The 5D Shift: What is Ascension into the New 5D Paradigm?

Understanding the 5D Shift. What is Ascension into the New 5D Paradigm?

It is abundantly obvious that the awareness of all sentient species on Planet Earth is undergoing major transformations at this very moment.

It is required for us to unfurl into a new vibratory paradigm of being in order to go on to the next evolutionary chapter.

The previous reality is starting to wind down and come to an end. What precisely does it refer to? How does it function, and how can you become a part of it?

The process of ascension is one that occurs fairly naturally during the course of one’s life. It is the underlying driving force that inspires individuals to reveal ever more of themselves.

The following provides an explanation of the general process, together with a documentary video at the end of this article:

Having an understanding of the 5D shift. What exactly is meant by "ascension into the new 5D paradigm"?

What Precisely is the Ascension?

Ascension is the name given to the completely natural evolutionary process that our solar system is now going through.

In other words, it is a shift from a reality that has a lower vibration to one that has a greater vibration.

It is a pervasive flow of energy that is influencing each and every thought, sensation, and emotion that we are experiencing at this very moment.

Whether or not we are aware of it, the manner in which we process the flow of awareness that occurs inside us has an effect on every decision that we make and has a tremendous impact on the circumstances that surround our life.

The events that take place on the inside of us, despite the fact that they are usually relatively subtle, still have an important influence on the world around us.

Our spiritual evolution, also known as our ascension, is not something that we can easily brush under the rug while we focus on our day-to-day responsibilities.

Rather, the underlying flow of energy is constantly influencing and molding our lives in an astonishingly profound way in every moment of every day.

Then, what exactly is the ascension? Imagine, if you will, that the beginning of the universe was an event known as the Big Bang, which was accompanied by a brilliant flash of light.

The phenomenon of relativity is brought about by subdivision, and with it comes conscious awareness, or what we can refer to as “separation consciousness.”

The vibrational energy of the light reduces as it moves away from the center, and as a result, the pull of “Unity Consciousness,” which is bringing everything back to the center, becomes stronger.

Because of the consequent dynamic, the Separation Awareness begins to condense into waves of form, or “densities of consciousness,” for short.

We may conceive of ourselves as “The Source” of a global pond, with waves emanating from the center outwards towards the periphery of the pond.

We may think of each wave as representing a density, or what some people refer to as a “dimension,” which is then grouped into different worlds of existence.

At this time, humanity is located in the Lower Realm, which is characterized by a very concentrated cluster of vibrations at the pond’s periphery and is fairly far from The Source.

On the surface of our made-up pond, it looks as if the water is flowing outwards. However, this is merely an illusion caused by the movement of the waves; the water actually only goes up and down.

One way of looking at it is that there is an undercurrent that is acting as a counterweight to the flow of water that is moving away from the shore.

Again, this phenomenon serves as a wonderful analogy for the universe as a whole. On the surface (in physical time-space), it seems as if the universe is expanding outwards to ever greater separation.

This is something that we experience as greater disconnection from the Source and, as a result, greater ‘dis-ease.’ However, this is only an appearance.

It is likely that this sense of alienation, for example, is what contributes to ignorance and the callous exploitation of other sentient living forms like Mother Earth.

According to quantum physics, this is seen as a rise in “disorder,” also known as a rise in “positive entropy,” which refers to the transition from a higher, more harmonic vibrating state to a lower, more dispersed one.

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On the other hand, “beneath the surface of the cosmos,” in what we could term “Unity Consciousness space” (quantum physics refers to it as “negative time-space”), there is a flow back to The Source that is characterized by ever-increasing degrees of order, harmony, and ease.

When we leave the intellect behind and enter the heart, which directs us in a manner that gives more inner peace, deeper self-acceptance, ever expanding pleasure, and at-one-ment with all life, we may truly feel this tug.

This phenomenon is described by scientists as a “increase in negative entropy,” but I think the term “unconditional love” does a far better job of capturing its essence.

This “condensation” of awareness is responsible for giving the known cosmos the shape that both scientific research and spiritual practice refer to as “The Torus.”

It has something like the shape of an apple, with an axial core in the middle, and the dimensional layers of reality are generated around this core.

Within this all-encompassing Torus, the process of returning to its center, or “The Source,” is referred to as “ascension.” To be more specific, it is the place where the core of a sentient being’s awareness is ascending to ever higher vibratory states of existence.

Continuing with the metaphor of the pond, it is shifting from one wave on the border of the pond to those that are closer to the center.

It is a divine process that is occurring organically for all sentient living forms, including “Gaia,” which is the soul of the Earth herself.

It is unfolding as it should. The challenge that mankind is facing right now is that resistance to this process is creating unimaginable agony and suffering.

This may manifest itself in a variety of ways, ranging from poverty and sickness to feelings of isolation, dread, and hopelessness.

Why is it that our culture does not seem to acknowledge or even notice the ascension process?

Why is it that so many people are fighting against the progression toward higher vibrations of love, peace, and oneness with all life?

Why is it that the majority of people do not, at the present time, experience this heightened reality, which may be seen and felt inside the area of Unity Consciousness?

This is due to the fact that the physical part of the human person, also known as the aspect that the majority of people identify with, is only built to tune into the lower densities of reality.

The ordinary human brain is only capable of processing a relatively small part of the vast amount of data that is constantly being thrown at it, despite the fact that each of us is literally inundated with billions of new pieces of information about our world every single second.

The brain creates a map of the world it has learned to anticipate in order to deal with the overload, and it filters out the information that is not relevant to that reality.

As a result of the fact that our inner state of awareness influences the way the world around us appears, our perception of reality is susceptible to significant distortions.

To put it another way, there is a possibility that we will limit ourselves to the activities that take place along the water’s edge.

A comprehension of the shift into 5D. What exactly is meant by the phrase "ascension into the new 5D paradigm"?

However, as we release our conditioned beliefs and programmed behaviors, then additional levels of awareness develop inside our soul, and we become progressively capable of tuning into a far larger variety of the information that is accessible to us.

We get to encounter densities that are far greater than what we are used to.

This is not a hypothesis; individuals all across our world are now experiencing many of these additional densities in their daily lives. It is the same as changing the channel on a radio to a different one.

There is a single place and time for all radio bands, although they all operate at distinct frequencies.

The issue that faces mankind right now is that the vast majority of people have become used to listening to just a single frequency, or station, on the radio.

If you wish to succeed in this big shift that is now taking place, then you need to tune the dial to get to the higher vibrations.

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Only then will you be able to enjoy the full complement of life’s experiences and thrive in this time of tremendous change.

As you gain access to more of this expanded reality, you will likely experience increasing levels of great delight as you realize your connectivity with all aspects of existence.

Then, and only then, will you get a chance to receive a taste of the Fifth Density, which is a component of the subsequent higher realm of life and is the imminent destiny of humanity.

In a nutshell, the realization that we are not now living in a single reality, but rather in two comes to you to an increasing degree the more acquainted you get with the guiding patterning of all occurrences.

There is a more advanced plane of existence that lies on top of this one.

Your everyday, five-sense experience still resides in the lower physical realm; however, your psychic and intuitive senses enable you to interpret physical phenomena as symbolic representations of the next higher realm.

While this is the case, your experience in the physical realm still resides in the lower physical realm.

Some individuals are already able to successfully center their awareness in the new dimension and experience the flow of divine oneness and unconditional love that permeates everything in that space.

Others have crystal clear ideas of what this “New World” (or maybe a more accurate term would be “Renewed World”) would be like.

This new reality, on the other hand, can only be reached when the individual has achieved a significant degree of inner calm.

This, in turn, results from the individual being more surrendered to and in tune with the natural ecology of our world.

When you do this, Gaia will start talking to you. At first, her voice will be soft and muffled, but as you continue to tune in more often, you will be able to hear her clearer and more unmistakably.

Your awareness is drawn to the primary, more fundamental message that our era has to impart, and a narrative starts playing out right in front of your own eyes as it does so.

The narrative is like a coin with two sides: on the one hand, there is the splendor, happiness, and harmony of the higher life that is gradually revealing itself; on the other hand, there is the terror, suffering, and struggle of the lower reality that is disintegrating all around us.

Both of these very different narratives are taking place in the same location and at the same time, and it is up to you to decide which one of these tales will get your attention and focus.

However, the growth of awareness is our natural path, unveiling talents and sensitivities that many people never believed were conceivable.

The current method that society takes to solving humanity’s issues is one of technical progress, but this is not our natural pathway.

It takes submission and letting go of the conditioned reality that you have learned to anticipate, which is the flip side of the coin.

Only then can it occur. As you continue to do so, you are gradually but certainly led to the higher story, which is the brighter side of the situation.

You are able to reacquaint yourself with your innate divinity and relearn who you are as a creature that has several dimensions as more of the cosmos reveals itself to you, or, to put it more accurately, as you expand into the next world.

learning about the 5D shift. What is the New 5D Paradigm Ascension?

When you have reached your full potential as a multi-dimensional being, you are no longer bound by the realities of the fading old world.

You are at the center of the New Paradigm of expanded awareness, and this is true regardless of the distortion and darkness that is taking place.

You become a guiding light for everyone around you, impacting everything in your environment and accelerating the change for those who are also ready to go through it.

You are dismantling the cellular structure of conditioned thinking in order to ensure that…

The reality of the old world will be shed one layer at a time, much like an old, worn-out skin, while the higher vibrational paradigm begins to emerge all around us.

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Going inward and ‘opening up’ by identifying your actual sentiments and releasing the tightness and tension generated by your connection to the physical drama of life are necessary steps to take in order to increase your awareness to the needed vibrational frequency.

It is the point at which the soul has become one with the illusion of existence…

A number of the soul’s pieces have been disconnected from the main body of the soul and have found themselves stranded on the shore of some fractured reality.

It is necessary for you to enter this wreckage by paying respect to the experience of it, taking responsibility for it, and merging your identity with it. After that, and only then, would you be able to retrieve the lost pieces of your soul that had been disconnected and abandoned.

The more you allow yourself to experience the unconditional love, pleasure, and harmony that is available to you when you open into these blocks, the more you will comprehend what distortions of awareness are preventing your ascension and how to process them out of your system.

Your vibration will increase as a result, and you will go through the Five Gateways of inner awareness as you continue to do so.

Therefore, if you go through these gateways, does it indicate that you will immediately depart your physical body after you have done so?

The response to this inquiry is going to be determined by the reason why you are at this location.

Because there are a lot of individuals that came to Earth to help facilitate the ascension of other people, some of them may choose to stay in physical incarnation for some time.

Even if we continue to have a bodily presence in this world, our soul resides in a realm that is far greater than this one. In a nutshell, we have already attained the heavenly realms.

Gaia’s center of awareness has moved into the Fifth Density, a process that was completed with the cosmic alignment in the year 2012; nonetheless, she will continue to reside in the two worlds for some time to come.

It was a significant change in energy that provided the impetus for her new beginning. Following the conclusion of this process, she is now gradually revealing the new reality.

What is essential for emerging people to comprehend is the fact that their energies are now being taken into the higher density in a gradual manner, which will, over the course of time, shatter and divide our frail three-dimensional reality.

The progression ‘upwards’ of humanity is being imposed upon it (actually inwards). The flow of energy is still compassionate, even if it is increasing in power.

On the other hand, many people are still fighting against this natural movement, which has resulted in an increasing polarity between the higher and lower worlds.

Those people who are still stuck in the old fear-based mindset are the ones who are going to continue to struggle with growing levels of uncertainty, dread, and concern as they attempt to manipulate and control the ever-decreasing natural resources in the world.

As a result of this, feelings of animosity, dissatisfaction, and intolerance are on the rise as individuals attempt to find safety for themselves and their families.

They are able to sense, on an instinctual level, that their energy is being depleted. This reality that is founded on fear cannot persist for an infinite amount of time.

In doing so, one would be going against the natural course of the universe’s evolutionary process. Because of this, mankind is being beckoned inwards via the many levels of awareness found inside.

What Exactly is Meant by the Phrase “Ascension into The New Paradigm”? Short Doco Film…

We produced this little video quite some time ago, but we just restored it, so we thought we’d share it with you…

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