’t true at all.

Even if you don’t believe in science, it is still true. As said by Neil de Grasse Tyson:

What Is the Source of the Programming in the Subconscious Mind?

All of your beliefs are based on the decisions you have made in the past. Beliefs are understood to affect your life by producing and attracting whatever you think.

One of the most difficult things to accept about this is the possibility that your subconscious mind has thoughts that are diametrically opposed to your conscious beliefs. The desire to be healthy, affluent, and intelligent is unquestionable.

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There are a lot of “irrational beliefs” in your mind that are working against you in your attempts to achieve those three goals.

To name a few examples of what the subconscious mind could believe: Life is unfair; people should always be kind to me; I deserve love; I’m flawed; I’m not good enough; I’m a horrible person; my relationship is making me sad; and finally, I’m cursed.

Many more exist, and you will need to think about what you really feel to be true about your current situation before your life will change.

What Are the Origins of Your Unconscious Thoughts?

There is a direct correlation between what you think, feel, and do and what people tell you. Throughout your whole life, you’ve taken in information and made assumptions. There are many of these ideas that you don’t think about anymore, but they stay in your subconscious mind and work.

The data is then approved or refused. If you accept it, it will strengthen your convictions. Your beliefs will either be strengthened or confused if you reject this.

One odd thing about this is that you may pick up on the characteristics and beliefs of others and be affected by them, even your own.

The whole procedure resembles installing software on a computer.

There is no need to be in the same room as the person you want to communicate with. In political speeches, for example, people use psychological manipulation to get you to feel a certain way and agree with them on a certain topic.

When you tell me a story, I believe it.

It is your mind’s ongoing work to draw inferences and create tales to explain your place in it and what you are experiencing. There is a lot of poor reasoning and even outright fabrication in several of the tales.

Your brainwashing has led you to embrace views that are not only incorrect but also lead to a situation you don’t desire.

Finding out what you believe and why, as well as your spiritual goals and desires, are the most difficult parts of this journey. If you have a better understanding of your beliefs and distortions, you might be able to change them.

The Subconscious Mind’s Origin of Beliefs

One advertising executive told me recently, “I have a hook in you and can program you to do what I want you to do if I can make you upset about anything.”

When you’re in the same room as someone, this phenomenon might be considerably more potent. Due to a subtle energy transmission that occurs when you come into physical contact with another individual, this is why when you’re at a rally or a meeting when the crowd is pumped up emotionally, this is really effective.

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Most people only think of this as a mental exchange, but what can’t be seen with the naked eye is the exchange of energy between those involved. The collective mind of a group is very strong. Think about the impact that religious services, seminars, and political rallies have on their attendees.

Much of what you think of as your personality is heavily impacted by the energy you have received from your family and ancestors, as well as other interactions that have influenced you.

This subconscious programming may be bolstered through associations with organizations that share your ideas.

Every time you’re around someone who is sad, it’s hard not to become a little down yourself, and the inverse is also true: every time you’re around someone who is cheery and happy, it’s hard not to get that way yourself.

It’s important to note that this is not only a psychological process. Some of the impacts are due to the flow of energy between individuals.

If you could see the subtle energies, clusters of colorful energy would appear around you. Emotions, beliefs, and goals are all present in these energy clusters, and as a result, they begin to influence you deeply.

Many merely skim the surface of a situation.

It’s easy to overlook some of life’s most significant causes of creation if you simply beam a spotlight on one part of the room.

You can only get rid of what you recognize.

Rather than an external trip, the process of rising to a higher state of consciousness is an internal one. What you’ve put in motion in the past and what you’re holding on to, particularly in your subconscious mind and your subtle-energy field, attracts your life experiences.

The tough part is here…

That which you know in your conscious mind is not the most important thing that happens to you.

Every experience you have comes from your subconscious mind and thoughtforms, which are made up of ideas and emotions.

In my experience, that’s a tough thing to accept…

That’s impossible, right?

Beyond your conscious mind, your beliefs are made up of patterns in your subconscious mind, aura, chakras, and cellular memories, as well as your mental programming.

These energies, as transmitters of belief-driven energy, act as catalysts for the universal law of attraction to take effect.

Contrary to what most people think, the subconscious mind can hold beliefs that are completely different from those held consciously.

By asking yourself a few questions, you won’t find out what they are. Identifying and releasing them is a priority that must be handled.

You’ll never be able to let go of anything if you don’t know what it is.

That’s where a lot of folks go astray. Finding the root reasons for everything that occurs to you is both an art and a science. In addition, 90% of the reasons are found in the subconscious and subtle worlds.

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What you want and what you don’t want are the focus of the science, and the techniques and tools to recognize and dissolve what you don’t want are the science.

The secret of successful release strategies resides in their subtlety in addressing the numerous parts of your habits.

Though your desire is to get rid of anything that is a burden, it is usually difficult to let go of something that is painful and frustrating. In order to keep you safe and comfortable, the mind feels that whatever it is hanging on to has worth.

Fear is the primary motivator for the mind’s need for protection and security.

If you try to let go of something but are afraid that you will be more vulnerable without it or that it will return, you may unintentionally reinforce your connection to the negative belief program.

When it comes to love or money, this may be a powerful tool. The dread of abandoning your protective skepticism and caution might make you extremely cautious about future judgments and choices if you have had poor experiences in any of those areas. In this instance, you can see the dread in motion. It might make you defensive and prevent you from pursuing a relationship or decision that could turn out to be great for you.

Chances and people who are like you appear out of nowhere when your awareness rises and changes its frequency in response to the negative programming that comes from your subconscious mind.

In addition, you’ll discover that events, resources, and people simply appear at the right moment for you!

For the first time in your life, you will begin to feel joy and tranquility that lasts longer as you wipe away the anguish of previous wounds.

You’ll notice that your perceptions will get clearer as you free your subconscious mind and field. Once you’ve made it through the hard spots, you’ll be on your way to a brighter future.

As you awaken to your soul, you will discover new talents. People and circumstances won’t bother you as much as they used to, and you’ll be more receptive to the qualities of peace, love, patience, compassion, generosity, and so on.

These procedures bring you to a point of tranquility where the bad consequences of your past are no longer able to harm you. When you let go of the past, it no longer has a negative impact on your life.

If you don’t do anything, these patterns will persist and make you wonder why bad things keep occurring to you. Take action.

When you become aware of your habits and realize that you can change them, you are freed from them.

And that’s exactly what I want for you…

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