Things That Prevent You From Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Finding one’s “calling” or “passion” in life is what it means to discover one’s “purpose” in life.

This implies having a clear understanding of who and what you are, which enables you to utilize that knowledge to direct yourself and inform a great number of choices moving ahead.

The main obstacle is that figuring out what your true vocation is can often be rather challenging. When you don’t have any obvious passions or talents, how do you go about finding out who you are or creating your calling?

There is a wealth of information available to you that may assist you in discovering the solution to your problem. However, there are instances when it is not so much about what we do as it is about what we do not do. Here are some of the factors that may be preventing you from achieving your genuine purpose, as well as some solutions to those problems that you can implement right now.

Doing What Is Expected Of Us

Sometimes we acquire a sense of what we want to be in life or what we want to achieve, but we are hesitant to pursue those desires since they are not in accordance with what others anticipate of us. Even worse, it may give the impression of fully flouting the rules of society as well as the expectations and goals that your parents have for you.

It’s possible that the subject for which you have such a strong enthusiasm is utterly peculiar or unheard of.

Perhaps you are an avid fan of a children’s television program, and your job is reporting the news about that show. Perhaps you’d want to become a member of the circus. You may not be interested in getting married and instead have plans to sail across the globe on a yacht instead of tying the knot.

However, if you spend your life in accordance with how other people want you to, then it is no longer your life. Going through the motions will not bring you the same level of happiness or success as actively pursuing your goals would. There is no one correct or incorrect way to live; rather, there are simply arbitrary patterns of behavior. So ignore them, be who you are, and shine brighter than ever.

Doing What We Always Said We Would Do

This one isn’t quite as blatant, but it’s still somewhat limiting. You have to understand that each one of us, at some point in our lives, will experience a moment when we are intensely committed to a certain cause or endeavor. But when some time has passed, we find that we are no longer interested in pursuing that objective, and instead, we decide that we desire something else from life.

The issue is, though, that we never kept our word and informed everyone that we were going to accomplish X. We repeatedly assured ourselves that we were going to carry out X. Changing our route at this point seems like a cop-out or an admission of defeat.

But if that is the way you approach it—if you no longer feel passionate about it—then you are in just as much of a bind as you were before. Be true to who you are right now as a person.

Why Challenge Creates Meaning To a Life’s Purpose

Take a moment to think about the most recent time you did something of which you might be justifiably proud. You may have prevailed over a particularly challenging task in a video game or reached the end of a strenuous and taxing exercise. Congratulations! Perhaps you’ve finished writing the next chapter of your book.

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Whatever the case may be, the fact that it was immediately followed by a massive release of endorphins that made you feel fairly incredible is almost a given. It’s always satisfying to complete a project.

However, here’s the thing: the majority of us do not have enough of a challenge in our lives, which implies that we do not have the potential to do anything. And because of this lack of achievement, we just sort of drift.

The Computer Game Analogy

Consider computer games as an example of this issue to better grasp it.

A computer game will place the player in a world and give them objectives such as surviving, achieving the highest score possible, traveling to a certain location, etc. This demonstrates the difficulty of the situation.

In order for the player to grow better at the game, they will first need to get acquainted with it via practice and failure. They eventually get prepared for the last exam, at which point they are able to “finish” the game. They feel a sense of accomplishment and are rewarded for their efforts, and they are then able to go on to the next test.

But what would happen if they discovered a method to win the game while also exploiting the system? What will happen if they unearth a powerful weapon that was concealed in one of the crates?

The designers of games will tell you that doing anything like this is the surest way to quickly ruin the experience of playing that game.

In a similar vein, if a player discovers that they can win every battle by just pressing the same two buttons over and over again, the game will quickly lose its appeal to them. The reason for this is that, despite the fact that this manner of playing the game is not very enjoyable, our natural tendency is to choose the route that is the easiest.

The happiness and fulfillment that come from choosing the more challenging route will be diminished even more by the availability of the easier one. The vast majority of players also leave the gaming board.

These are the events that have transpired throughout our lives. The industrial revolution, technology, and the amenities of contemporary life have all removed the need for us to face challenges in our daily lives, which runs counter to the purpose of life. Now we have the opportunity to laze about comfortably at home, doing nothing and simply unwinding altogether.

And as a direct consequence of this, life has become devoid of both its challenges and rewards.

This is why it is so essential for you to establish tasks and objectives for yourself—to infuse some difficulties artificially and to shoot for even greater heights.

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