The Violet Flame of Transmutation: This Will Really Change Your Life!

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People Are Starting To Look Inwards

We are living in an amazing moment, and everyone who is on a spiritual path is aware that the world is undergoing change, which, in turn, drives human beings to develop and change as well. This is something that everyone who is pursuing a spiritual path is aware of. There is no way out of this. 

Their lives will be filled with much strife and disorder if they continue to fight the changes that are occurring because they are unaware of what is taking place. 

To verify this for oneself, one needs only to glance at the surrounding environment. This is not a top-secret revelation; it is time to open your eyes. The inward quest of many people has, at long last, been kicked into high gear. 

They have lost faith in other humans who formerly stood on lofty pedestals because those pedestals are falling under their feet, and as a result, people no longer trust in other humans. 

Instead of depending on and placing their reliance on sources from the outside world, an increasing number of individuals are looking inward, inside their own selves, to discover the truth. 

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The search for fresh spiritual instruments that may assist us on our path has reached an all-time high.

 The Violet Flame of Transmutation

I feel that one of the most powerful instruments we have right now is a spiritual force called the Violet Flame of Transmutation. 

The combination of doing energy work and working with the Violet Flame is one that is both incredibly effective and very strong. 

Even though the Violet Flame has been present for a long time, we are just now discovering how to harness it to effect change in all facets of our lives, including the mental, the emotional, the physical, and the spiritual. 

In this post, I will discuss a self-empowerment-focused application of the Violet Flame that you, too, may implement into your daily life.

How To Utilize The Violet Flame In Your Life

The Ascended Master St. Germain is the one who enlightened us about the Violet Flame and its significance. 

Over the last seven decades, lightworkers from all around the globe have been calling upon the Violet Flame for a variety of purposess, lightworkers from all around the globe have been calling upon the Violet Flame for a variety of purposes. 

Through the power of the violet flame, all thoughts and feelings that are motivated by fear may be transmuted into those that are motivated by love. It has the power to change fear into bravery, worry into serenity, and hate into love. 

The Violet Flame is a tool that may assist in the purging of karmic debt, the elevation of vibration and awareness, the acceleration of spiritual development, and the activation of genetic material. 

When combined with the Violet Flame, energetic clearing programs, such as the one I teach, the Lightarian Clearing Program, and the Practical Mastery Series, you have an incredible self-empowerment tool that can significantly improve the caliber of your life. 

These programs help you clear out your problems more quickly. If you have any kind of mental or emotional issue and believe in the power of the Violet Flame, it will be able to aid you. 

It may help reduce stress, anger, melancholy, despair, and other negative emotions as well. It is a gift that has the capacity to transform the human mistakes that we have made as a result of misusing the power that our own ideas and emotions provide.

My Recovery Journey 

When I initially set out on the path to recovery, I, like the majority of people, went to group sessions to find out how I might improve myself. 

It was explained to me in this group that if you thought or did anything that was unfavorable, if you instantly understood that this was not the energy you wanted to give out to the universe, you could say “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel,” and the energy associated with that idea or action would be deleted as quickly as you could snap your fingers. 

This was the lesson that I took away from the experience. At first, I was under the impression that this was a fact, and sure enough, I did start using it. 

Because my life was in shambles when I initially began my own recovery path, I was willing to do anything that promised to improve it, even following any advice that was offered to me.

After I had been a part of this organization for a while, I had the opportunity to witness its members in action, and I found myself wondering how someone could send out bad energy and then rely on chanting the words “cancel, cancel, cancel” and expect everything to be okay. 

From all that I had been researching on my own, I got the feeling that if one followed a spiritual path, a life of pleasure and happiness would soon come into that person’s life. 

This was the conclusion that I came to after doing all of my own research. It seems like everyone was always yelling “cancel” at the event. 

I, too, would suddenly have the idea to call it off and say it as soon as it came into my thoughts. I was just acting in accordance with what I had been instructed to do and what I thought to be true. 

The difference with me, though, was that I needed to understand why the huge cancellation policy I was putting in place was not resulting in an increase in pleasure and satisfaction in my life. 

It didn’t make any sense to me, especially because I was using the cancel tool at the time. Then I realized its significance. 

Why was it that the individuals I was spending my time and energy with did not seem to be happy with the quality of their lives? 


Because this cancel element started bothering me, I decided to investigate how it was even conceivable that just pronouncing the words “cancel” could halt the flow of negative energy.

What I Found Out!

The Violet Flame of Transmutation: This Will Really Change Your Life!

During the course of my investigation, I found out two things. To begin with, the individuals who were instructing me on the cancellation policy were only partially correct. 

They were teaching from the premise that we are the makers of our lives, and absolutely, this is what I still believe. 

After doing some study, I came to the conclusion that the most important aspect was one that they either did not teach, did not comprehend, or were just unaware of, and that is the fact that energy cannot be destroyed. 

It is not conceivable at all. The only thing a human is capable of doing is transforming the energy into a new manifestation. You can’t just keep saying “cancel” over and over again and expect it to go away. 

If you are the one who put the energy out into the world, you are the one who is accountable for it, and it will find its way back to you. 

After all, this is a manifestation of the law of attraction! With this new knowledge, I was able to figure out why the events in my life weren’t changing. Despite my goal for a higher quality of life, I continued to broadcast lower vibrational levels into the world. 

If we use it correctly, the Violet Flame may be a powerful weapon for swiftly removing negativity from our lives. However, this only works if we use it in the right way.

Yes, We Are The Creators Of Our Own Realities!

Now that we are conscious of our capacity to create, and yes, each and every one of us has significant creative potential, let’s get started! 

We have to make an effort to keep our thoughts and feelings under control and direct our attention toward the things that we wish to bring into being or make apparent in our lives. 

We are magnetic energy beings, and the vibrational frequency that we put out is what draws or attracts to us other vibrational frequencies that have the same or a very similar frequency to the one that we are putting out. 

Because of this, the phenomenon known as the “complete circle,” the “boomerang effect,” or “what goes around, comes around,” 

Negativity will return to you in full force if you don’t put an end to your negative sentiments beforehand. 

Put out any sentiments of lack, for lack will return to you in full force. The other side of the coin is to shift the frequency of the idea or emotion to one that has a higher vibrational level. 

When you put the emotion of love out into the world, love will find its way back to you. When you project an attitude of plenty, good fortune will find its way back to you in short order. 

Do you recognize the magnitude of the power that we possess? The way we live our lives is mostly determined by the combination of our ideas and emotions. Therefore, you should begin today by altering your ideas and feelings in order to bring about the change you want to see in the world.

We are able to call upon the Violet Flame to transform our erroneous ideas and emotions from the past, and we are also able to strengthen our efforts by making use of positive affirmations in order to realize the life that we want for ourselves. 

You alone own the ability to control your own life. No one else does. Your everyday ideas and the emotions that you exhibit today are what construct the future that you will experience. You are the one who created it.

When I am working on my own recovery, I turn to the Violet Flame for assistance. When clients come to me for the Lightarian programs that I provide, I also propose to them that they, too, call the Violet Flame to transmute everything that they are releasing. 

The Violet Flame of Transmutation: This Will Really Change Your Life!

This is to ensure that nothing is lost in the process. The violet flame has attributes such as compassion, forgiveness, liberation, and the ability to transform. 

The Violet Flame has the ability to purge or transform not only the cause but also the effect, and even the memory of our previous errors! 

This is an amazing piece of equipment! The Lightarian Programs are remarkable modalities in and of themselves; they assist individuals in elevating their vibration and moving farther along their spiritual path. 

When I work with clients who are using the Lightarian programs for their recovery, I find that it is beneficial to urge them to conjure the Violet Flame for themselves. This seems to make a major difference in the effectiveness of the programs.

When we make the conscious decision to speed up the process of clearing, releasing, and healing by deliberately deciding to adopt energy healing programs in our lives to speed up the process, for example using the Lightarian Programs or the Practical Mastery Series as an example, we are aware and ready to make good choices throughout the releasing process. 

Therefore, when I encourage my clients to employ the Violet Flame to empower themselves, they are ready and able to take constructive action because they have already prepared themselves.

We need a tool that can help alleviate the bad energy and emotions that are being released as a result of the perceived outside conditions that have led us to be thrown into the process of releasing, and we need this tool because we are being thrown into the process of releasing. 

I’m going to use rage as an example since I feel it accurately reflects the state of the world at the moment that this is being written.

At any given time in our lives, we are constantly experiencing a plethora of different feelings coursing through our bodies. 

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We have already established that we are magnetic creatures. This indicates that whatever energy or emotion we release from our existence, we end up attracting back to ourselves in some form or another.

Indeed, emotions are forms of energy. So let’s assume one day you are upset and you project your anger onto your partner, kid, co-worker, etc. Bear in mind that the rage that you just sent into the world will eventually find its way back to you. 

Everything comes full circle in the end. There is no guarantee that it will return to the people to whom you projected it. 

It might come back to haunt you in the form of the man who cuts you off while you’re driving! In order to stop the rage boomerang effect, adopt this technique. As soon as the sensations of anger begin, instantly stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, and declare (in your mind is fine): 

“I call upon the Violet Flame to transmute the source, core, effect, record, and memory of these angry feelings.” 

When you do this, you’ll immediately begin to feel calmer. Now! If you take another breath, you’ll notice that the sensations of rage you were experiencing will have changed within a few seconds, and they’ll seem considerably less potent than they were just a few seconds before. 

Therefore, the poison or karma that you could have otherwise directed against another person has been completely thwarted in its path. 

You didn’t give in to the desire to vent your ire in a destructive manner, and as a result, you were able to take prompt action and give yourself more power. 

Congratulations, but you are not done! You have an urgent need to transform anger, which is a kind of energy that is extremely thick and heavy, into a state of mind that has a higher vibration. 

The Violet Flame of Transmutation: This Will Really Change Your Life!

Turn your attention to something that brings you pleasure and redirect your thoughts! Something that causes you to laugh out loud from one ear to the other If you do not take action to experience the higher vibrational feeling, you will continue to be trapped in the lower, more dense vibratory level. 

If you want to build a happy and pleasant life for yourself, raising your frequency is an essential step to take. Think happy thoughts and feel happy feelings, and good things will happen to you!

You are free to use this strategy for any unfavorable feeling that may arise in your life at any time. If you are not expressing love toward others, then you are communicating fear instead. 

Feelings of pleasure, happiness, contentment, serenity, and calmness are all examples of emotions that are rooted in love. 

The feelings that oppose love are those motivated by fear, such as hostility, rage, melancholy, perplexity, and depression, among others. Make quick use of the Violet Flame to transform the energy whenever you feel an emotion that is rooted in dread creeping up on you. 

Eventually, with training, these emotions of anxiety will come up less and less in your life since you have discovered a technique to release them constructively instead of needing to recycle them and learn again via the boomerang! 

As you continue to utilize it, you will also see positive changes in your life as a result of the increased vibrational energy frequency that you are experiencing as a result of your usage of it. 

Always keep the principle of attraction, the rule, in mind. Whatever it is that you send out into the world will come back to you.

I extend to you an invitation to begin the process of building the life you want right now.

Until our paths meet again, stay smiling and play in love!

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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