The Flow State and the Magic of Synchronicity!

The Magic of Synchronicity….and the Flow State!

When was the last time you felt the enchantment of synchronicity? Perhaps it was when a fortuitous meeting led to a fantastic opportunity, or perhaps it was when a song on the radio spoke directly to you?

Regardless of whether synchronicity adds a little enchantment to your day or leads to a life-changing opportunity, the chances of important occurrences happening at the exact perfect time and location are generally one in a million!

In fact, even if we tried, we couldn’t make these random occurrences coincide in most circumstances!

The rules of probability are defied in astonishing ways every time we see a string of synchronistic occurrences, no matter how you look at it!

Although we can’t impose synchronicity any more than we can anticipate the weather a year ahead of time, what if we could boost the chances of synchronicity in our lives? So maybe we can…

So, here’s a little synchronicity secret:

According to first-hand reports of athletes, artists, and many other individuals from all walks of life, the probability of synchronistic occurrences rises enormously anytime we’re in the flow state, and so, the more we’re in the flow, the more synchronicity we may anticipate!

But, precisely, what is the “flow state”?

The flow state is described by Mihály Cskszentmihályi (the psychologist who invented the phrase in his 1990 book, “Flow: The Psychology of Ideal Experience”) as an “optimal state of consciousness when we feel our best and accomplish our best.” We are entirely engrossed in an activity for the sake of the action. The ego dissolves. Time flies by. Every action, movement, and idea is inextricably linked to the one before it. “

So, what is it about the flow state that makes it favorable to synchronicity?

According to the most current quantum physics theories, there may be an endless number of parallel worlds, and many of them may be almost similar to the one we call home, save for small characteristics.

If this is true, it means that there’s a good chance that another reality has precisely what we need… when we need it… at any given moment.

Imagine being able to hop into a world that held the answers or possibilities you were looking for in an instant. Believe it or not, this occurs all the time—it’s called synchronicity!

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So, how can we alter reality?

Most of the time, we change the world through altered states of consciousness, like when we go into a deep trance-like state of meditation, mindfulness techniques, pray or take mind-altering drugs like psychedelics.

An altered state of consciousness can help us move between worlds by acting as a dimensional portal, but because we live in a world that is very similar to our own, we don’t notice the difference (and our minds fill in the gaps if there are any).

The flow state, as you may have guessed, is another way to enter an altered state of awareness. In reality, while we’re in the flow, we’re at a different level of awareness.

People who are very serious about meditation and psychonauts often have mystical experiences in the Flow State. Extreme sports fans, on the other hand, often describe a feeling of timelessness in which everything slows down or stops completely, allowing them to perform spectacular athletic feats.

When we enter the flow state, our awareness combines with the infinite quantum field – and since we are no longer confined by the limits of linear time and space, we are able to fluidly move to an alternative reality that fits with our desires and needs.

In reality, any number of noteworthy occurrences may occur, such as a fortuitous meeting, an incredible opportunity, or even an unexpected billboard by the side of the road.

Even though we may not know that our worlds have changed, we often feel “magical” or have a sense of something we don’t understand when we meet someone new.

We can quickly move between realities in order to be in sync with synchronistic events by going into the Flow State, which makes us more aware.

So, how exactly do we get unrestricted access to the Flow State?

5 Ways to Find Your Flow

Not all flow states are the same, ranging from moderate to intense, and the experience of flow may be very different for everyone.

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The good news is that we don’t need to enter severe flow states to connect with synchronicity; in fact, we can align with synchronicity simply by entering into the flow of life and this is available to everyone!

As a result, let’s have a look at a basic formula for “living in the flow.”

1. Be Patient!

Believe it or not, the fabled “flow” has both a “speed and a rhythm”… and if we’re not aligned, we won’t be able to join it.

Because the “speed of flow” is often slower than how we normally work in life, it is easy to totally miss the flow and never even realize it.

As a result, if you wish to join the flow, you must first slow down and discover your own internal rhythm.

2. Giving Up Control!

Trying to control situations and results, or to cling on to the way we believe things should be, is like rowing a boat upstream against the flow.

Because it is hard to be in the flow and micromanage at the same time, it is often necessary to give up control.

So, in order to move with the flow, you must first let go.

3. Be Totally Present!

If you remember just one thing, remember that the flow state can only be reached in the present moment, and hence, anything that prevents us from being present keeps us out of the flow.

So, in addition to slowing down and relinquishing control, we must also avoid multitasking and rushing from one activity to the next.

4. Follow Your Dreams!

Of all, nothing makes us more completely present than pursuing our aspirations and desires, so by doing what we love, we may easily acquire access to the flow state on a regular basis.

This, without a doubt, is why people have weird coincidences when they follow their dreams.

5. Be Eager to Learn!

Furthermore, in order to be in the flow and connect with synchronicity as often as possible, we must be open to possibilities, which means letting go of any limiting stories and beliefs.

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Miracles are paving the way!

Whether we like it or not, how we perceive synchronicity may make all the difference in the world.

As an example, if we try to “explain it away” as a “meaningless coincidence,” we might not be able to enjoy the beauty and significance of it at all.

If we think of synchronistic events as a sign of a loving Universe, synchronicity might be a good thing that helps us on our way.

If you pay careful attention, you’ll see that everything in life is directly speaking to you!

Furthermore, if you are genuinely awake, you may realize that the universe is continuously giving you messages along the route – and if you disregard them, you will miss them.

In spite of what your rational mind might tell you, you should know that the most unique or random signs may be the most important.

The Universe has a way of giving you exactly what you need at exactly the perfect time and place if you listen to the indications and follow the flow, and you may even realize that the route to your hopes and wishes is lined with miracles!

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