How to Harmonize the Divine Feminine and Masculine: Anima and Animus


“I am big, I contain many,” stated poet Walt Whitman.

Since the dawn of time, people have been quoting this simple yet profound poem. All of us are multifaceted. Water and fire, soul and spirit, yin and yang, we are all one.

When everything is reduced to its simplest form, the feminine and male energies exist in equal measure inside each of us.

The Anima and Animus are the terms used to describe these two opposing forces in psychology. For our well-being, each of these inner forces must be connected to, explored, and balanced. Why? That’s what we’ll cover in this essay.

Anima and Animus: What Are They?

Image of two hands holding fire and water representing the anima and animus

The phrases “anima” and “animus,” which were first used by renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung, refer to the inherent male and female energies that everyone has. According to this theory, the animus is the masculine component of a woman’s soul, while the anima is the feminine element of a man’s soul. Archetypes, or basic energy forms, the anima, and animus, are found in every human being.

Let’s go further into these aspects of ourselves…

Let’s Explain The Anima

It is derived from Latin and means “wind, breath, life, spirit,” and refers to a man’s latent feminine side, which often goes unnoticed or suppressed in everyday life.

It’s common for guys to shy away from embracing their feminine sides since it’s seen as taboo. A male’s embracing of his anima is typically seen as “stupid,” “weak,” and other negative terms, making it difficult for him to be accepted in society.

However, from a psychological standpoint, a man must go on an exploration of his inner Divine Feminine energy in order to completely step into a mature male position. To put it another way, he has to join forces with the other half of his soul to complete the task.

A common outcome of this search is projection when a person looks for their ideal lover or soul mate in another person who they have created in their own mind. However, we can only fully embody the Anima by putting forth the effort ourselves. An important awareness is that we must go inside ourselves to discover this energy, rather than putting our faith in someone else.

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According to Jungian psychologist Dan Johnston, tenderness, patience, care, and compassion characterize the masculine anima. When the feminine aspect in men is suppressed, it may lead to negative attributes like “vanity, moodiness, bitchiness, and sensitivity to damaged emotions” in the form of Anima.

Toxic masculine qualities such as violence, hardness, and rationality may be seen in men who haven’t embodied their anima and hence lack emotional sensitivity.

Explanation of the Animus

“The reasoning spirit; life; the mental faculties, intellect” is a Latin phrase that refers to the unconscious masculine factor in a female psyche, the “Animus.” Anxiety-inducing cultural and social norms may block and repress a woman’s animus, or masculine component.

While it is common for the animus to be suppressed in women, this is not always the case. To illustrate this point, think about Western civilization. We live in a society where men believe that stoicism, emotional numbness, and ruthlessness are the best ways to be successful in life.

External factors may all lead to a woman’s personality being negatively affected by her animus, which can show itself as aggressive inclinations, brutishness, destructive behavior, and insensitivity. It is possible, however, to cultivate a strong, forceful, level-headed, and reasonable personality in women by cultivating a positive animus.

Reclaiming the Feminine and the Masculine in Order to Become Whole

Image of a yin yang symbol representing the anima and animus

In Jung’s view, the process of “individuation” necessitates the meeting and acceptance of one’s inner Anima or Animus, which he drew heavily from Eastern thinking and philosophy (or feminine and masculine energy).

According to Jung, this being entire (or individuation) may be defined as a series of steps.

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When it comes to the concept of “individuality,” “in-dividual,” and “individual,” they all refer to the same thing: being one’s own self. In this way, individuation could be called “coming to one’s sense of self,” or “realizing one’s true self.”

Our inner masculine or female energy is crucial for the development of self-awareness and comprehension, which are critical components of inner work and profound spiritual growth.

Sexual Orientation Isn’t a Thing

Contrary to popular belief, being gay or lesbian is not a prerequisite for connecting with your inner Anima or Animus. Both of these sexual orientations don’t require that you become heterosexual either.


Sexuality has nothing to do with the anima and animus energies that reside inside each of us. Instead, the focus should be on achieving a state of equilibrium.

What we’re aiming for here is a feeling of wholeness by finding a way to bring our opposing sides of ourselves into harmony. To put it another way, we are engaged in a type of spiritual alchemy that is both alive and active. To become a more mature human being, you don’t have to give up your sexual inclinations or identity.

Connecting with Your Anima or Your Animus

Image of a man and woman dancing symbolic of the anima and animus

In other words, how can we get in touch with our own inner Divine Feminine (Anima) or Divine Masculine (Animus)?

The following are some ideas:

Connecting to the Anima for Men

In order for men to connect to the anima, they need to comprehend the feminine energy that presents itself as indifference and emotionality. The following are some of the suggestions:

  • Practice attentive listening while empathizing and caring for others.
  • Romantic gestures might help you rediscover your passion.
  • Maintain or nurture a person or item (like a plant, lover, or animal).
  • Be considerate of others’ feelings and needs.
  • Expressing one’s inner anima through creative means, such as music, painting, sculpture, poetry, and dance, as well as other forms of art.
  • Understand your emotions by using mindfulness techniques such as meditation and mindfulness training.
  • Incorporate more feminine energy into your life by taking up new hobbies or interests.
  • Maintaining a positive outlook on one’s own well-being is essential.
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Connecting to the Animus in Females

Connecting to the inner animus is also about comprehending masculine energy, which presents itself as all that is aggressive, dominating, and rationale for women. The following are some of the suggestions:

  • Assertiveness is a skill that can be learned.
  • Adopt a position or job that places you in command.
  • Make a decision to take control of a part of your life.
  • Find out how you can become a better leader.
  • Read nonfiction more than fiction.
  • Learn to rely on your own resources and abilities more often.
  • Learn manly skills (such as fixing car problems, using a drill, and repairing broken appliances) to help you become a man.
  • Practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and self-exploration, among others, may help you achieve greater emotional stability.
  • Find a historical male figure (or a similarly inspiring female figure with a strong animus) who you admire and try to be like them.

Life is a balancing act. When we don’t have a strong connection to our masculine or feminine sides, we suffer. Keep in mind that you have two halves to your soul.

Fortunately, all that is required to return to equilibrium is just to watch your daily activities. Decide whether you’re more drawn to the Animus (masculine) or Anima (feminine) end of the spectrum (masculine).

If you’re a woman, you may need to reconnect with your feminine side if you’ve been carrying too much animus energy. If you’re a man, you’ll have the opposite problem. Developing a well-rounded self is always a work in progress and will alter as you get older.

What are you missing in terms of energy right now? What are you going to do differently? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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