What are the Characteristics of a Pisces?

What are the Characteristics of a Pisces?
What are the Characteristics of a Pisces?

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces, a water sign, is the last constellation of the zodiac. It’s signified by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the continuous splitting of Pisces’s attention between dream and truth.

As the last sign, Pisces has actually taken in every lesson鈥攖he pleasures and the discomforts, the hopes and the worries鈥攆ound out by all of the other astrological signs.

This makes these fish the most psychic, understanding, and caring animals of the astrological wheel. With such an enormous level of sensitivity, Pisces can quickly end up being swallowed by feelings and should keep in mind to remain grounded in the temporal world (properly, Pisces rules the feet).

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the heavenly body that governs imagination and dreams, and these heavenly fish love exploring their limitless creativities.

In its more dubious type, nevertheless, Neptune likewise supervises impression and escapism. Neptunian energy resembles the energy of the ocean: wonderful, mystical, and typically frightening.

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When the fog is thick on the water, the horizon is blocked and there is no distinction between the sea and the sky.

Those with this sun sign need to watch out for mirages: These impressionable fish choose to use rose-colored glasses to resolve issues, which can make Pisces a track record for being flaky or delusional.

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This water sign must bear in mind that issues can’t be fixed by swimming away. Willful lack of knowledge never ever makes dispute vanish: It just provides it the opportunity to grow.

A mutable sign, Pisces easily adjusts to their environments. These visionary fish have exceptional access to the cumulative unconscious through their clairvoyance and make unbelievable artists and creatives.

Kind and mild, they’re revitalized by shared experiences of music and love. Any relationship with magical Pisces is ensured to include a deep spiritual expedition.

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What are the Characteristics of a Pisces?
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What are the Characteristics of a Pisces?
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