What Are the Ascended Masters?

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In the last few years, there has been an increase in interest in the topic of the Ascended Masters. This interest is not limited to only the New Age community but has spread into the mainstream. In fact, it has become a hot topic in many churches and religious organizations.

The Ascended Masters are beings who have achieved spiritual advancement beyond human life. These beings were not born in human form.

They are said to have come from other planets or dimensions and have taken on a human form for the purpose of working with humanity.

Ascended Masters have been described as having ascended to higher levels of consciousness through their own personal evolution.

The Ascended Masters are said to be teachers, healers, guides, and protectors. They are also said to be able to communicate with humans in their physical forms.

The Ascended Master is a being who has achieved a higher level of spiritual development than most people can ever hope to achieve. It is said that there are many Ascended Masters and they all work together. The Ascended Masters are also said to be the creators of the Universe.

It is interesting to note that the Ascended Masters are often depicted as being of different races. For example, one of the most popular Ascended Masters is said to be Jesus Christ.

Jesus is described as being white, Caucasian, light-skinned, and has long blond hair. Another popular Ascended Master is Buddha. Buddha is said to be Asian, Asian Indian, yellow-skinned, and dark-haired.

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There are also many other Ascended Masters who are depicted as being of other races. Some of these include Abraham, Krishna, Quan Yin, the Mother Goddess, and many others.

As you can see, there are many different Ascended Masters. This is not surprising considering that each of them has achieved a higher level of consciousness than most people.

The Ascended Masters are said to be the creators of our Universe. Each of us came from another dimension and we are now living in this dimension. The Ascended Masters are responsible for guiding us through our lives here on earth.

Many people believe that the Ascended Masters are simply reincarnations of people who lived thousands of years ago. However, this is not true. There are many differences between the Ascended Masters and reincarnated beings.

For example, reincarnation is a process that involves the soul returning to the physical plane of existence. However, the Ascended Masters do not experience death. They are said to live forever in their higher dimensional state.

Another difference between the Ascended Masters and the reincarnated beings is that reincarnation occurs because of the free will of the person. The Ascended Masters are not free to choose when they take on a human form. They are forced to incarnate because of the actions of the planet at the time.

The Ascended Master is said to have chosen to incarnate on earth to help guide humanity. The Ascended Masters are the teachers, guides, and protectors of humanity. They are said to be the creators and maintainers of the Universe.

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The Ascended Master is said to be the creator of the Universe. Each of us came into this world from another dimension and we are all connected to each other by the Universal Energy. The Ascended Masters are connected to this Universal Energy and use it to create our reality.


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