The Spirit of the Northern Lights: Inuit Aurora Myths

The Spirit of the Northern Lights: Inuit Aurora Myths


The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, have captivated people around the world for centuries. Among those who hold a special connection to this natural wonder are the Inuit, indigenous peoples who inhabit the Arctic regions of Canada, Greenland, and Alaska. For the Inuit, the Northern Lights are not just a breathtaking sight, but also a source of deep spiritual significance.

Inuit folklore is filled with myths and legends that seek to explain the origins and mysteries of the Aurora. These stories reflect the Inuit’s profound reverence for nature and their deep understanding of the world around them. In this article, we will delve into the rich mythology surrounding the Northern Lights in Inuit culture, exploring their beliefs, rituals, and the enduring significance of these myths in modern times.

The Inuit’s Fascination with the Aurora Borealis

The Inuit people have long been fascinated by the ethereal beauty of the Aurora Borealis. Living in the harsh Arctic environment, they have witnessed the dancing lights illuminating the night sky with vivid colors. The Inuit believe that the Northern Lights are not merely a natural phenomenon but are manifestations of spirits and celestial beings. They see the Aurora as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual realm, connecting the living with their ancestors and the spirits that govern the natural world.

Ancient Inuit Beliefs Regarding the Northern Lights

In ancient Inuit beliefs, the Northern Lights held a central place in their cosmology and spiritual practices. They believed that the lights were the result of spirits playing games in the sky or spirits of deceased ancestors guiding and protecting the living. These beliefs were deeply rooted in their understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings and their reverence for the natural world.

Inuit Legends: Explaining the Phenomenon of Aurora

The Inuit have passed down a rich oral tradition of legends that seek to explain the origins and meaning of the Northern Lights. One such legend tells the story of the spirits of the dead playing a game with a walrus skull, using it as a ball. As they toss the skull back and forth, its tusks scrape against the sky, creating the colorful lights. Another legend speaks of a great fire in the distant north, where the spirits of the dead dance and celebrate. The flames from their fire rise into the sky, transforming into the dancing lights of the Aurora.

The Role of Ancestors in Inuit Aurora Myths

Ancestors hold a significant place in Inuit culture, and their role in Inuit Aurora myths is no exception. The Inuit believe that the spirits of their ancestors inhabit the Aurora and guide them in times of need. They see the lights as a source of protection, guidance, and wisdom passed down from generation to generation. By watching the Northern Lights, the Inuit can feel a deep connection to their ancestors and seek their guidance in navigating the challenges of life in the Arctic.

Symbolism in Inuit Aurora Myths: Nature’s Dance

Inuit Aurora myths are filled with symbolism, reflecting the Inuit’s close relationship with the natural world. The dancing lights are often seen as a celestial dance performed by spirits or animals. The colors of the Aurora also hold symbolic meanings for the Inuit. The green lights are associated with life and fertility, while red lights are seen as a warning of impending danger. The Inuit interpret the movements and colors of the Aurora as messages from the spirits, communicating with them through nature’s dance.

The Aurora as a Messenger in Inuit Folklore

In Inuit folklore, the Aurora Borealis is believed to be a messenger from the spirits. The lights are seen as a way for the spirits to communicate with the living, conveying important messages or warnings. The Inuit pay close attention to the patterns and movements of the lights, interpreting them as signs from the spirit world. They believe that the Aurora possesses a deep wisdom and can offer guidance and protection when needed.

Inuit Shamanism and the Northern Lights Connection

Shamanism plays a significant role in Inuit culture, and the Northern Lights are closely intertwined with their shamanic practices. Inuit shamans, known as angakkuq, are believed to possess the ability to communicate with the spirits and harness their power. The Aurora is seen as a portal through which the shamans can enter the spirit world and gain knowledge and healing. During shamanic rituals, the Northern Lights are often invoked to facilitate the connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

Inuit Rituals and Celebrations Linked to the Aurora

The Inuit have various rituals and celebrations that are closely linked to the Aurora Borealis. These events serve to honor and connect with the spirits and ancestors associated with the lights. One such celebration is the “Aurora Festival,” held during the winter months when the Northern Lights are most visible. The festival involves storytelling, dances, and ceremonies to pay homage to the spirits and seek their blessings. These rituals and celebrations are essential in maintaining the cultural and spiritual significance of the Aurora in Inuit communities.

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How Inuit Stories Passed Down Through Generations

Inuit stories, including those about the Aurora, have been passed down through generations primarily through oral tradition. Elders play a vital role in transmitting these stories to the younger members of the community. Through storytelling, the Inuit ensure that their cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs surrounding the Northern Lights are preserved. The oral tradition allows for flexibility and adaptation, ensuring that the stories remain relevant and meaningful to each new generation of Inuit.

Preserving Inuit Aurora Myths: Oral Tradition and Writing

As the Inuit face modern challenges and changes in their way of life, preserving their cultural heritage and myths becomes crucial. In recent years, efforts have been made to document and record Inuit stories, including those related to the Aurora, through writing. This allows for wider dissemination and ensures that these myths are not lost to future generations. However, it is essential to maintain a balance between written records and the oral tradition, as the latter carries the unique nuances and cultural context that cannot be fully captured in writing.

The Significance of Inuit Aurora Myths in Modern Times

Inuit Aurora myths continue to hold great significance in modern times. They serve as a reminder of the Inuit’s deep connection to their ancestral lands, their understanding of the natural world, and their spiritual beliefs. The myths provide a sense of identity and pride, reinforcing the Inuit’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, the Northern Lights themselves remain a powerful symbol for the Inuit, representing hope, guidance, and a connection to their ancestors. By preserving and sharing these myths, the Inuit keep their traditions alive and continue to pass on their wisdom and spirituality to future generations.


The Inuit Aurora myths offer a fascinating glimpse into the spiritual beliefs and cultural heritage of the Inuit people. These myths reflect the Inuit’s profound reverence for nature, their interconnectedness with the spirit world, and their deep understanding of the Northern Lights. Through the legends, rituals, and celebrations surrounding the Aurora, the Inuit maintain their spiritual connection to the natural world and their ancestors. The myths serve as a reminder of the Inuit’s unique place in the Arctic and their enduring resilience in the face of change. By preserving and sharing these myths, the Inuit ensure that their cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs surrounding the Northern Lights are cherished for generations to come.

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