Universal Signs That Someone Is Thinking of You

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Imagination is power. One way or another, it has the capacity to make a difference in our lives.

The same may be true of the opinions of others, particularly those aimed at you.

Even if you don’t know it, people are always thinking about you.

They, too, are thinking about you throughout the day, just as we are thinking about ourselves.

When someone has your back, it’s hard to miss.

It’s not always easy to tell whether someone is thinking about you, but there are a few telltale indications.

Here are 27 indicators from the universe that someone is thinking about you.

What are the Signs From the Universe that Someone is Thinking About You?

1. You’ve seen them before

When you suddenly realize something that touches your heart, you know that someone is thinking about you.

Even if you don’t understand exactly what it implies, you know that there are no coincidences in this universe.

The Universe may be sending you a sign that someone is thinking of you if the notion is powerful and clear.

It’s important to remember that every time we think about someone, good or bad, we give them energy.

Both of us will have experienced this idea and sensation at the same moment if they respond by thinking about us.

If you and this person seem to have a spiritual connection, it could mean you’ve found your soulmate.

2. You often dream about them

The subconscious mind is reflected in our dreams.

This helps us comprehend our thoughts and emotions in a more mindful way.

Prior to retiring for the night, it’s probable that someone we spoke to may show up in our dreams.

When we think about a certain individual in bed, the same is true.

It’s not uncommon for a person to have a dream about their lover if they miss him or her.

In other words, this individual is thinking about you and missing you a lot.

Ask this person if they were thinking about you the night before and see how they respond.

3. The hiccups occur

When your diaphragm muscles tighten uncontrollably, you’ll experience a brief pause in breathing and quick closure of your vocal cords.

Hiccups are said to be a sign that your chakras are opening up to communicate with people around you if you’re the subject of someone else’s attention.

You’re more likely to hiccup if you’re in love or if you’re desperate to be close to someone.

4. You have a fleeting memory of them

Some people will “pop” into your head at strange times, even when you haven’t talked to them for a long time.

You may think about them while you go about your daily routine.

Before going to sleep at night, you can ponder over them and wonder how they’re doing.

Having these seemingly unrelated ideas might be a sure indicator that someone is paying attention to you.

The Universe may be sending you a message to let you know that this person is thinking about you, despite the fact that most people assume it’s just them thinking to themselves.

If you find yourself having thoughts or visions of a certain person on a regular basis and for an extended period of time, it may indicate that there is more going on between you two than meets the eye.

5. Your nose starts to itch or you sneeze

An analogous concept is that someone is thinking about you when your nose starts twitching or itching.

Nasal hairs, which you may not have realized, are quite delicate.

They have been known to twitch when they encounter extremely intense ideas and energy, which they may pick up on from a considerable distance away.

6. This is what the tarot cards have to say about it

Is this your first time having a tarot card reading? If this is the case, then you are aware that the cards are often employed as a source of personal insight.

Many think that tarot cards may tell us about our futures, even if we don’t know how to interpret them ourselves.

Using tarot card readings to find out whether someone is thinking of you has its drawbacks.

This individual may or may not be in our thoughts, according to some people who claim to have tarot card divination expertise.

This concept’s underlying premise seems to be rather straightforward.

There is a good chance your subconscious mind has picked up on your thoughts about a certain person (maybe an ex-lover from your adolescent years) and has materialized those ideas.

Is XXXX thinking about me?” is all you need to ask an intuitive reader.

And who knows? You might find the solution you’re looking for!

7. You grin without realizing it

If you’ve been smiling for no apparent reason recently, it’s possible that the world is attempting to tell you that someone is thinking of you.

This enigmatic grin may appear out of nowhere when you’re watching television or working.

During these moments, you’ll find yourself smiling for no apparent reason!

It’s advisable to pay attention to and reflect on these happy occasions since they might indicate that someone has kind thoughts about you.

8. Your eye jerks erratically

One of the indicators from the Universe that someone is thinking of you might be an eye twitch—or it could be a symptom of your third eye twitching because it’s attempting to communicate something to you.

The causes of eye twitches are many, ranging from stress to coffee use.

Maybe this one is worth paying attention to if you believe that someone’s presence in your head might cause your eyelids to flicker.

9. You have a deep desire to be around them

Even if you don’t see your infatuation on a daily basis, you may find yourself missing their company.

Just think about how frequently you fantasize about seeing them and how often you really hope to.

As long as it’s not excessive, it may be a message from the cosmos that they’re thinking and feeling the same way about you.

10. You experience ups and downs in your emotions

It’s possible that someone is thinking about you if you’re suddenly joyful for no apparent reason.

This is particularly true if you’re in a foul mood and then, out of nowhere, you begin to feel much better.

In other words, if you suddenly feel down for no apparent reason, it might be a sign that someone cares about you.

11. You’re greeted by a butterfly

As a sign of our spirit guides, butterflies are often seen as messengers who tell us that we are all connected and in perfect harmony with the natural world.

If you see a butterfly land on you, it might be a sign that someone is thinking about you and wants to speak with you.

12. They’re a fan of your past social media updates

Checking your social media accounts and seeing that they have liked or commented on an old post of yours is a sure sign that they have been thinking about you.

When we think about a person, we feel the need to reach out to them.

It is likely that the person was thinking about you as well if you suddenly feel the impulse to contact them, even if for no reason at all.

13. Do you see a white feather?

A white feather is one of many ways to tell whether someone is thinking about you.

Look for this feather if you see it in a book or on the way to work. Don’t be shocked if that individual comes out to you shortly if you notice it by chance!

14. They keep resurfacing in your thoughts

Even if it isn’t immediately apparent, the world is trying to inform you that someone cares about you.

The universal indicators that someone is thinking of you might be tough to understand at times.

It is a good sign that they are thinking about you if you see them in the most unexpected locations or they come to mind at random.

15. A burst of vigor and drive

The two are inextricably linked.

Whether someone thinks of you with a favorable or negative thought, your body (or aura) will be affected in some manner by that person’s feelings.

While it’s far simpler to feel than to see,

If you can concentrate sufficiently on your own energy fields and those around you, you’ll notice a quick shift in the energies around someone based on what they believe about you.

Whenever this occurs, you’ll be able to tell right away since the mood will be completely different for one of two reasons.

You never know what someone is thinking about you (without them being aware).

It’s all based on how they’re feeling at the time.

In any case, it provides further insight into who could have been thinking about you!

16. You ask for a sign, and you get one

Signs from the Universe may come in various forms, and the Universe may choose to answer your request in any one of them.

The following are some examples of how the universe may communicate with you:

  • Listen to the radio and you’ll hear a song that brings back memories of them.
  • There is something in the news or on the internet that brings up memories of them.
  • A stranger inquires about their whereabouts and current activities.
  • You were just thinking about them when they sent you a text or dialed your number.

Only remember that these are just a few instances of indicators from the Universe that someone is thinking about you.

Other methods of communication exist, and you may not even know it!

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17. Strange coincidences and mysterious synchronicities

This might be evidence that someone is thinking about you if you’ve ever had an inkling that someone was thinking about you, or you’ve encountered a string of occurrences that seemed more than just coincidental.

Things like this don’t just happen by accident.

There are signs from the Universe that we’re on the correct path and that everything will turn out OK.

Even if we aren’t getting these messages from particular individuals, the cosmos will nonetheless let us know when someone is thinking about us.

18. You can sense them

It’s possible that someone is thinking of you if you suddenly have a strong sense of someone being with you.

For some people, it’s difficult to describe why they feel a specific way; but, if you can sense that someone is around, it’s likely that there is a powerful spiritual connection taking place.

There have been times when I’ve been thinking about someone, and then they’ve called me back.

It’s like when you suddenly sense someone’s presence when they aren’t.

19. They are audible

When you hear voices, it’s likely not your ears that are the source of the issue, despite the common belief that the sense of hearing is the first to disappear.

When you hear someone’s voice, even if they aren’t physically there, the Universe is trying to get your attention.

There may be a reason why this is happening: someone close to you may have been reminiscing about past memories with you lately.

It’s important to pay attention when your intuition is attempting to warn you about something.

20. Your intuition tells you so, and you should trust it

Your gut sense is perhaps the most crucial indication.

Trust your intuition since it’s more powerful than you think.

A lot of information is stored inside you, but much of it is buried deep in your subconscious.

Everything you’ve learned and experienced is summed up in intuition, which helps us make rapid judgments when we have little information.

The ability to discern whether something is wrong or when someone isn’t telling the truth may be aided by the ability to read body language.

Be sure to check in with your intuition and listen to how they reply when you’re unsure whether a person is thinking about you.

21. Inflamed redness appears on your cheeks or earlobes

Is there anything worse than waking up and realizing your face is on fire?

You could take this as a sign that someone you know has thoughts about you.

As a result, the ears and cheekbones are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

When you notice that your circulation has changed, you may be able to tell whether someone is talking about you in an emotionally charged manner.

There is a possibility that they are either applauding or denouncing whatever has been on their minds.

22. When or after eating, a feeling of pain

If you feel that your stomach is twisted when you’re eating, this is a message from the Universe that someone cares about you.

Their yearning for communication or distress at not being able to chat with you will be reflected in your body.

After a meal, you may have discomfort in your abdomen.

If you’re having these feelings, it’s likely that someone has been contemplating how to approach you but hasn’t done so yet.

23. According to a psychic

It’s been decades since a psychic has helped someone, yet they’re still in high demand now.

However, this is not the case with all of them.

With the aid of a psychic reading, you may get insight into your true self and make better decisions.

One of the best ways to enhance your life is by learning what other people are thinking and feeling about you.

24. You’re well known to their friends and family

The Universe may be sending you a message if your friends and relatives are aware of your existence.

You’ve obviously had a big influence on their lives if even the people closest to them recognize your name.

Inquiring about whether you’ve had breakfast or whether they can drop off the clothing you left at their house last night is all it takes to initiate this conversation.

Or, they may ask why you didn’t show up to a big event they invited you to.

A lot may be learned from the fact that they care so much about hearing about your day as well as what’s going on in your life.

25. They pay attention to the tiniest details

If someone is thinking about you, they’ll remember the tiny details like your favorite color, the music you mentioned enjoying, or even your food choice.

They’re thinking about you if they remember all these little facts about your life that you don’t even recall sharing with them.

Other random hobbies and preferences that they’ve picked up on their own may also be used as an example of this kind of behavior.

26. When they see you, their faces light up with excitement

When you eventually saw them again, they were behaving apathetically toward you.

Were they on when you asked? Were they giddy when they saw you? What was their first reaction when they saw you?

If you see a shift in their demeanor, it’s clear that they’re thinking about you and that they like you.

Ask their friends or tell them yourself if they’re unable to articulate their thoughts and emotions.

27. They know things you didn’t even tell them about yourself

They may be interested in finding out more about you if they know things about you that you didn’t even share with them directly.

That someone is thinking of you is another indication from the universe.

That your energies and souls are so intertwined that they know things you haven’t uttered out loud is a sign of telepathy.

The Question is, is it Possible for Someone to Feel Your Thoughts?

Can you sense it when someone is thinking about you? Trying to provide a response to this question might be a challenge.

But, even though we can’t read each other’s minds, there are times when we have an unexplainable feeling or sense that seems to come from our subconscious and tells us that someone may be thinking about us.

One of the most widely held beliefs about this phenomenon is that when two individuals are thinking of one another at exactly the same moment, their energies are linked.

There is a kind of unseen connection between you as if your thoughts are touching one another.

You may have experienced something similar in the past.

You get an unexpected phone call from a long-lost buddy.

They tell you that they were just thinking about you at the precise minute that you were thinking about them—and it’s all because they were thinking about you!

As bizarre as this may seem, it is possible to find scientific explanations for these sorts of events, even if they appear mystical or esoteric.

Are You on Someone Else’s Mind If They’re on Yours?

When you think about someone a lot, an energetic link forms between you and that person, connecting your heart center with theirs. This is called a karma cord.

As a result, you ignite that chord of connection and stimulate an energetic reaction in their heart area as well as your own when you think about them over and over again.

Because of the strong emotional link between the heart centers of two individuals, they may begin to think about one another.

Do They Think Of You When You Dream About Them?

In order to understand this individual, you must first understand that they are probably thinking about you.

Your dreams are made up of all of the ideas, sensations, and emotions that you have when awake.

It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, with each piece becoming a unique part of your personality.

That means they’re probably thinking about you as well if you see them in your dreams!

If you’ve been thinking about this person lately, it’s conceivable they were thinking about you before they went to sleep.

Is there anything new from them? Or maybe they’ve even called?

People prefer to think about their loved ones at night, so this might explain why they were dreaming about you.

The frequency with which these dreams occur should also be taken into account.

Do they occur on a regular basis or just on rare occasions?

If it just happens once, it’s unlikely that anything is amiss, but if it occurs often, it raises the possibility that something is afoot.


The cosmos communicates with humans in enigmatic ways.

When everything appears to fall into place, we can’t help but think that the universe is trying to tell us something.

Keep an open mind when it comes to indicators from the universe that someone is thinking of you.

You may be overlooking some of the most important indicators that a person has you firmly in their thoughts!

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