WAKE UP in the Matrix: The BLUE PILL and the RED PILL.. (You’ll be AMAZED!)

matrix red pill blue pill

By reading this blog, you can start to AWAKEN in the Matrix (no going back)

matrix red pill blue pill

You have a choice between the two options. On the one hand, there is something that is often referred to as the blue pill. You already know that the blue pill is blue, but do you also know anything else? The color blue denotes being on autopilot, having one’s thoughts drift off to sleep, living in ignorant bliss, and paying attention to the media in the news. All of these are aspects that should be considered before taking the blue pill. The blue pill will return you to your previous state. Wouldn’t you agree that it will put you in that sense of comfort once again? Even when your mind is on autopilot, you still want to be in a comfortable position.

Even if there is nothing thrilling about it, and even though you could be afraid of it, the fear itself can really make you feel more at ease, despite the fact that there is nothing interesting about it. On the other hand, there is the option of taking the red pill of Zen. The unpleasant option is to take the red pill. It’s an unpleasant fact about how things really are. You will follow Alice down the rabbit hole if you take the red pill. You have taken the red pill, and now you can see how deep that rabbit hole goes.

You are becoming more aware of the truth about who you are and the truth regarding the functioning of reality, and as a result, you are gaining your freedom. The distinction between taking the blue pill and the red pill, as well as the fact that, regardless of which path you choose, there is no turning back once you have committed to one of them. I am aware that it has a pretty corny feel to it, but in 2012, I took the red pill for the first time. By the way, whether you take the red pill or the blue pill, what I’m discussing here has nothing to do with politics. There was a time when I posted something on my Instagram account that was related to the film, The Matrix. The post included a clip from the film. In my last post, I compared taking the blue tablet to taking the red pill.

First of all, there is the option of taking the blue pill, and then there is the option of taking the red pill. Like I would say right now, why is the decision irreversible? There is no turning back at this point. I remember this from back in 2012; at the time, I was in a situation that many of you are familiar with, my narrative if you’ve been following my videos on YouTube; nevertheless, at the time, I struggled with ADHD, and I had a difficult background that caused me to feel a great deal of emotional weight. I was doing a job that I detested from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon, but I kept doing it because I believed I should and because my father wanted me to get a degree in this field. I felt quite stuck. After that, what occurred was that I became trained in meditation. When I first started meditating, one of the things that helped me the most was learning to monitor my thoughts and the “autopilot mind.” I learned how it brought me into a new state of awareness because here’s the thing that occurs when we arrive in this reality, and I know this is getting a little bit more esoteric for you guys. I discovered how it placed me into a new state of consciousness.

When we enter this world, we forget entirely who we are and where we came from. These are everlasting spiritual creatures who have logged into this reality, and we are one of them. It reminds me so much of the movie, The Matrix. In the movie “The Matrix,” there is a plot point that revolves around AI. They have it set up so that they’re sitting in something that looks like gel-crap. After that, they emerge from it. It seems to be of a very revolting kind. Perhaps that is not how things really are, but take it in the context of a metaphor. It’s quite similar to a metaphor. What happens is that we bring ourselves into this world. People tend to forget who they are as a part of this reality, much like in the film The Matrix. This is one of the laws of this world. We have lost track of who we are. Then, one of the reasons we are here in this life is to try to remember who we are right now, and what has transpired is that many of us have chosen to be here at this time in order to go through the process of awakening. The process of awakening is something that I attribute to having taken the “red pill,” and it is part of the reason why we are here.

Because taking the red pill allows you to see things as they really are. I keep thinking of the character Morpheus from the movie The Matrix, who visits Neo in his nightmares. Morpheus is trying to help Neo. There seems to be some profound symbolism at play here. Then, it presents them with a choice between swallowing the blue pill or the red pill, the former of which results in their regaining consciousness in their own bed. He either takes the red pill, which leads him down the rabbit hole, or he lives his life according to the standard nine to five schedule, which is quite dull. He comes to understand the reality of his own identity. Even if it would be unpleasant, he had two other choices available to him. Then, after he makes the decision to take the red pill, he begins this phase of reprogramming himself, which entails letting go of everything that he believes he knows in order to achieve his goal of being unbeatable. He will then be able to triumph over his ingrained beliefs and escape from captivity. Then, what exactly is he doing as the movie comes to an end?

He is moving around in an unusual manner. He came to the conclusion that a significant portion of the film is about him coming to believe in himself via the process of first disbelieving himself and things that weren’t him. One of the advantages of taking the blue pill is that it makes one feel quite relaxed. The blue pill is encased inside that belief system, and the rigidity of that belief system is what maintains people’s presence in that state. When given the choice, some individuals, when they begin to go through a spiritual awakening, start to go into, they start to take the red pill, and they begin to have these same views about themselves. This happens once you are given the opportunity. They begin to discuss it with others, sometimes even with their families. You are aware of the occurrences that may take place. People did not experience fear when their family members began to criticize them.

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They start to feel anxious about the future and want to go back to the blue pill way of thinking when this happens. The issue is that there is literally no way to travel back in time. Even if you make the pretense of going back deep below you, you know that there is something about it that is not genuine even if you go deep inside yourself. When they first began taking the red pill, some individuals would go for years trying to ignore what they are discovering about themselves as a result of taking the pill. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but if you are now perusing this site, it’s quite probable that you already identify with certain aspects of the red pill’s worldview. You are coming to the realization that this is how the reality is structured. Even though we discuss the widespread awakening and the events that have taken place in this reality, there is a certain set of individuals who we refer to as the elites. They have managed to preserve everything and have a system in place that is an exact replica of the one in “The Matrix.” A system that is established, which then maintains individuals in a specific state of awareness, and this state of consciousness has to do with rage that is dreaded. When individuals don’t feel threatened by their own rage, they are much easier to keep under control. They are far more prone to seeking assurance from authoritative sources.

What happens is that the resources can continue to be channeled to them, and part of that is that there is a lot of stimulation that keeps people distracted. What happens after that is that people begin to break out of the autopilot mind state in which they believe everything they are told about the media. They believe all that is said to them about the nature of reality, such as the operation of the system, in order for them to eventually achieve freedom from it all. However, this may be a difficult pill to swallow since it means admitting that a significant portion of reality has been fabricated and that a significant portion of what you have believed to be true has been a lie. Even when we take a look at our own culture, how much of our own history can we say for certain is accurate? In order for us to have a certain set of beliefs, how much of it might possibly be made up? They demonstrated that there was a documentary that had just been released, and the title of it was “Out of the Shadows.” In spite of the fact that it has more than something like 7 million views, it is quite difficult to locate on YouTube for some reason. It discusses how, back in the day, the CIA infiltrated Hollywood in order to control the belief system of millions of people who watch Hollywood films, which then influences the belief system of the people. This was done so that the CIA could control the belief system of the people.

The fact that we discuss the blue pill and the red pill, concepts that have nothing to do with politics, is one of the most significant aspects of this process. People who use the blue pill are concerned with preserving both their reality and their belief system. When we discuss this topic, keep in mind that you have a choice in the matter. You have the option of taking the blue tablet or the red pill. You may go either way with this pick. As you begin to find the reality that you are an eternal spiritual being enjoying a transient human experience, you will begin to realize that everything you think to be true is really a belief system that was most likely imparted to you by someone else. When you get to this point, things start to become a little bit more intriguing. In my own life, I didn’t start working through it again until 2012, and I’m still going through it now. I still don’t get it completely. Beliefs serve as the basis for the program. Whatever it is that we have in our minds to be the case, it will end up being the case. The most bizarre aspect of this whole dilemma is the fact that everything in our world is, at its core, meaningless, with the exception of the significance that we ascribe to it.

It all comes down to making a decision. Always make your choice. If you approach everything in your life as if you chose it, you will begin to discover that things in your life start to happen quite magically once you let go of resistance to them. This is because you are treating everything as if you chose it. But keep in mind that anything may be adjusted. It is entirely dependent on you. The important thing is to first recognize that you have these self-fulfilling prophecies and then to understand that you have the power to choose something else. It is about waking up, and if you didn’t know, right now, a lot of what’s happening in the world is that people are waking up out of the blue pill mindset. This is what’s occurring on the globe right now. The meditation effect is what we call what happens when a group of people get together and all think about the same thing at the same time. A part of this is us teaming up our energies to visualize, and this is to achieve the meditation effect.

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