How to Always Make Someone Think About You


Do you ever hope that a specific person will keep you in their thoughts constantly? If you put in the effort, it is not impossible to permanently implant yourself in the mind of another person.

Obviously, for this to work, the person you’re talking to has to be interested in you in the first place.

If you want to give a fledgling relationship a boost by having the other person think about you nonstop, then the following are some things you should do:

Separate Yourself From the Other People

In order for this to be successful, people need to have a clear mental picture of you in their heads.

This does not refer to your appearance, even though it will undoubtedly play a role, and it may be helpful to be aware of how to present yourself in the best possible light.

Establish a Personal Connection

Sharing private information about one’s innermost thoughts and emotions in order to create an etheric connection is the goal of this activity.

Beginning a discussion in this direction by reminiscing about simpler times is a harmless way to get things rolling.

Because so much of who we are and how we feel about things is shaped when we are young, learning about a person’s upbringing may help you connect with them and understand them better.

However, you must take care not to frighten them away. People are more likely to get defensive if you get too personal too quickly.

Be the One They Come to for Help

Everyone is dealing with issues, and everyone could use some assistance. Your willingness to assist another person will improve your relationship with them and move you higher on their list of priorities.

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You should align your spirit with generosity and helpfulness, but you should never lie about who you are since everyone will be able to see right through you. This will come in handy at a later time.

Develop Your Ethereal Cord Strength

Once you have successfully built a suitable connection with them, you are now in a position to begin the process of having them think about you constantly.

There are a lot of different techniques to fortify etheric connections so that you have a better chance of becoming successful.

Utilize the time spent in meditation on the cosmos, during which you draw power from the source, in order to infuse the connection that connects you with good energy.

As time passes, you will become aware that the connection between the two of you is becoming stronger as you get to know one another better.

Send Over Your Vitality

After you have established an etheric cord connection that is reliable enough, you may begin to inundate them with your energy.

Make sure you have the right connection established before doing this, since it will only work if they are receptive to your energy and if you have already done so.

To begin, get yourself into a meditative condition. Put your attention on the connection you have with the other person, pull energy up via your root chakra, and then let it pass through you.

When the energy from the source registers your signature, it will pass via the etheric cord and into the other person.

The significance of the emotional energy that you give forth cannot be overstated. It is important to have a good frame of mind at all times; otherwise, you run the danger of transmitting unpleasant emotions along with your energy and developing a negative connection.

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You should, ideally, convey to them your genuine thoughts and emotions in the expectation that it will stimulate in them the same ideas and emotions that they already have for you.

But regardless of the circumstances, if you have a relationship with them that is substantial enough and if you are trustworthy and have positive intentions, then they will at the very least be thinking about you constantly.

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