What to Focus on the New 5D Consciousness Transition? (must read!)

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When you are in the process of shifting into 5D consciousness, what do you choose to focus on?

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There is a motion taking place right now, a flow, and it is picking up pace. But at the same time as the realigning movement of awareness itself is gaining momentum, so too are the chaos and conflict that are associated with the old paradigm. You can almost physically sense the dread, fear, and indoctrination of the many people who are still clinging to the stale remnants of the 3D/4D world while you’re asking questions about it.

When you make creative decisions, you will almost certainly experience the repercussions of those decisions cognitively, emotionally, physically, and karmically. It is imperative that we take precautions to avoid becoming caught in a never-ending circle. It is time to refocus our attention onto the flow itself, as well as the awareness landscape that it is guiding us toward. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to exercise extreme caution about the areas in which we focus our attention…

When you get out of bed in the morning, what is the very first thing that you do?
In each of the decisions that you make each day, you are directing your awareness towards what?
How do you wind down and get ready for bed in the evening?
refusing to concede that anything can be done

It is reasonable that the response may be “I simply go with the flow” if the person being questioned has grown extremely surrendered in their outlook. If you’ve gotten to that far, it’s fantastic; congratulations! But I warn you that there is also a risk of accepting anything goes, and that if this seeps into your consciousness, then that is not going to serve the journey of your soul because it could keep pulling you back into the density of the Old Paradigm. I say this because I want you to be aware that there is a risk of accepting anything goes.

As I discussed in the documentary PARADIGM SHIFT, we are now living in not just one but two different universes at the same time.

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In the context of the Old Paradigm, you will see that people all around you are exerting a lot of effort and fighting to preserve a way of life that is compliant with the system and appears to be secure and safe. It is very dense, and it seeps into your emotions and thoughts, which, in turn, creates circular feedback loops in one’s psyche that are based on a sense of lack: “I need to have this in order to be happy; I need to consume that in order to feel content; I need to do this in order to be loved; I need to control my environment in order to feel secure.” And particularly today, when rapid climate change is depleting vital resources that are used to fuel the system, this feeling of scarcity and the impulse to exert control is intensifying.

If you give routine and unconscious control mechanisms the power to simply run and dominate important elements of your life, then you run the risk of building fixed neural pathways in your brain, which then release neuropetides that condition those feelings of lack in your bodily cells. This can happen if you allow key aspects of your life to be run and governed by repetitive and unconscious control mechanisms. The bodymind will then develop a demand for the completion of these loops, which will result in genuine physical, emotional, and mental discomfort if the cravings are not satisfied.

When broken down, this is how a significant number of individuals conduct their lives, to varying degrees. And even after you have woken, there is still a great deal of this awareness programming that is readily available and has the potential to draw you back in. If you aren’t careful, you could end up sleep-walking through key moments and choices in your life that maintain the energetic ties—the limitations—to the old world consciousness, which you then keep reprogramming and rebuilding. If you aren’t careful, you could end up re-creating the old world consciousness.

The Higher Paradigm can Only be Accessed via Transcendence

Those who are able to sense a yearning in their soul for a way of living that is more aligned with their values, that is more free and liberated, that is more in tune with the core of their being, that is more at one with the natural flow of life, have a responsibility to pay attention, be aware, and be conscious of what they are focusing their attention on.

Transcendence is the essential component of this higher paradigm. What I have seen in myself and in the people with whom I have worked all over the world is that when you confront the internal patterning that’s conditioned by the sense of lack, which ties you to the limitations of the old, and if you go right into the very heart of these contractions and challenge their hold on you, then you unleash the soul through these experiences. A sensation of lightness and a vibration follow closely after a realization that one has accepted something. If you then open up a place inside yourself and make room for this vibration to expand as a feeling of rightness in the present moment, then the soul will express itself in an even more powerful way. And as you attune to this, by committing to its manifestation in each and every instant, you will realize that you are truly moving through the new landscape of the Higher Paradigm as it manifests in your day-to-day existence.

It is crucial to point out that this is not some detached, ungrounded, new-agey lala-land that exists somewhere! Have a good look at your surroundings. I put it to you that the energy of the reality construct is now collapsing, that it is unwinding, and that the movement of energy itself is releasing into a new frequency of being, a new way of creating and living. I say this because I believe that the energy of the reality construct is now collapsing, that it is unwinding. As the 3D/4D karmic building keeps falling apart, this vision of the world’s future is slowly coming true. To get to the point:

Right now, you have the ability to live at a higher frequency and experience a greater vibe, and doing so may lead to a great deal of success. The sensation of openness, acceptance, pleasure, and love, as well as the notion that everything is as it should be, which is the alignment of your soul, are all conducive to productive creation.

The quantum field that surrounds the planet is becoming more fluid, and this change will lead to greater synchronicity and interconnection. However, in addition to this, you must also have the willpower, bravery, devotion, and tenacity of the soul working inside you. You have to actively walk into these behaviorisms by choosing that it is that way of living and being that is most fulfilling. You have to have faith that if I go into the flow of the quantum field, it will give me what is required of me.

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The issue is, what is the most effective way for me to achieve this?

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The Four Most Important Factors in Being in Flow and Going with the Higher Current

The following are the four most important aspects to concentrate on:

  1. To begin, you need to have an understanding of what the quantum field is truly doing. I would want to put it to you, and I would urge you to investigate this more, that the greater flow is striving to disclose who you are as a being. Therefore, when you focus on the actualization of the highest expressions of yourself in any given moment, even and especially in all the smallest of things, then the flow itself will connect with these expressions and fulfill them; it will animate and give energy to them; it will create around them. When you focus on the actualization of the highest expressions of yourself in any given moment, even and especially in all the smallest of things, then the flow itself will fulfill them.
  2. Secondly, in order to avoid continually being diverted into the lower awareness, it is quite helpful to have a feeling of the landscape that you are flowing through. Having this sensation may be very helpful. Because the soul has empathic properties, if you mistakenly over activate these talents, then it is quite probable that you will be dragged into the control dramas of other people, namely those of the Old Paradigm. You will attune the more defined and focused aspects of the soul, which will help you commit to remaining more in the higher vibe, regardless of what is going on, if the ways of the new are becoming more important to you, because you’re giving them chance to breathe. This happens when you give them chance to breathe.
  3. You should be ready to tackle the areas in which the Old Paradigm has you hooked in. It is not at all about conquering these contractions and tightness, since doing so would just produce the identity of avoidance and a false reality. The most important thing is to develop such a high level of internal awareness that you are able to recognize when they are activating and then to turn directly into them. Investigate this question in depth: what is holding you back? What do you believe it is that you need at this very moment? What is it that you just cannot tolerate? You may achieve a state of normalcy in the pain itself if you resist giving in to the conditioning and instead focus on investigating the contractive pain. You are no longer held by it. Now that you are the presence of the one, you are able to grow through it, and after that, you may liberate your soul by paying attention to the emerging energies.
  4. When you let the soul free and liberate it from these contractive periods, pay attention to the new awareness landscape that it wants to build around you. You gaze into the three-dimensional world, but at the same time, you’re attempting to attune to the greater flow, the patterning of awareness that is mirrored in the world around you. This is where signs, synchronicity, and metaphor become so significant. It creates a tale, or a narrative, of a new way of being in the world, and you gradually become a part of that story and that narrative. It is a reality that is founded on magic and miracles, both of which come into existence due to the interconnectedness of the greater flow, which is now animating through you. However, in order to avoid being fixed in illusions, this “story” has to remain changeable. Allow it to evolve, transform, and generate new forms so that you may keep honing your perception of what is really genuine. This will be included into the new 5D reality construct that we’re moving towards as we rise. You gradually become aware that you are concentrating on it and become a component of something far more significant that is already taking form. Most significantly, this will also produce new scenarios in the 3D that are better aligned, which will change the circumstances of relationships, professions, and general living conditions in the here and now.

The Tree of Life and Death (Tree of Souls)

In recent times, I experienced one of the most profound meditation experiences of my life, which I consider to be one of the pinnacle moments of my life. I was able to get a very vivid sense of everyone in the ether who was working for the establishment of the New Paradigm on Earth. It was a visual metaphor for a scene from Avatar, in which a number of starbeings were gathered together in meditation, working toward the release of the realigning flow all around us and the planet.

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It is a consciousness that is cohesive and respectful of all forms of life, in which each person has their own unique history but yet manages to interact in such a way as to produce a harmonious living “tribe” environment. It’s a frequency that’s encouraging more and more people to awaken into it; to be themselves, and at the same time, experience being a living, breathing part of the new existence.

It’s a vibe that’s inviting more and more people to awaken into it. In the middle of all, I was able to sense the rejuvenated Gaia, acting as the tree of life, tying everything together. I was able to sense the awareness of the previous humanity, the previous Homo Sapiens, passing away to make room for the new humanity, which I have been told to refer to as “DIVINICUS.”

I came upon a visual depiction of the vision from the movie Avatar, and I thought it would be appropriate to end by discussing it with you. Keep in mind that what you’re seeing is only a metaphor, a vision, of a more profound reality that’s now developing all around us…

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