You are the Yin and Yang of the Universe

how are we related to the yin yang?

Currently, I’m enjoying an active, vibrant existence that’s also feeling a little stable at the same time. When I’m in a state of emotional upheaval, I’m at my most creative.

I haven’t had much time to reflect this week because of all the celebrations and people I’ve been surrounded by. When I have, a good mood and clear thinking have occurred.

With the onset of winter comes a never-ending downpour. It’s possible that’s when the shadow side will show us something new.

I guess some people may be curious as to what it entails.

We’ve all got a shadow side. Consider all of the aspects of our personality that we dislike. We’ve been taught that bad habits, actions, and attitudes are unappealing.

It is repressed much too frequently for it to be acknowledged or welcomed. We’d rather deny we have any of these problems than confess that we do, so we can keep the terrible aspects of our lives hidden.

This is where it all goes wrong: What you reject about yourself is what controls you. What you embrace about yourself is what gives you control back.

If you deny it, it will endure. There is an irony in the fact that the whole thing is both bright and dark.

Our world is full of duality, from night and day to good and evil, to love and hatred.

Everyone has a role to play. To fully experience your true nature and all of its facets, you must first merge your masculine and feminine aspects, as well as the dark and light aspects of who you are.

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Thank yourself afterward.

Being true to one’s self is a humbling experience that is uplifting.

When I work with clients, I’m always amazed at the self-defeating mentality that we all fall into.

A place I’ve visited has held some of the most memorable moments of my life at bay.

How do you know it will be one of the finest experiences if it doesn’t happen? That’s a good one!

I’m tormented by what may have been if the incident hadn’t happened. I’m sure this has happened to many of you.

It’s quite unlikely that anybody living hasn’t gone through something similar at some point in their lives.

We’re more prone to feeling this hesitancy when our spirits are low.

As we learn to accept the fact that life has its ups and downs, we may draw on all of our unique qualities and yet enjoy each moment with a fresh feeling of wonder and discovery.

Don’t be in a mood; instead, be in the present moment. Don’t let the emotion rule you; simply be with it.

Now is the time to fully immerse yourself in the present moment. Take advantage of the chance you’ve been given to learn more about the lovely person in front of you and about your own identity.

It’s everything there is to you, your genuine essence. Being and doing are intertwined in this process. I’m just being who I am right now, enjoying the company of others, and being present in the here and now, in this experience.

When I accept my emotions as they are, I also allow fresh emotional energy to flow in. Everything about life and our bodies is a marvel, as are the experiences we get to have as a result. Let’s do this!

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There are some individuals who are so free, able to dance in the grocery aisle, or shut their eyes and embrace the sun on a sunny street in the midst of the day with their arms outspread.

What is the self-conscious trap that prevents you from fully expressing yourself? Don’t you think it’s admirable when individuals do this?

To be free, you must be free of your own shackles. What are you waiting for? It’s up to you.

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