Insights About the Soulmate Relationship from 17 Different Facts of Psychology

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Have you just come across the person who elevates your life to a whole new level, and you can’t help but wonder whether they could be your soulmate?

As the vibration of planet Earth continues to rise, an increasing number of people are meeting their soulmates. As a result, I’ve decided to compile a list of psychological facts about soulmates to assist you in recognizing your soulmate and to help you better comprehend the nature of your relationship with your soulmate.

Many individuals don’t know how to act in a relationship with their soulmate because they are either astonished at how well things are going or bewildered by the fact that a soulmate connection is so different from previous relationships. Meeting your soulmate is a wonderful but life-altering event, and many people don’t know how to behave in such a relationship.

If you believe that you have already found your soul mate or if you simply have a strong interest in the subject, I highly recommend that you read the following 17 psychological facts about soulmates; after doing so, you will unquestionably have a much better understanding of the subject than you did before.

1. Addiction is a risk when it comes to soulmates.

When you finally do find your soul mate, your brain will undergo a series of chemical responses that are very similar to those that occur throughout the addiction process.

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When a person falls in love, their body undergoes a series of chemical processes, one of which is the production of a significant amount of dopamine.

These feelings will become much more intense when you finally get to share your life with your soulmate.

Your soulmate has the ability to literally make you feel addicted to them due to the intense feelings of love and connection that you will experience when you are in their presence, as well as the chemical reactions that take place in your brain at that time that are identical to the reactions that take place when someone is addicted to something.

Therefore, if you have a hunch that a certain person may be your soulmate, you should evaluate how you feel both when you are with that person and when you are not with that person.

Do you find yourself missing them more than usual? Do you feel dependent on them even if you haven’t spent much time with them?

If you answered “yes,” then there is a good probability that you have already found your soul mate.

2. A soulmate is someone you just can’t evaluate.

The very same biological processes that cause you to fall in love with someone and feel hooked to them will also make it impossible for you to pass judgment on them.

This is because when you are really attached to another person, you have a tendency to romanticize them, which means that you will see them through the “rose-colored spectacles” of love.

And let me tell you, when you look at the world through the rose-colored glasses of love, everyone seems to be flawless.

When you have found the person who is actually meant to be your soulmate, it will come naturally to you to accept them just as they are, flaws and all, since to you, they will seem to be whole and ideal in every aspect.

3. It’s more likely that you’ll find your soulmate via a platonic relationship than a romantic one.

When most people think of soulmates, the first thing that comes to their mind is a love connection between the two persons.

On the other hand, this is not true in all circumstances.

People who have the same soul as us are called soulmates. Soulmates originate from the same soul family and are sent into our lives to assist us in overcoming our spiritual challenges and maturing in the way that is intended.

This indicates that some of our soulmates may come to us in the form of our closest friends, our parents, or even our instructors.

This is due to the fact that we have entered into a different kind of soul contract with them, one in which they have made a commitment to assist us in developing and evolving in ways that are not related to romantic relationships.

4. More than 70 percent of Americans are firm believers in the concept of soulmates.

When I learned that such a large number of individuals had faith in the existence of soulmates, I must admit that I was taken aback.

According to the findings of a survey on soulmates that was carried out by behavioral expert and psychology author Vanessa Van Edwards, the investigator who was the first to speak about the “science of soulmates,”  73% of people in the United States believe in the concept of soulmates.

In contrast to the development perspective that is prevalent in the field of relationship research, this study looked at the concept of “soulmates,” also known as “destined” pairings.

It is believed that the concept of a “soulmate” or “destined” relationship leads to an increase in both the complacency that people feel in their relationships and the number of breakups that occur. This is because when people believe that there is someone who is intended to be with them no matter what, they are not motivated to improve themselves through the course of the relationship.

People who have a strong belief in the concept of “soulmates” are more likely to end relationships at the first sign of trouble. This is because they feel that their soulmate would never intentionally bring them harm and that anybody who causes them emotional distress is not their soulmate.

Additionally, they do not want to squander their time with someone who is not their soulmate because of this desire.

People who have a growth mindset, on the other hand, believe that love is something that must be constructed, and they are aware of the fact that one must put effort into a relationship and that minor disagreements are a perfectly normal occurrence. These individuals believe that love is something that must be built.

It is more probable that they will decide to remain together and focus on improving their relationship rather than end it in the near future.

When it comes to romantic partnerships, adopting a development attitude rather than a “soulmate” perspective may prove to be the most beneficial approach to take.

You may, however, choose to have both—to believe in soulmates but also to choose to grow the connection step by step. Having both can be a very fulfilling experience.

5. More men than women believe in the concept of soul mates.

The same research that looked at soulmates also looked at whether or not people are more likely to believe in soulmates if they are female or male.

It came as quite a surprise to me that males are more likely than women to believe in the concept of a soul mate. According to the findings of the survey, 71% of women and 74% of men believe in the concept of soulmates.

6. Rarely do people over the age of 40 believe in the concept of soulmates.

People over the age of 40 are less likely to believe in the concept of soulmates, which is another fascinating psychological truth concerning soulmates.

In her video titled “The Science of Soulmates,” which may be seen on YouTube, Van Edwards discusses this topic.

In this video, Vanessa discusses the many categories and sorts of individuals who, according to studies, have a strong conviction in the concept of a “soulmate,” as well as the ways in which this belief may have both beneficial and negative effects on romantic relationships.

In addition, she gives a very in-depth explanation of the consequences of having a “soulmate attitude” rather than a “development mindset” when it comes to romantic partnerships.


The fact that individuals over the age of 40 have lost trust in soulmates may be a little bit upsetting, but at the same time, it’s completely natural.

People over the age of 40 have undoubtedly been through a heartbreaking breakup, such as a divorce or a significant relationship ending, and as a result, they have given up hope of “finding the one.”

7. It’s possible to be caught in the “soulmate trap” if you believe in the concept of soulmates.

The phenomenon known as the “soulmate trap” illustrates how even a good belief may be turned into a negative one if it is carried to an extreme.

The “Soulmate trap” is when someone only connects to relationships from the viewpoint of their soulmate, frantically wanting to discover “the one” or that one person who is right for them. This may happen when someone only views relationships from the perspective of their soulmate.

Therefore, they remain seeking for the ideal partner rather than making an effort to create a relationship, and when they do meet that person, they may get content and stop putting as much effort into the connection because they believe “the one” cannot go anywhere else.

In her talk, Vanessa van Edwards discusses the “soulmate trap,” in which she offers the piece of advice that even if you are a firm believer in the concept of soulmates, you should not quit putting hard work into relationships or anticipate someone to be flawless. These are both high expectations, and even your soulmate will end up letting you down at some point.

Therefore, if you get caught in the “soulmate trap,” you can wind up breaking up with the person who is really your soulmate.

8. Relationships between soulmates are often either very wonderful or extremely bad.

The previous section discussed research in which it was found that connections between soulmates may be either very good or extremely unpleasant.

The authors of the research state that some individuals will move from the honeymoon period to horrific conflicts and behaviors because soulmate relationships are so heavily dependent on the belief that “it’s meant to be.” This is because soulmate relationships are so heavily built on the belief that “it’s meant to be.”

This occurs when either one of the partners, or perhaps both of them, feel that the other individual will never abandon them, despite what they do, and obviously, they lack the degree of healing that is essential for a happy and successful relationship to exist between them.

Of course, there are some individuals who will just be able to make their relationship with their soulmate as lovely as it possibly can be, and they will never take their partner for granted.

But once again, it mostly depends on the individual and the stage they have reached in their own personal growth.

9. Intuitive people are soulmates.

In the same research, it is shown that soulmates interact with one another via telepathy. Edwards adds that couples who identified as “soulmates” had the propensity to think similarly, make similar decisions, and know what the other one is thinking. These are all indications that soulmates communicate with one another through telepathy.

The fact that they are connected by energy cords that make them very instinctively responsive to one another is something that I have always thought to be true about soulmates, and this evidence backs up my theory.

Therefore, a strong likelihood that you and your relationship are soulmates exists if you and your partner connect in an intuitive manner, almost on a psychic level.

10. The “soulmate belief” might contribute to the development of abusive romantic relationships.

The “soulmate trap” was discussed in the prior point, which has a connection to this point.

The term “soulmate trap” refers to the predicament that arises when one partner in a relationship starts to feel too secure in their belief that their other half is their soulmate and that they would never leave them.

According to the findings of several studies, there are individuals who claim they are in a relationship with their “soulmate,” yet who often engage in verbal or physical aggression against their spouse.

If you find yourself in such a relationship and you are the perpetrator, my recommendation to you is to either speak to your partner about the issue or to simply go, since your soulmate may still need to understand that violence of any kind is never acceptable in a relationship.

It is my opinion that in order to prevent falling into this trap, it is essential to keep in mind that even if you have been blessed with the opportunity to find your soulmate, you should never stop striving to make your relationship better.

11. A strong conviction in the existence of soulmates might, on occasion, result in the failure of a relationship.

A person’s intense, almost obsessive belief in soulmates may frequently drive them to break up with partner after partner, causing them to end up alone, as was revealed by the “Science of Soulmates.” This is one of the mildly humorous facts that were uncovered by the study.

People who let the concept of soulmates take over their lives often wind up romanticizing and idealizing the person they believe to be their “soulmate.”

When they finally do meet their soulmate, or one of the soulmates they already have, they have unrealistic expectations for the other person or the relationship, and they run away as soon as the first sign of trouble arises.

They are not interested in working through any problems and building the relationship step by step; rather, they believe that the ideal relationship and the perfect partner will simply come along and decide to stick around for the rest of their lives.

This concept may really cause someone to end up alone when they conclude a relationship with their own soulmate, with several soulmates or appropriate companions, or with a person who is suited for them.

Because of this, it is extremely important to make the decision to put out your best effort in a relationship and to exercise patience with your partner. This is because no one can be the ideal match for you, and it is certain that conflicts will arise in any kind of romantic partnership.

You simply need to have trust and choose to work things out with your partner rather than end the relationship.

12. The histories of soulmates tend to be quite similar.

Divine timing ensures that those who are meant to be together will do so at precisely the correct moment in their lives.

They get together when the universe determines that they are ready for each other or when it is time for them to complete their divine mission together, whichever comes first.

When they finally do meet, those who are destined to be soulmates will often learn that their lives up to that point have been very similar and that they have faced many of the same challenges.

This does not imply that they have the same characteristics, but rather that their life stories will be very similar to one another.

13. Later on in their relationship, soulmates will become aware of their unique differences.

One thing that most relationships between soulmates have in common is that, at the initial stages of the relationship, the two people appear to be extremely similar to one another. However, as time goes on and they get to know one another better, they also start to recognize how they are different from one another.

Some individuals, particularly those who like having a partner who is extremely similar to themselves and shares many of their interests and values, may experience feelings of disappointment as a result of this.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that even if someone is your soulmate, they cannot be an exact duplicate of you. This is because your life paths have been distinct, and as a result, your personalities have been formed differently.

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The stage when the similarities and differences are discovered is also a testing step. If, after being aware of the things that set you apart from one another, you find that your love for one another has not changed, then the trajectory of your relationship is likely to take a very positive turn, and it has a very good possibility of continuing on indefinitely.

It’s possible that you’re not ready for a relationship with your soulmate just yet if you can’t get over the fact that, in certain ways, you and they are quite different from one another.

14. Communication is key to making a relationship with your soulmate succeed.

According to “soulmate science,” it is essential for the partners in a soulmate relationship to have excellent lines of communication with one another.

During the course of the same research, Edwards notes that she came to the conclusion that there were two distinct categories of soulmate couples.

The first category included those who were incapable of communicating with one another.

They were individuals who did not believe in the development mentality, and as a result, they did not feel that they needed to put any effort into their relationship in order for it to succeed.

Because of this, they were unable to communicate with their partners, which resulted in the relationship being fraught with hostility, passive-aggressive behavior, and conflict. As a result, it is quite probable that the relationship came to an end at some point.

It was not a good beginning for a soulmate connection, yet this demonstrates that we have the ability to determine the course of our soulmate relationships; whether they are successful or unsuccessful is entirely up to us.

When there was excellent communication between the partners in a soulmate connection, the partnerships were fantastic, long-lasting, and spectacular enough to turn anyone green with envy.

Consequently, I believe that this point is quite significant since it is evidence that the result of a soulmate connection may be determined by our actions.

15. When both participants in a relationship are spiritual, the partnership has a stronger chance of succeeding as a soulmate.

In the same research, it was found that a soulmate relationship will be successful if both couples are open to their spirituality and express it in some form or another, even if that form of expression is via religion.

This is easy to understand given that individuals who have found their “soulmate” are most likely ancient souls who are predisposed to acknowledge and cultivate their spirituality.

If an ancient soul is able to acknowledge, uncover, and express their spiritual side, it is quite probable that they will be in line with their higher selves and linked to the Divine Source. As a result, they will be in a position to form and sustain excellent love relationships.

16. Karmic connections may also take the form of those between soulmates.

Because soulmate relationships may also be karmic soulmate relationships, you should not expect everything to be rainbows and unicorns if you get into one of these kinds of partnerships. This is an essential point regarding soulmates that I want to underline.

Relationships between people who are meant to meet their karmic soulmate are a distinct subset of the larger category of soulmate relationships. This is due to the fact that many people are currently going through a period in which they are meant to meet their karmic soulmate in order to confront and heal the deepest wounds in their lives as an essential component of their spiritual development.

17. Soulmates encounter Deja-Vu

Because I came across this particular point in each and every article or book I read on the topic of soulmates when I was doing thorough study on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that this is a very significant facet of the concept of soulmates.

When two strong spiritual beings first come into contact with one another, it is very certain that they will remember each other from before. Soulmates.

The recollections of a previous existence or of a time before incarnation will be experienced as a powerful sense of déjà vu.

Therefore, the first thing you need to ask yourself if you have any reason to believe that a certain person may be your soulmate is whether or not you had a sense of déjà vu when you first met that person.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, there is a very good possibility that the other person is your soul mate.

If your response is more along the lines of “no,” then the person in question is probably not your soulmate but rather merely a person you like or a karmic connection.

The experience of finding your soul mate may be both beautiful and trying at the same time.

It’s possible that you haven’t decided whether or not you’ve already found your soul mate, but if that’s the case, I hope that reading this article on intriguing psychological truths about soulmates has helped clear up any questions you may have had and shown you how to identify your true soul mate.

I also hope that you now have a greater understanding of the dynamics of soulmate relationships. This is particularly true if you are a light worker who helps people every day with their spiritual issues. I am certain that a lot of our readers are light workers and spiritual healers.

If you have any more fascinating information about soulmates that you would like to share with us, please use the box below to do so.

Even if you don’t, please let us know what you think about this post and share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

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