The Secrets of Surrendering to the Universe

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The last and most crucial stage in manifesting your goals is to give up control of your life and trust in the universe.

Let go and surrender to the Universe, since this may be a tremendous problem for most of us. In this post, I’ll tell you how to do this.

Throughout our lives, we’ve been taught to take as much action and seek as much security as possible.

But miracles can happen when you stop trying to control your life and let it go where it wants to go.

That’s a lot of work, right? It’s not, in fact. Developing confidence in the Universe and letting go of control is all that’s required.

How Does It Feel to Give Your Power to the Universe?

“The secret to happiness is having the courage to change what you can, the strength to accept what you can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two,” says a well-known Buddhist saying.

There are times in your life when you have to take action and make changes, but there are also times when you have to let go and surrender control.

To put it another way, let things happen as they will.

The actual problem is figuring out how to tell the difference between the two.

First, you’re doing all the imagery and increasing your vibration, and aligning yourself to what you’re trying to accomplish when you’re manifesting anything.

Your last step is to let go and let the Universe bring whatever it wants to bring you into your life.

When you surrender to the Universe, you stop attempting to control the outcome of events and don’t do anything more than is necessary at a given time.

Having confidence in the Universe and letting go of all control is surrendering to the Universe.

Even if you were raised in a strict household where your parents tried to exert total control over every aspect of your life, this might be difficult at times.

If you suffer from anxiety or have been let down by life in the past, letting go of control is much more difficult.

Taking charge of your life and every possible outcome may make you feel like you’re protecting yourself from disappointment and giving yourself a better sense of security.

Release your grip on the reins of control and put your faith in the Universe, and you’ll find that your life takes a turn for the better and is filled with many wonderful surprises.

To help you let go of control of your life and allow it to flow, here are ten tips:

How Do You Let Go of Your Control?

1. Believe That the Universe is on Your Side

You must first believe that the Universe—or God—or The Source—or whatever name you prefer—genuinely cares about your well-being and only wants what is best for you.

In order to surrender, you must have confidence that the higher power has your best interests at heart and that it will always have your back.

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In the face of a hostile power, no one likes to give up their freedom.

When faced with terrible, tough events that make no sense, individuals may feel as if life is conspiring against them or as if the Universe is out to get them.

It is also a spiritual test to discover how much trust you have in yourself.

Because life on Earth isn’t designed to be all fun and games, everyone will experience difficult moments.

It’s important to remember that even in the fiercest storm, the sun will rise again because all of these challenges are designed to help you develop and evolve into your finest version of yourself.

The first step in submitting to the Universe is learning to have faith and believe that the Universe or God really loves you no matter what.

2. Recognize That You Already Have Ownership

Believing that anything you want is already yours is a vital step in submitting to the Universe.

“Whatever you asked for, believe that it is already yours,” a Bible verse I like says.

This is just one example of how letting the Universe take control requires some trust.

It’s easier to let go of control when you feel that what you’ve hoped for is already on its way to you.

What’s the purpose of attempting to influence the outcome if you’re going to get it anyway?

3. Let Go of Your Fears

Imagining that you’ve given your troubles to the universe or your guardian angels and that they’ll take care of them will help alleviate your anxiety.

When we worry about something, we generate a lot of bad energy that we can’t get rid of.

This energy has the potential to impact the result and drive the desired thing farther away from us.

What worries me is that I’m not letting go of control and I’m taking more action than I need to in order to get what I want.

The only way you can really let go of control and allow the universe to provide you with what you want is to stop worrying. I realize this might seem unattainable at times.

4. Stop Overthinking Yourself

When you let go of control and yield to the Universe, you stop worrying about what you’ve created.

Also, you don’t overthink when your mind plays tricks on you and begins presenting all the reasons why you would fail.

We all have a tendency to think too much, especially if we grew up in a stressful environment or have had hard things happen in our lives.

Stop overthinking and focus on faith and positive thoughts instead. This will help you raise your vibration and submit to the Universe.

Doubt and overthinking, in my view, have put an end to more hopes and goals than anything else.

5. Put Your Faith in God’s Timing

Trusting in the Divine Timing is a great way to show that you have faith in the Universe and are ready to give it control.

Putting your faith in God’s timing implies letting things happen when they’re supposed to, rather than obsessing about when they’re supposed to.

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Everything in the universe has divine timing, and there are moments in our lives when it’s just not the right time for something to happen.

For the sake of argument, assume that you have been unsuccessful in attracting your soulmate.

This will simply decrease your vibration and drive your soulmate farther away from you if you lose hope, despair, and feel that you are supposed to be alone for the rest of your life.

You may also choose to accept the possibility that the Universe has a special someone in store for you, but you and your partner both need to develop and mature before you can have a really wonderful relationship.

However, if we have the patience to wait, we may be sure that everything will eventually work out.

6. Keep a Positive Attitude No Matter What Happens in Your Life

You have to learn to be happy whether you reach your goals or not if you want to give up your power and let the universe have it.

Your pleasure is tied to a result if you continue to be sad until that event occurs.

You’re under a lot of stress because of this, which may lead to anxiety and energy blockages that lower your vibration and drive you farther away from what you want.

Having a positive outlook on life even before you’ve reached your objective demonstrates that you are emotionally independent and have a lot of confidence in the universe.

7. Gratitude is a Good Way to Show Appreciation

A powerful method to show the Universe that you have submitted is to express thanks for the things that you already have.

When you feel grateful, you boost your vibration and attract better things into your life.

Even if you haven’t yet received the item you’ve been hoping for, I’m sure you have a lot to be thankful for.

Gratitude may be a powerful tool for letting go of control and allowing yourself to be grateful for what you want.

When you do something like this, it communicates to the universe your trust in it and your willingness to yield to its will, enabling it to fulfill your wishes however it sees fit.

This also demonstrates that you have entirely surrendered to the Universe’s love and support and that you no longer need to be in charge of everything.

8. Allow for the Unexpected in Your Plans

Let go of all your plans, and you’ll find yourself more at peace with the universe.

So many individuals plan out their days, weeks, months, and years down to the last detail, determining exactly how they want their lives to occur.

There is no place for anything else in their lives, from the sort of partner they desire to the type of career they want.

It’s wise to allow the Universe to make certain decisions for us since our desires and what is best for us don’t always line up.

Rather than obsessively planning your future, you should take a step back and see what the universe delivers your way.

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To your amazement, the Universe already knows precisely what you need and how to best provide it for you.

9. Concentrate Your Efforts on Your Breathing (Meditate)

Relaxation and anxiety release are two of the many benefits of meditation for letting go of control.

As a result of this fear and anxiety, individuals need to be in total control of their lives in order to feel safe and secure in the face of uncertainty.

Consequently, by calming your nerves, you’ll be able to believe that the Universe is on your side and will offer you good fortune.

By strengthening your connection to the Divine Source, meditation can also help you feel safer and more secure.

Intuitively knowing the proper way to pursue is made easier when you have a better connection to the Divine Source. You won’t have to worry about forcing your way through doors that aren’t intended for you.

10. Feel Cherished and Protected at All Times

By establishing a sense of love, acceptance, and safety, you may show the universe that you trust it and no longer need to control things.

Love yourself and know that the universe (or God) has your back at all times.

Don’t worry about what’s going on around you, since everything that occurs is for your greater advantage. even if you don’t understand it at the moment or it’s difficult to accept.

Imagine that nothing and no one can ever hurt you because the Universe has your back and is watching over you at all times.

Ultimately, your life will match your ideal life and you will grow into your finest self if you allow yourself to feel loved and protected at all times.

When you let go of control and trust in the flow of events, the universe can work wonders in your life.

Remember that even though everyone has goals, plans, and dreams, submitting to the Universe is an important part of making them come true.

When you surrender, you stop trying to be in charge of every element of your life and acknowledge that certain things are better left in the hands of fate.

Having faith and asking for what you want is the first step, but after you’ve done that, let go and let the Universe handle the rest.

When you put your faith in God’s timing, beautiful things will happen in your life.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how to surrender to the cosmos in the comments box below if you found it helpful.

You may also provide any additional advice that will help a novice understand how to surrender more easily!

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