How to Become Unconstrained: The Full Circle of Abundance

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There is a song by the Rolling Stones with the following lyrics: “You can’t always get what you want… You are provided with what you need.”

But do we really know what it is that we desire, or even if we know what it is that we require?

If we could see into the mind of the average person who wishes to be successful, we would probably discover that this kind of reasoning is what drives our wants or our ambitions.

The majority of us have the concept that our goal should be to achieve prosperity so that we may then spend our time doing things that bring us pleasure.

Making X amount of money, advancing one’s spirituality, or being one of those individuals who claim “they simply want to be happy” might all be considered successful definitions of happiness in this context. With this frame of mind, the concept of success is seen just as a means to a goal. Because I have been in this state of mind before, I am quite familiar with it.

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I had a typical family life and was blessed with six lovely children. I was the head programmer at the web development firm that I operated, which was very successful.

Creating a product that I could sell to Google or Facebook for millions of dollars was my concept of a successful career move. I would be liberated from the attitude of the average working class, which is that of a slave. Does it make sense to you? It’s what all of us are hoping for.

The problem with following this line of reasoning if one’s goal is to be successful is that it is riddled with fallacies. Take, for instance:

This kind of thinking believes that if our financial situation improves, we will continue to have the same desires, requirements, and ambitions as we have in the past.

We are, in essence, the same people we always were, but now we have more money. This indicates that rationality will never be able to finish us out.

We are looking for a way out of the predicament that we find ourselves in right now, and we want to discover anything that may do that.

Using this approach will constantly leave us with the feeling that something is missing. Take, for example, the case of well-known and wealthy people who have made the choice to take their own lives.

The fact that they are wealthy makes it seem as if they live in an ideal environment, but in reality, it just highlights the gaps in their experience.

This blog post will go into further detail on the many problems with this way of thinking later on.

If it weren’t for my second brush with mortality, I never would have understood how serious these shortcomings are. My second near-death experience enlightened me to the apparently superhuman skills that reside inside each and every one of us.

I used to work as a computer programmer, but because of these skills, I was able to transition into working with people and become insanely proficient at it. I devised programs that assist individuals in releasing their boundless human potential in a way that is expedient, practical, and backed up by evidence.

However, if we don’t even know who we are or why we are here, how can we possibly know what it is that we want?

It took me more than three years of research and experiencing the so-called “dark night of the soul” before I was able to completely come to know who we are and what the true motivation is behind our goals.

My skills have been more refined, and as a result, I am better able to assist others all over the globe in understanding the reality that we have no limits.

I do this by assisting others in achieving substantial success in all areas of their lives. In this post, I will explain my results and research in order to assist you in the following areas:

Be true to who you already are.
Get what it is that you desire most.
Discover the extent of your actual capabilities.

My studies and experiences with other people have led me to the conclusion that less than one percent of all people really have a clear idea of what it is they want out of life and what would bring them the most satisfaction.

People search for items that will define who they are. To put it simply, this is the point of our so-called “wants” in the first place: to bring us joy.

In this post, I will discuss the trip that I have taken, which has led me to realize what it is that we are really looking for. a breakthrough that reimagines what it means to be successful and places the concept on a whole new plane of comprehension a finding that will allow us to flourish in every facet of our lives and provide us plenty.

All Around Prosperity and Conspicuous Achievement in Every Direction

We have all been exposed to the profound assertion that prosperity should be our natural condition.

To tell you the truth, it is.

The richness that is our inheritance includes not just financial prosperity but also emotional intelligence, physical vigor, intellectual endowment, spiritual ascent, and meaningful connections. The fullness that is our birthright is not restricted to monetary wealth alone. I refer to it as having plenty in all directions.

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Once we have achieved “significant success” in our lives, prosperity comes to us in all directions naturally. Significant success is not a concept; it is a lived reality.

It is not circumstantial, either, when the notions are successful under certain circumstances. The findings have been replicated hundreds of times throughout the globe with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of life.

I really hope that my adventure may pique your interest enough to get you started on your own road toward major achievement.

Success is traditionally measured using a variety of different criteria. For instance, the acquisition of riches, the attainment of prominent degrees, the achievements made in one’s profession, the number of children and grandchildren one has, as well as enlightenment as it is described by various religious and spiritual views.

All of the definitions may be boiled down to a single sign, which nearly always has to do with a person’s attainable goals on earth and their material belongings.

When we have more accomplishments and possessions, others place a higher value on us. According to many religious and spiritual beliefs, the amount of effort we put into our rituals, prayers, and charitable giving, as well as the weight of the responsibilities we shoulder, determines the level of success or enlightenment we achieve.

You will amass possessions no matter which yardstick you choose to measure achievement by, whether it be material or religious.

You may argue that religion and spiritual activities are not about accumulating and that the exact reverse is true: the fewer possessions we have, the more successful we will be in the latter stages of this life and in the world to come.

After giving this model a more thorough examination, we have come to the conclusion that it represents the polar opposite of what is meant by the term “material success.” Therefore, the identical coin has two distinct sides.

If we go even further into the observation of the analogy of the two sides of the coin, we come to the conclusion that both meanings represent dualities that are diametrically opposed to one another.

Only in the context of space and time is duality possible. Therefore, the only possible location for either notion of success is in space and time. Therefore, the extent of your accomplishment is limited only by the bounds of the physical world we live in.

On the other hand, those who have achieved success via either of these two routes to achievement will never feel completely content with their lives.

These sensations of deficiency and incompleteness contribute to the impulse to want more, yet despite this, more is never sufficient. The more you have, the more it mirrors an ever-expanding emptiness that you are now experiencing on the inside.

There is one explanation for this seeming paradox: we are only using one percent of our human potential in our daily lives. These conceptions of success, in pursuit of which mankind has slain, enslaved, and prostituted their lives, represent a measly one percent of the genuine potentials that we as humans are capable of achieving.

1% and 99%

According to what quantum physicists have told us, if you were to roll up all of the matter in the cosmos into one giant ball…

Everything in the universe, including the stars, planets, suns, and earth with all of its treasures If you added up everything in it, it would make up around one percent of the whole universe. 99% of everything is still a mystery.

Even though I didn’t learn about the notion of the cosmos until many years after my first brush with death, I found that it mirrored the lessons I had gained from that encounter.

An accident in a warehouse was the source of my first brush with mortality. During the process of unloading a train car, both of my jaws were broken. The whole article is available for reading right here.

The element of the experience that I want to share with you is the instant in which I realized who each of us really is. Not only did I comprehend, but I also experienced the incredible power and the unlimited creatures that we are.

Within that instant of time, the whole of eternity, together with all of its conceivable outcomes, was within my reach. It was more than a knowledge or a sensation that I had at the time.

It was a way of being in the world. I can still remember the event as if it had taken place just the day before. In my opinion, there are two distinct causes for this.

1) The event took place in a domain that existed outside of time.

2) I had the experience of the moment from the vantage point of the eternal creatures that we are. As I was distancing myself from my actual body, everything took place at that moment.

After some reflection, I came to the conclusion that our physical presence accounts for just 1% of who we really are.

The sensation of being surrounded by wealth on all sides, as I mentioned before, accounts for almost all of who we really are.

A creature who embodies riches in every possible way Imagine for a moment supposing we were able to operate from this model.

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There would not be the slightest hint of deficiency in any facet of our lives at any time. Both of our identities, that is, our human identity as well as the identity of the timeless being that we are, would be respected and appreciated.

Both identities would be realized to the point that the rules of spiritual physics would meld them into a single self. This would be possible because both identities would be fully realized.

If this were the case, we would be living in a singularity, which may be thought of as a point at which a function takes on an infinite value.

We had been looking for a definition of success similar to this one. This is the point at which we experience the fullness of our accomplishments.

The more material prosperity you have, the more your inner brightness shines through, and it ceases to be a mask for the person you are not.

This conception of achievement does not and cannot subjugate, manipulate, or bring about the demise of any person or object. When one is successful, their lives take on a meaning that cannot be quantified in any material way. Priceless.

The incredible adventure that led to the discovery of these major success factors has been a highlight. In this series as well as on my podcast, Exponential Intelligence, I will go into depth about these topics.

The path that I went down has seen fewer people than others. Because of this, there are far more people in the world who are millionaires and billionaires than there are people who have everything they want.

The rules of considerable success may be summed up as having complete and total abundance in all aspects of one’s life.

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to minimize the amount of hard work, bravery, and devotion that is required to achieve monetary success.

But it takes a certain kind of person to be able to examine oneself at such a minute level that it enables us to free ourselves of the shadows that we attempt to cover up via physical accomplishment.

Consider the past as evidence for the validity of my claim. How many prosperous individuals or businesses do you know of who have run their operations according to the rules of major success?

The Fourfold Road to Being Without Boundaries

In this post, I discussed significant success, one of the fourfold paths to being boundless, for just a few sentences. After my second near-death experience (NDE), I was given access to a lot of information, and the following is a summary of some of it:

  • What you already know is known as your “exponential intelligence.”
  • What you do constitutes your introspective progression.
  • Meaningful Success: The Accomplishments You Have
  • Archetype Superhuman: What you are

The concept of exponential intelligence (EI) refers to a corpus of information that remains unchanging. It establishes the boundaries of how space and time work together to produce this reality. In other words, it is a guidebook that explains the whys and hows of life as well as how to have everything. all referring to a state of spiritual as well as bodily completion.

In my experience, EI has evolved into a way of being, whereas in the past it was merely a collection of information.

We need to take a step back in order to take a step forward in our introspective progression. Walking along the trail requires a heightened state of awareness. And in order to get where you’re going and make all of your dreams come true, one has to always be cautious about the following things:

  1. Can you describe your routines?
  2. Where are you at this moment?
  3. In what direction would you prefer to travel?

It is not the purpose of significant success to mask feelings of insignificance; rather, it is a reflection of the genuine riches that already exist inside you.

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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