What is often overlooked will eventually be lost.

What is often overlooked will eventually be lost.
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They claim that one does not realize the value of something until it is no longer there. You were fully aware of what you possessed. You never expected to lose it. ~Mysterious

She had eight children. She resided with her family in a quaint village in the countryside.

Living in a financially struggling family with eight family members to support, she tirelessly took on various jobs from sunrise to sunset, including working in her family’s rice field and taking on any available work opportunities.

Despite receiving advice from many individuals, she decided to enroll her children in school to balance work and family responsibilities. However, she was determined to ensure her children received an education in order to give them the opportunity for a brighter future. Despite the additional effort required, she pushed through and completed the task.

She adhered to a stricter lifestyle than a monk. She consumed less food so her children could have more to eat.

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After almost four decades, she experienced heart disease, high blood pressure, and various severe illnesses. As per the doctor, the primary cause was her prolonged self-neglect.

During the final months of her life, she lost the ability to walk or speak. She was left paralyzed and lost all memory of her children and grandchildren. She passed away while receiving consolation from her loved ones.

This was the life story of my grandmother, a woman who dedicated her life to caring for others without expecting anything in return. And everyone was always undervaluing her.

We did care for her; it’s just that… However, we were simply preoccupied with our daily routines. Above all, our society taught us to refrain from showing our love and emotions to others, as it was viewed as a form of vulnerability.

I recall that a few hours before she passed away, we were all prepared for it and came together to be by her side.

My mother mentioned that Grandma is not feeling well. I embraced her.

Witnessing her tears for the very first time was a new experience for me.

Years later, my aunt revealed that she had never embraced my grandma and expressed her love for her. She was unaware of the situation back then. She does currently, but she won’t get another opportunity.

She was underappreciated. And now she has departed.

It appears that my mom is following in my grandma’s footsteps with her love and sacrifices.

With four children to care for, she once again faced a familiar scenario.

Single-handedly, she cared for her four children during her husband’s long absences due to work. She always prioritized saving money to support her family, which meant she rarely indulged in good food.

And truthfully, I also underestimated her.

She was consistently supportive whenever I required her assistance. She was always by my side when I fell ill. She repaired my clothing and purchased some lovely shoes for me when I requested them, despite financial constraints. She gave me all the things I’ve ever required. And miraculously, she still found a way to do the same for my siblings.

She was truly exceptional in my eyes.

She often took care of all the household tasks while we relaxed, studying, chatting, or playing.

I recognized her dedication, but I assumed it was a common trait among mothers. I always forgot to express my gratitude to her. She has been a significant presence in my life, though it took me a while to recognize it. It wasn’t until she received a cancer diagnosis.

My world crumbled. Life was incredibly harsh.

During her chemotherapy treatment, the house was in disarray. Nobody bothered with cleaning, cooking, or conversing. My family and I solely discussed Mom, who was growing weaker with each passing day.

I recall the moment she returned home following her initial chemo treatment, we were constantly inquiring about her dietary preferences and well-being. It was the initial occasion on which she garnered such significant attention.

I recall she got up, dashed outside the room, stood in the dark, and wept. Her tears were not a result of her fear of death, but rather of her concern for her children’s well-being.

I had underestimated her, but there was still an opportunity. Ever since, I’ve discovered how to reciprocate the care she showed me.

Even though my mother recovered, the thought of losing her still terrified me. It also serves as a reminder that we often overlook the people in our lives, especially those who are closest to us. We only appreciate them when we are on the verge of losing them or after they are gone.

I have now set a goal to always appreciate everyone in my life. I ensure that I value everyone around me. If you suspect that you may also be guilty of underestimating people…


Always remember that nothing lasts forever.
Nothing you possess at this moment will endure eternally. It’s not about your work, your home, or your vehicle. Avoid those who are nearest to you. Even those who promised to always stay by your side.

Pause for a moment and acknowledge the brevity of life, realizing the limited time you have to spend with your loved ones. One day, those individuals will no longer be by your side, and you cannot predict when. Appreciate them while you still have the chance.

Don’t anticipate anything. Value all things.
You are solely accountable for yourself and your life. Affection and kindness are not things that anyone is required to give you. Just because they are the individuals you care about doesn’t guarantee they will reciprocate those feelings. They are not obligated to do anything for you, not even the smallest tasks.

When they do, acknowledge their efforts and express gratitude for all they do for you. It’s always nice to feel valued and recognized.

Share your affection through small actions.
Coming from a developing nation, I wasn’t taught to openly share my emotions with others. There have been numerous occasions where I found it difficult to express my love for my mom. I assumed she was aware since she is my mother. However, she might feel even happier if I decided to express how much I cared.

Despite the initial weirdness, I now call her daily and kiss her on the phone. I send unexpected messages expressing my love and have flowers delivered to her home.

Even when you’re occupied, make sure to demonstrate your genuine concern. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. According to Robert Brault, small details are frequently significant.

Live in the present.
At times, we get caught up in our work, hobbies, and relationship issues, causing us to overlook the people around us.

However, if you fail to do so, you may later feel remorseful for not fully immersing yourself in those experiences and cherishing the time spent with your dear ones.

Take a stand for yourself right now, and refuse to stress about things you can’t change. If you find it challenging to completely stop worrying, make a commitment to set aside your worries each day. This way, you can be present for your loved ones in both body and spirit.

It’s easy to become accustomed to the thoughtful and caring actions others show towards you. However, do not underestimate their value.

Feel free to proceed. Reach out to your mom, dad, or another special person in your life. Express your deep appreciation for their efforts and let them know how much you care about them.

Send a message to your partner, if you have one. Express gratitude for preparing a hearty breakfast or simply for being a good listener.

Purchase a bouquet of flowers and have it delivered to your partner or a friend along with a heartfelt note expressing your gratitude for the little things they do for you every day.

Remember to smile wide. Find joy in laughter. Always cherish this life. ~Mysterious

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