Types of Numerology and How It is Used (Amazing!)

Types of Numerology and How It is Used (Amazing!)

Types Of Numerology: How To Easily Figure Out Your Numerology Reading

The different types of numerology are all ancient practices that use information about when you were born to give insights into your life. Certain numbers correspond to particular traits and to specific challenges, as well as to a variety of true purposes.

Types of Numerology and How It is Used (Amazing!)

So, if you’ve been wondering where to go next in life or want to better understand yourself, numerology can be a great window into who you really are. But if you’re a beginner, how should you start your numerology journey?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through all you need to know to get your first accurate numerology reading.

First, we’ll look at where numerology comes from. Then, we’ll break down the four main types of numerology and explain how they differ.

For example, different forms of readings can give you insights into different facets of your life.

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Finally, we’ll consider why numerology is so important, and close by showing you how you can get a numerology report today.

What Is Numerology Based On?

Before you ask “What is my numerology number?”, it’s important to understand the roots of this practice. So, what is numerology? It is based on the symbolic meaning of numbers associated with your life, such as your name and your date of birth.

The theory behind numerology is that names and numbers are inextricably connected – all letters have a vibrational frequency that is linked to numbers (and vice versa).

We all have many different numerology numbers, each of which can tell us new things about ourselves. But how we approach this depends on the school of numerology we use.

The Different Types Of Numerology

There are many types of numerology, each with the power to provide you with unique insights about your character and your life path.

We’ll look at the four most common numerology types, explain where they come from, and show you how you can apply their results to your own life.

Pythagorean Numerology

Pythagorean Numerology is sometimes called Western Numerology, as it originated in Ancient Greece. This is one of the most popular forms of numerology and is the most likely to be one that you have encountered before.

Types of Numerology and How It is Used (Amazing!)

Pythagoras, a philosopher, and mathematician developed this system of numerology because he believed that everything in the universe could be reduced to numerical calculations.

As is true of all types of numerology, Pythagorean Numerology assigns specific meanings to each number. Pythagoras allocated the numbers 1-9 to different letters in the alphabet and designated two “master numbers” – 11 and 22.

Each number is connected to a different letter and to a different symbolic meaning. A distinctive feature of this form of numerology is that all numbers have positive and negative qualities.

This is especially helpful when thinking about our major personality traits, which often bring us both advantages and disadvantages.

How Is Pythagorean Numerology Used?

Types of Numerology and How It is Used (Amazing!)

One of the most insightful ways of applying Pythagorean numerology works out your destiny or expression number. In other words, this number tells you about your opportunities and your true purpose.

To get this number, you simply add together the numerical values of each letter in your full name and then reduce them down to one digit – a master number that has a positive and negative side. Here are the values associated with each letter:

  1. A, J, S.
  2. B, K, T.
  3. C, L, U.
  4. D, M, V.
  5. E, N, W.
  6. F, O, X.
  7. G, P, Y.
  8. H, Q, Z.
  9. I, R.

For example, take the name of Sam Smith. This gives you the following addition: 1+1+4+1+4+9+2+8, which gives you a total of 30.

You then add 3+ 0 together and get the number 3. This is Sam Smith’s destiny or expression number.

Learning about himself then requires looking up what destiny or expression number of 3 reveals about a person.

Sam would discover that his destiny is linked to creativity and imagination, but that low mood and careless talk stands in the way of fulfilling that purpose.

Try to work out your own destiny or expression number, then refer to this list to get the basics:

  • 1: Leadership skills and courage; selfishness and arrogance.
  • 2: Harmony and diplomacy; over-sensitivity and hesitancy.
  • 3: See Sam’s example above.
  • 4: Practicality and logic; rigidity and argumentativeness.
  • 5: Flexibility and humor; careless and spreading too thin.
  • 6: Responsibility and unselfishness; nervousness and difficulty being alone.
  • 7: Spirituality and wisdom; laziness and overconfidence.
  • 8: Judgement and organization; materialism and need for approval.
  • 9: Generosity and intuition; moodiness and carelessness.
  • 11: Inspiration and foresight; impracticality and social awkwardness.
  • 22: Spiritual mastery and leadership; internal conflict and attraction to power.

Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah Numerology

Another of the most popular types of numerology is Kabbalah numerology – pronounced ‘Kabala’.

You’ll often see this form discussed in the context of mystical numerology, as it has its roots in Hebrew mystical science.

Recently popularized by celebrities like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Britney Spears, it offers an easy and powerful way to learn more about your identity and your future.

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Like astrology, it aims to tell us more about who we really are – beneath our defenses and our insecurities.

It can complement other self-reflective activities like therapy and journal work, as all these practices share a goal of attaining self-knowledge and understanding.

As with the Pythagorean approach, Kabbalah Numerology derives a number from your name, but also from your date of birth. Let’s look at how this works in practice.

How Is Kabbalah Numerology Used?

Types of Numerology and How It is Used (Amazing!)

Kabbalah Numerology is straightforward. First, you use your first name (and any middle names) to find its associated numbers – one per letter. Then, you add these numbers together, divide them by 9, and add 1 to get the final correct number.

For example, suppose that the total number you get for your name is 63. You would divide this by 9, getting the number 7. By adding 1, you get your final Kabbalah number – 8.

As with Pythagorean numerology, the values of letters are as follows:

  1. A, J, S.
  2. B, K, T.
  3. C, L, U.
  4. D, M, V.
  5. E, N, W.
  6. F, O, X.
  7. G, P, Y.
  8. H, Q, Z.
  9. I, R.

However, as noted above, the way in which you get your final number differs from the Pythagorean method. In addition, the meaning of each number is slightly different.

Here is a brief guide to the meaning of each number that you might get from performing the Kabbalah calculations with your name. Remember, your number is supposed to help you understand who you really are at the core, and how this might impact your future.

  1. You crave constant change and will thrive if you embrace challenges.
  2. You (increase)
  3. Love is your core value, and you’ll be happiest entering your life around it.
  4. You tend toward self-destruction and should work on caring for yourself.
  5. Creation is at the heart of who you and what you need.
  6. You need a solid foundation to be successful and happy; consider what you’d need to do to get this.
  7. You are a deeply spiritual person with much to teach others.
  8. Trust your intuition, which will identify the right people and opportunities for you.
  9. You are lucky; take chances and you’ll be rewarded.

Vedic Numerology

Types Of Numerology

Vedic Numerology (sometimes called Tamil Numerology or simply Indian Numerology) is arguably the oldest form of numerology.

It focuses on the numbers 1-9, and like other types of numerology, it links each number to a particularly human characteristic.

Once again, the goal is to help you understand your own destiny and to make sense of your behavior.

Vedic numerology believes that all numbers have a unique vibrational resonance and that your own is determined by adding the numbers on your day of birth.

This calculation provides you with your Psychic Number, which in Vedic Numerology is said to help you see what you can expect in your future.

How Is Vedic Numerology Used?

Types of Numerology and How It is Used (Amazing!)

As noted above, Vedic numerology assigns a lot of significance today you were born.

So, for example, suppose your date of birth is the 26th of October 1990.

You would focus on numbers 2 and 6, adding them together to get 8. This is your psychic number.

Here’s a concise overview of what you can infer from each possible psychic number:

  1. You are a leader: you will take charge of a group and lead them to success.
  2. You are a teacher; you can heal others and help them grow by sharing your knowledge.
  3. You are an artist; self-expression is key to your happiness, and you can help society by sharing your vision.
  4. You are a builder; you will change the perceptions others have, offering them new ways of seeing things.
  5. You are an entertainer; you will bring joy, laughter, and challenge others through humor.
  6. You are a homemaker; you will nurture and stabilize people, either at work or at home.
  7. You are a mystic; you will come to great insights and share them with others.
  8. You are a worker; you will achieve fame by changing and advancing society.
  9. You are a humanist; you will provide unconditional love and encourage forgiveness.

There are many different ways for these roles to fruition. Vedic numerology tells you to reflect on how this role shapes your past and present behavior and to use this knowledge to maximize your future success.

Chaldean Numerology

Finally, Chaldean Numerology is another form of numerology that focuses on the power of mystical numbers. It is much less well-known than other types of numerology and you may not have encountered it before.

This is likely because it is a more complex form of neurology to use, and arguably less systematic in its number organization.

However, those who use it say that you can get incredibly accurate predictions from Chaldean numerology and that its precision is incredible. It is especially good at revealing forces at work behind the scenes of your everyday life – the things both inside you and outside of you that are influencing your well-being, happiness, and success.

How Is Chaldean Numerology Used?

Types Of Numerology

Chaldean Numerology numbers only go up to 8, while most other forms of numerology go all the way up to 9. The 8 central numbers are associated with the following letters:

  1. A, I, J, Q, Y.
  2. B, K, R.
  3. C, G, L, S.
  4. D, M, T.
  5. E, H, N, X.
  6. U, V, W.
  7. O, Z.
  8. F, P.
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Chaldean numerology has us analyze first names. For example, for ‘Albert’, you would add 1+3+2+5+2+4, getting a value of 17. To get a single number, you would then add 1 + 7 to get 8.

This is the Chaldean number linked to the name Albert, and the meanings are similar to those associated with the Pythagorean 1-8 covered above. However, this step (and the resulting letter 8) would only tell you about how this person looks from the outside.

To learn vital information about the person’s inner nature and the forces at work in their life, there’s an extra step. You should also know the double (or compound) number values – in this case, 17.

If you decide to specialize in Chaldean numerology, it’s worth reading about it in much more depth. However, here are examples of the meanings of common numbers – 10, 20.

  • 10: You are in charge of your own destiny.
  • 11: Others may be working against your goals.
  • 12: Your own anxiety can hold you back from fulfillment.
  • 13: The unknown or unexpected will enter your life soon.
  • 14: Fortune works in your favor.
  • 15: Someone charismatic is influencing your life path.
  • 16: Make a backup plan to ensure happiness in all outcomes.
  • 17: Your past difficulties interfere with how you see the future.
  • 18: Dishonesty from others may interfere in your plans.
  • 19: Your esteem will carry you to success.
  • 20: You will find fulfillment by turning away from material things.

Why Is Numerology Important?

Why Is Types of Numerology Important?

Whatever the school of numerology attracts you, there are lots of different reasons you will benefit from a numerology reading.

For one thing, numerology can help you find clarity and answers when facing an unknown future. If you’re not sure how you want to spend your time or what career path to focus on, learning more about your numerology life path can give you the big picture perspective you need to make solid plans.

In addition, for those focused on love and relationships, numerology can give you unique insights into compatibility.

You can get concise, actionable information about what works well between you and your partner, and what challenges you need to work on to improve your relationship.

Meanwhile, if you’re single, neurology provides hints of your fate – for example, when to look out for synchronicities or to pay particular attention to your intuition.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we all want to understand ourselves better.

What would really make us happy? What’s holding us back?  Where do our talents lie, and what are our weak spots? Through the lens of a numerology reading, we can get to know our own characters and desires.

This information serves us well in all areas of life, from work and hobbies to friendships, love, and family relationships.

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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