The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself Away from Social Media

The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself Away from Social Media
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It is important to not place complete reliance on any other person, no matter how close they may be to you. We face life’s greatest challenges on our own. – Agnes Macphail 

Spending time in solitude has helped me feel more at ease being myself by allowing me to get to know who I am. This helps me develop a greater sense of self-acceptance, no matter where I am in my personal journey, every single day.

This was something I picked up during my summer in Italy by myself, thanks to a family friend.

I set off on an adventure, switching off my phone for the first time, perhaps in my entire life. I would be traveling extensively throughout America and then arriving in a foreign country, where I would be staying with a family I had little knowledge of.

Only after two years had passed since my return did I realize the missed opportunity to fully immerse myself in the unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. I didn’t feel at ease in my own skin to fully embrace the enchanting moments that unfolded in a foreign country.

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I couldn’t resist thinking about how other people saw me and what kind of content I should share with my friends back home.

At the age of nineteen, it felt significantly more significant to capture photos for sharing on social media. The Internet provided me with a sense of comfort and connection in an unfamiliar environment. Despite being on my own during my adventure, I found solace in connecting with countless individuals during my lonely nights.

After two years, I came to the realization that I could have spent my time engaging in a variety of enriching activities.

Moving forward, I regret not doing anything out of the norm, like visiting neighboring cities, reading in cafes all day, or trying acupuncture.

I didn’t have the same hobbies I have now. The journey did assist in my personal development, although I do lament that I was unable to fully immerse myself in the present moments without seeking validation from others.

I realized that in order to find happiness, it is up to me to create it. Finding happiness is a personal journey that doesn’t rely on external validation.

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This is a valuable lesson that we should remind ourselves of every day.

Taking short breaks from technology and enjoying moments of solitude can help us truly focus and connect with ourselves. We should consider questions such as: How is my body communicating with me today? What is my current emotional state?

There are various activities we can engage in to fully appreciate our moments of solitude, many of which are refreshingly uncomplicated. I love my shower, my yoga practice, and the beautiful drive home, all without any distractions from the outside world. This allows me to fully immerse myself in my practice and simply exist in the moment. After this brief getaway, I found it beneficial to engage in journaling using the traditional method of pen and paper.

To determine if you are dependent on others, reflect on your actions today that were solely for your own benefit. Is it necessary for me to bring my cell phone? Or can I hide it and simply exist?

You might also consider asking yourself: Is my intention to capture a moment for personal recollection or to showcase how I utilized my time for others? Why am I updating my social media? Is it because I genuinely enjoy sharing my experiences, or am I seeking validation through likes and posts to find happiness?

Lastly, consider the potential outcome of no longer relying on the perspectives of others to cultivate my own happiness. Would the world still accept me if I spent less time seeking their validation?

You are the sole obstacle preventing you from embracing your authentic self.

Make it a habit to dedicate an hour each day to engage in a personal activity that is exclusively yours without sharing it with anyone. Enjoy the uniqueness of this activity.

As you develop a liking for solitude, you can gradually allocate more time to indulge in your personal pursuits. Over time, your ability to be fully present in the moment will increase as you let go of the need for validation and acknowledgment from others.

I’ve noticed that when I give myself a break and disconnect from everything, I come back feeling completely refreshed and ready to interact with others with renewed enthusiasm.

When you let go of the need for validation from others and stop dwelling on past actions, you can genuinely focus on listening to your friends and offering them valuable feedback and attention.

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Have confidence in yourself and embrace the empowerment that comes from being in control of your own happiness.

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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