An Easy Way to Treat Your Anxiety

A Hands-On Approach to Treating Anxiety

It’s time for you to stop letting worry run your life and start addressing it in a way that’s easy and safe. Like you, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot in the news these days that may be cause for alarm on top of the usual fare.

If you spend any considerable amount of time consuming traditional forms of media, you should be well-versed in the subject I’m covering.

One may get the sense of being engulfed by it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an anxiety cure that brings about lasting peace and serenity?

A shattered heart, an empty feeling within, betrayal, sadness, abandonment, irritation, or hate are all possible reactions to the constant onslaught of negative news. All of these feelings might make it hard to operate regularly.

Regardless of the nature of your suffering, you may learn to let it go and relax with the help of a natural remedy for anxiety.

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Effective Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Such is giving up some degree of power.

Having realized that the majority of people’s problems could not be resolved by conventional means, one of the very first audio programs that I made was named “Set the Past Free.”

This realization came after I had studied traditional talk therapy techniques for a graduate degree in psychology but had yet to see any evidence that they would actually work in practice.

A lot of other programs have been built by me since I made that first one, all with the goal of helping people with their problems. You may discover many of them in the “Release Your Past” section of my website.

For me, the first and most crucial step in curing anxiety is to learn to let go. This is the foundation of the treatment I’ve created.

How Do You Define Letting Go?

Eliminating the causes of a condition is what is meant by “letting go.” Our underlying beliefs are set into motion every time we experience an emotional reaction.

Many do not realize that it may be possible to eliminate and dissolve the root causes. You’ll feel more at ease, rooted, and ready to try new things after you’ve achieved that. I’m aware that many people doubt its viability, but I assure you that it is.

It takes time to identify the root causes of anxiety and then use treatment to dissolve the resulting stress. This is because every issue that elicits a reaction has been created over time and then reinforced.

This is due to the fact that every factor that prompts a response first took shape long ago and has since been reinforced.

While doing so, your sense of self-assurance and mastery over the circumstance will grow. Your stress levels will go down, and you’ll feel freer and lighter in general.

Clinging is When you Grasp onto Something

The mind has a natural urge to hold onto things, even if they bring only pain and suffering. I’m aware; it doesn’t make any sense at all when you think about it rationally. Do you care why someone would act this way? It’s not a complicated concept by any means.

In order to feel more secure, the mind has created a wide variety of defense mechanisms and shielding programs. This covers a broad spectrum of mental and emotional states, from denial to fear to anger to tension to concern.

The mind wrongly assumes that if it turns off one of your defenses, you’ll be left wide open to harm. This is why it keeps its guard up, even when doing so may be unpleasant.

Many different sorts of evaluations and thoughts might provoke an emotional response. Rarely more than a few of them are…

  • I’m completely unappreciated.
  • The boss looks down on me.
  • Too often, I let my anxiety get the best of me.
  • I know that I would be happy if my current relationship were different.
  • The world is a cruel place.
  • Both of my parents are quite unpleasant individuals.
  • Why did they have to abandon me like that?
  • Eventually, I want to get more appreciation from this person.
  • It seems like nothing I do can help me avoid bad luck.
  • What unfair treatment I have received!
  • If I get it, I’ll end up giving it back.
  • My greatest health concern is contracting a newly emerging disease.
  • Everything that might go wrong always does.
  • I can’t help but feel that something bad is going to happen next.

Being healthy, wealthy, intelligent, and loved are all attributes that the great majority of people want to possess. The problem is that the vast majority of individuals have shortcomings in at least one of these areas, leading them to second-guess their choices.

When you reach a point of acceptance, even if you do not agree with the result, you are in a position for your own positive growth and development.

When you give it some serious consideration, you’ll realize that most problems eventually resolve themselves. Things that were painful to go through at the time are often seen as beneficial in retrospect.

Seeing or believing that is difficult while you are experiencing agony. It’s tough to believe that when you’re in that mood.

Now, let’s pretend you’re in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling your emotional needs, but you’ve decided to remain nonetheless.

Because of this, you could feel a great deal more irritated and anguished than before, and you might think to yourself, “If only I could get out of this and find someone better, then I’d be happy.”

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Divorce or separation from your spouse is one option for coping with this scenario, but it’s usually a difficult one to make. When a relationship isn’t working, either you or the other person may feel like failures.

Both of these emotions tend to flourish in toxic partnerships. There is a great deal of strain and emotional agony in either case.

While receiving a divorce may seem dreadful at the time, it may prove to be a beneficial learning experience that helps you move on into better circumstances in the future.

The idea is that you get caught up in the emotional intensity and turbulence of the present because you can’t see the excellent prospects as clearly. Emotions obscure your judgment, causing you distress.

Let’s Seek Some Immediate Aid for Our Worries

If you want to recuperate and get rid of your anxiety, you’ll need to pay attention to the causes. You may not realize it, but their hidden convictions are behind their actions.

Every emotion originates from some kind of thought, although most of our beliefs are held on an unconscious level.

This suggests that any treatment for anxiety should address the underlying causes on both a conscious and unconscious level.

1. Asking yourself questions like “What do I believe is making me anxious?” is a wonderful place to start if you want to get a grasp on your anxiety.

Don’t rush things; take a breather, and then ask yourself, “What else would a person believe that would cause anxiety?”

Let it soak in for a second, and then ask, “What am I telling myself about my anxiety?”

Knowing the root of your anxiety’s origins is the first step in permanently banishing it.

2. Now that you know what’s contributing to your worry, you may start to examine your assumptions. Pose questions like:

  • Where can one get unquestionable proof that their opinion is correct?
  • Do every anxious person’s thoughts mirror the same thing?
  • Is it possible that there are people who have been through anything comparable to what I have gone through and do not have anxiety as a result?
  • What, then, could they possibly believe that runs counter to what I do?
  • What if the thing I think is untrue is really true?

3. It’s a good sign if your answers to this sort of question start to make you question the validity of your own thoughts.

The third step, which involves coming up with contradicting affirmations to replace the ones that are giving you trouble, is set up by the previous question I posed.

Take this into account:

  • Your beliefs are formed by your life’s experiences.
  • Your findings serve as the basis for your views.
  • The things you think and believe give rise to the feelings you experience.
  • The way you behave depends on how you’re feeling at any given moment.
  • The results you experience are mostly due to your own actions. As a result, if you want different results, you’ll have to reevaluate your assumptions and question the validity of your prior understandings.

A simple, positive statement used in the present tense, such as “Every day and in every way, I am growing more and more happy and successful,” is an affirmation.

Your positive affirmations may be focused on whatever you want them to be, such as your health, success, relationship goals, or anything else.

It’s just as easy to come up with negative self-affirmations as it is with good ones. However, your mind may try to fight against what you’re doing when you first begin repeating positive affirmations.

At first, there’s a tremendous need to hold on to what’s familiar, even if doing so would cause pain. We will eventually come around to the new idea.

Affirmation is the cornerstone upon which you may construct the thoughts, feelings, and actions that will bring about the changes you want.

Recent Anxiety Therapy Research Suggests that Persistence is Key (Repetition)

You must remember that a single affirmation, no matter how many times you say it out loud or write it down, will not magically transform your life overnight.

The key is regular training. When you think about something often enough, it begins to permeate your consciousness from the very foundation up. In this way, you can act as your own success coach.

Here is my five-step process for increasing the power of your positive affirmations:

First-Stage Anxiety Treatment

Take out all of the criticism from your uplifting statements. It is impossible for one’s thinking to maintain contradictory ideas at the same time.

If you want to avoid having your mind dwell on negative word images, you shouldn’t say things like, “I am not anxious, and I don’t worry.” Instead, try affirmations like, “I am calm, relaxed, and confident.”

Use the present tense when explaining your desired outcome. The key to effective affirmation is to phrase your statements as though they are already true.

The following are examples of affirmations that may help boost a positive self-image:

  • I believe it is my birthright to live a life free from fear.
  • To whatever extent others, my genes, my education, or my environment have limited me, I now release those shackles.
  • I think positively about the future.
  • I now recognize what a great person I really am.
  • I’m able to look on the bright side of things.
  • I really feel assured.
  • I always seek the silver lining.
  • I’m feeling really relaxed and in control right now.
  • I’ve decided to have a positive outlook every day for the rest of my life.
  • In general, I had a good time.
  • Any problem can be solved for me. In a word, yes.
  • I am a very powerful person.
  • Currently, I have no complaints.
  • So far, so good. True, that’s what I think.
  • I like to think of myself as a cool customer.
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Second-Stage Anxiety Treatment

If you can, try to practice your affirmations while you’re feeling positive. When positive instructions are reinforced with emotion, they get embedded in the subconscious and work automatically to bring about the desired changes in behavior.

Bringing your attention inward to your heart while repeating your affirmations can help you infuse them with more positive ideas.

Allow me to demonstrate by placing the palm of one hand in the center of your chest. Ignore the thinking and keep repeating your affirmations.

The more you do this, the less effort it will take to enjoy the present moment and have a positive outlook on the future.

I’m going to tell you another massive secret:

Repeating your goals in the form of positive affirmations slowly, softly, and silently may help you connect with and become one with what the words and phrases imply.

As a result of the individual’s emotional investment in the words, the affirmations have more weight.

Third-Stage Anxiety Treatment

Your affirmations should be repeated for at least 10 minutes at a time, preferably in stretches when you won’t be disturbed. Simply repeating your affirmations a few times a day will probably not lead to the desired results.

It’s helpful to repeat your affirmations at odd moments throughout the day, but if you really want to see results, you should devote at least 10 minutes a day to focusing on them without distraction.

The benefits increase dramatically if you can devote more than 10 minutes every day to practice.

Fourth-Stage Anxiety Treatment

At least some of the time, shut your eyes and focus on the words as you say them slowly and deliberately.

When you’re at ease, your subconscious mind may be reprogrammed to reject negative thought patterns in favor of more constructive ones.

Any part of your life that is affected by your newfound convictions will be altered forever. When you’re completely at ease, you can go through any door.

The two times of day when this occurs most smoothly and effortlessly are just before bed and right after you wake up.

You’ve probably noticed that when you open your eyes after a good night’s sleep, your mind is completely quiet.

Because your body is completely at ease, this happens. You are wide awake and aware while you lie in bed, yet the level of your consciousness is still quite low.

These are the occasions when accessing your subconscious will come most naturally to you.

You can maximize the effectiveness of positive affirmations by repeating them loudly or subvocally.

That requires moving your lips and tongue to make the sounds of the words, even if no one else can hear what you’re saying.

It’s so soft that it might almost be a whisper. Your goals and ambitions need to be formed into specific words and phrases in order to attract the level of focus essential to reaching the subconscious mind in the most effective way.

Repeating the phrases over and over again will eventually convince the subconscious to accept the new programming.

The Fifth Phase of Anxiety Treatment

Taking a few deep breaths before repeating an affirmation might help it sink in more deeply. Taking full, deep breaths in between each affirmation is a simple way to achieve this.

Take a big breath or two and settle yourself before you continue. After three seconds, slowly release your breath while repeating your affirmations. Repeat.

As a Conclusion…

Remember that it will likely take many weeks or months to re-pattern your deeply formed belief system since these behaviors and ideas have been embedded in your subconscious for many years.

You can be certain, though, that your efforts will bear fruit in the end.

I have 16 tools that may help you release the past and dissolve the causes of your worry. All of them are on this page: Release Your Past.

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