Who Are You– Actually?

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You are a being with a spiritual essence. You become aware of a facet of yourself that is more significant than any experience you may now be having. Have faith in that facet of your identity.

Because of all the training we have received via school and culture, which puts so much emphasis on our minds while denying our emotions, we have a tough time adjusting to the norms of our society.

You have not been adequately educated about your actual spiritual nature or that the mind, body, and emotions are instruments that serve you. This is something that has been kept from you.

Accepting these ideas might be rather difficult for some people, especially if their personal background and life experiences are heavily influenced by religious dogma.

However, in one way or another, all faiths do not contradict what is being stated, nor do they contradict what science has found at the quantum level and beyond. This is true regardless of religion.

The capacity to identify the time period of religious beginnings, the knowledge and comprehension of the day, and the fact that the scriptures delivered a message in the best possible method that could be comprehended at that time are all that are necessary. All that is required is the ability to perceive these things.

Even in regions where no organized religion is practiced, spirituality may nevertheless be found to be an essential component of culture.

At some point in their history, every culture, from the bush people of Africa to the native Americans of the United States, the aboriginal people of Australia, and even the cavemen of the Stone Age, had members of their population who possessed a greater level of sensitivity to something that went beyond the common experience.

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Shamans, medicine men and women, and whatever other names were given to them all had a connection with the divine, were more sensitive to the mystical, and had the ability to grasp mankind’s relationship to creation in the greatest possible perspective given the information that was accessible to them at the time.

There was a reason for you to be brought to this planet. The part of you that motivates you to take action is referred to as your “spiritual self.” When you live below your potential, it causes anguish to the soul, and this anguish causes the soul to cry out.

The suffering caused by the trespasses against the spirit on many different levels, including the transgressions committed by men against the spirit, is also carried by the soul. Remember? Love is the essence of spirit, and loving people means treating them as you would want to be treated yourself.

These stories and proverbs are examples that suit the pattern. You and I, spirit to spirit, are the same; we are one, and when I love you, I love myself at the same time. In violating you, I violate myself. The suffering of the soul is audible.

If you don’t make the most of your spiritual potential, you’ll have to suffer the agony and suffering that the soul feels when it recalls the agony and misery it had when it was a human creature.

The manifestation of the world you create is felt throughout the body, including the thoughts and the emotions.

The majority of people, as a result of socialization and conditioning, particularly between the ages of 10 and 13 years old, when we are discovering our own reasoning abilities, will go through some traumatic experiences, either at school, with their families, or in life in general. This is especially true if we are exposed to a lot of different people at a young age.

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The kid is left to flounder in a confused array of contradicting social and spiritual realities that are at war with each other in their day-to-day experience if the necessary social supports and healthy family dynamics are not in place.

Imagine the chaos that would ensue, especially in a culture that is so devoid of adequate instruction in the areas of the spirit, the body, the intellect, and the emotions.

What we are taught just scratches the surface of who we really are. We are both energy and spirit, in addition to being all of the components of ourselves that we have been educated about, including our bodily, cerebral, sexual, and emotional selves.

Even if we are complicated, everything may be simplified to the point where it is easy to comprehend and control when seen from an energy and spiritual perspective.

You then start to take pleasure in the feeling of being human and of being alive, while simultaneously gaining an understanding of the significance of the physical body and its many facets.

-> the body and its needs for protection and security;

-> the mind and the ideas that it has;

-> the emotions and the values that they represent

We are both complicated and straightforward at the same time.

It is essential that one be familiar with the beginnings of the cosmos in order to have any hope of comprehending the fundamentals of this active spirit. Everything that seems to be matter is really just different forms of energy.

The science of today has achieved huge discoveries that go beyond our prior knowledge and provide unequivocal evidence that all matter is composed of bands, or strings, of energy. These discoveries have been made possible by the advancement of technology.

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In fact, for a while, it was known by the name “String Theory.” Because the anomalies and inconsistencies in the theory were addressed, it was called the M-Theory, and it unmistakably demonstrates that the world in which we live consists of 11 dimensions.

Although many scientists may now believe that they have a complete understanding of the beginning and end of the universe as well as its origins, I find myself even more perplexed by the notion that all of this energy must have originated from someplace.

Even with this explanation, God is still a possibility. Science has always had the ability to provide us with the tools to better understand the world, the cosmos, creation, God, and the instructions that God has given us.

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