The Sky Father and Earth Mother: Tewa Creation Myth

The Sky Father and Earth Mother: Tewa Creation Myth


The Tewa people, a Native American tribe residing in the southwestern United States, have a rich and vibrant mythology that provides insight into their beliefs and origins. Central to the Tewa creation myth are the Sky Father and Earth Mother, powerful deities who shaped the universe and gave birth to the Tewa people. This article aims to delve into the Tewa creation myth, exploring the roles of the Sky Father and Earth Mother, the creation of the universe, the birth of the Tewa people, and the rituals and ceremonies that honor these divine beings.

Introduction to the Tewa Creation Myth

The Tewa creation myth is a foundational aspect of Tewa culture and spirituality. It tells the story of how the world came to be and the origins of the Tewa people. This myth holds deep meaning for the Tewa people, serving as a guide to their understanding of the world and their place within it.

Beliefs and Origin of the Tewa People

The Tewa people believe that they originated from the emergence place known as the “Sipapu.” This sacred place is believed to be the portal where the Tewa ancestors emerged into the physical world. According to their creation myth, the Tewa people were the first beings created by the Sky Father and Earth Mother. They hold a deep reverence for their ancestors, recognizing their role in shaping their identity and guiding their spiritual practices.

The Role of the Sky Father in Tewa Mythology

In Tewa mythology, the Sky Father, also known as Awonawilona, is the supreme deity. He is the creator of all things and represents the limitless expanse of the heavens. The Sky Father is seen as the source of all life, providing the Tewa people with sustenance and guidance. He is often associated with the sun and is believed to possess great power and wisdom.

The Significance of the Earth Mother in Tewa Culture

The Earth Mother, known as Awitelin Tsita, plays a vital role in Tewa culture. She is seen as the nurturer and provider of all living beings. The Earth Mother embodies the fertility of the land, ensuring the abundance of crops and sustenance for the Tewa people. She is often associated with the earth and is revered for her role in the creation and preservation of life.

Creation of the Universe by the Sky Father and Earth Mother

According to the Tewa creation myth, the Sky Father and Earth Mother existed in the darkness before time. The Sky Father, through his divine will and limitless power, created the universe by separating the light from the darkness. He then forged the sun, moon, and stars as celestial beings to illuminate the world. The Earth Mother, in turn, shaped the physical realm, creating mountains, valleys, and rivers.

The Birth of the Tewa People in Tewa Mythology

The Tewa creation myth explains that the Sky Father and Earth Mother gave birth to the Tewa people. Awonawilona, the Sky Father, breathed life into clay figurines, bringing them to life as the first Tewa ancestors. These ancestors emerged from the Sipapu, the sacred place of emergence, and formed the foundation of the Tewa tribe.

Legends and Stories Passed Down Through Generations

Throughout the generations, the Tewa people have preserved their mythology through oral tradition. Legends and stories recounting the exploits of their ancestors, their encounters with supernatural beings, and their relationship with the Sky Father and Earth Mother have been passed down from elders to younger members of the tribe. These stories serve to connect the Tewa people to their heritage and reinforce their cultural identity.

Rituals and Ceremonies Honoring the Sky Father and Earth Mother

The Tewa people hold various rituals and ceremonies to honor the Sky Father and Earth Mother. These ceremonies are conducted in sacred spaces such as kivas, underground chambers reserved for spiritual practices. Through dances, songs, and prayers, the Tewa people seek to establish a direct connection with their deities, expressing gratitude and seeking their blessings for the well-being of the tribe.

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The Symbolism of Nature in Tewa Creation Myth

Nature holds great significance in the Tewa creation myth. The Tewa people view the natural world as a manifestation of the divine. Mountains, rivers, and animals are seen as sacred beings that embody the power and wisdom of the Sky Father and Earth Mother. The Tewa people strive to maintain a harmonious relationship with nature, recognizing their interconnectedness and the need for its preservation.

Connections to Other Native American Creation Myths

While each Native American tribe has its unique creation myth, there are common themes that connect them. The Tewa creation myth shares similarities with other Native American creation myths, such as the belief in a supreme deity and the emergence of the first people from a sacred place. These similarities reflect the shared cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs among Native American tribes.

Preservation and Importance of Tewa Creation Myth

The preservation of the Tewa creation myth is vital to the Tewa people’s cultural identity and spiritual practices. It provides a framework for understanding their origins, guiding their moral values, and establishing a sense of belonging within the tribe. By passing down these stories to future generations, the Tewa people ensure the continuity of their traditions and the preservation of their unique cultural heritage.


The Tewa creation myth offers a profound understanding of the Tewa people’s beliefs and origins. Through the roles of the Sky Father and Earth Mother, the creation of the universe, the birth of the Tewa people, and the rituals and ceremonies that honor these divine beings, the Tewa people find meaning and connection to their spiritual and cultural heritage. The preservation of the Tewa creation myth is crucial in maintaining the Tewa people’s identity and ensuring the continued appreciation of their rich mythology.

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