5 Ways That Your Mind Is Controlled By Your Ego

ego controlled mind
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Your whole life, every waking moment of it, and your consciousness have been directed by an intricate computer program with one goal: to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

That seems like a very wonderful opportunity, doesn’t it? But wait…

Everything that the mind that is governed by the ego does is based on the need to preserve its identity, and it is filled with dread of everything that it perceives as having the potential to harm it.

The mind that is governed by the ego is always looking for an explanation as to why it continues to find itself in a state of emotional agony, anger, fear, and frustration, but it is unable to discover a justification for why it continues to end up suffering over and over again.

You don’t generally notice that the ego-controlled mind is the source of destroying your success, love, serenity, and happiness. This is due to the fact that the ego-controlled mind is interwoven throughout all of your thoughts and emotions.

How to Break Free From Your Mind Being Controlled by Your Ego

Being open-minded enough to examine, challenge, question, and modify your perceptions, beliefs, and responses is the first step in dismantling the ego-controlled mind in order to disclose your inner core truth.

You should be open to investigating, challenging, and altering your current responses.

To recognize that you have been mistaken in many of your points of view requires humility. This is one of the most challenging changes in awareness that a person may make for themselves.

On the other hand, this is also the only way for you to ever progress!

Why is This Task So Complicated?

Because your beliefs serve as the basis around which you build your objectives, aspirations, and requirements, Your worldview and the manner in which you interact with other people are shaped by the ideas you hold.

In other words, your beliefs have a significant impact on the course of your life and the decisions you make.

Having your core being shaken to its foundations and being forced to do a thorough assessment of what you should be basing your life on are both effects of having your beliefs and attitude toward life altered.

The stability of the status quo is threatened as a result of this.

Not only is it challenging to acknowledge when you have been wronged, but it may also be excruciating since it threatens your sense of security and composure. It creates an impression of doubt and puts your self-image to the test.

But listen…

One of the most courageous things you can do is to acknowledge that your previous ideas were mistaken.

This is one of the most important steps you can take toward reaching the next level of awareness that has been prepared for you. And there is no other way to do what has to be done.

In the Context of This Discussion, Sleeping is Not an Activity That Takes Place at Night

Being asleep is a mental position that involves dismissing or denying the viewpoints of higher states of awareness.

This requires a level of curiosity that allows one to invest time in self-examination, asking questions such as, “Is what I believe to be true guiding me to the pleasure and satisfaction that I am seeking?”

“Am I making progress in my life in ways that are constructive and progressive?” “Am I making progress toward my goal of discovering the truth?”

In order to get to the bottom of this, you need to ask yourself, “Am I honestly ready to let go of my most valued beliefs?”

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So, do you suppose you are awake? How accepting of other points of view are you? Are you prepared to examine all of your views and do so actively in order to guarantee that you are progressing in constructive directions?

It’s possible that you find yourself in a condition of limbo somewhere between the truth and various illusions, realities and unreality, facts and fictions.

That is undoubtedly the case due to the fact that a significant chunk of everything you have been taught from the time you were born until now has been manipulated via a labyrinth of lies and incomplete facts.

You haven’t been aware of this because you’ve treated a number of different points of view as if they were facts, but the conclusions you’ve drawn are based on a lot of assumptions.

There are Five Different Strategies Your Mind Uses to Keep You Asleep

1. I rely on my angry side to keep me safe from being mistreated.

Your mind is governed by your ego, and your ego feels that being angry is a means to keep you safe and win. This may explain why you become upset so easily.

It began when you were a youngster and you would throw tantrums because you weren’t receiving what you wanted, simply to persuade the grownups to give you what you wanted so that you could stop throwing the tantrums.

You learned as you got older that becoming angry and raising your voice led other people to give in to what you wanted them to do.

You may see this scenario being played out on a daily basis on the evening news as protesters, rioters, and crusaders cry for their respective causes.

The issue with this strategy is that it does not yield the outcomes that people are expecting to acquire in the end when they use it.

Because anger creates more anger and disagreements, and because anger is ultimately self-defeating and destructive, it distracts you from good answers and prevents you from finding them.

The antithesis of anger, which is peace, love, collaboration, and compassion, can raise you to the experiences in life that you actually want to have.

Love and peace are self-fulfilling and self-replicating emotions, and everything in the universe reacts to them.

Being self-aware of your motives and the reasons why you behave in a certain manner is necessary in order to be able to respond with those good characteristics.

If someone questions your views, criticizes you, and blames you, you may believe it is normal to react with anger.

However, this response originates from the ego-controlled mind and not the soul essence of the person who is being criticized, therefore it is not natural.

2. Fear is the most efficient method I have found for my own self-preservation.

Fear is supposed to keep you far away from anything that may hurt or harm you, but it also has the potential to induce you to make illogical decisions or “freeze.”

The freeze reaction is analogous to a deer caught in headlights; it causes the animal to become paralyzed and unable to decide what to do or how to proceed. This response really puts you in a more precarious situation.

Your fear reaction is the core cause of tension and anxiety, and it is triggered by situations that aren’t even very frightening most of the time.

However, an ego-controlled mind will extrapolate and exaggerate what it imagines may occur in response to such situations.

Your mind might become paralyzed by fear, preventing you from searching for solutions that are outside your zone of comfort.

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The majority of people’s worries are based on things that are unknown and will occur in the future but are not now existent.

The fear reaction is designed to keep you safe, but it will often impede you from progressing, growing, or making decisions that are good for you at the same time.

Fear is the fundamental operating system of an ego-controlled mind; however, it is possible to replace fear with other operating systems by integrating your soul into the fear programming. In fact, it is the only option that will work in the end.

3. Engaging in Spiritual Practices Will Bring Me Happiness and Help Me Realize My Purpose

Spiritual activities have the potential to become goals in and of themselves, despite the fact that there is nothing inherently wrong with them and that they are often useful.

You could discover that you are attached to certain sorts of rituals, postures, practices, and traditions, which can become traps that hold you where you are rather than assisting your progression into a higher state.

The definition of a spiritual person sometimes includes an idea of what such a person may seem to be like. Therefore, you may think of gurus, priests, monks, mystics, nuns, clerics, shamans, and yogis.

Incense, crystals, chakra balancing techniques, tarot card readings, chanting, ascension meditations, and psychics may all be included in the New Age practice of ascension.

All of them are external manifestations of spirituality, depending on how different people and communities have chosen to define it.

All of the spiritual activities give you the impression that you are progressing down the correct spiritual path and that you are coming closer to making breakthroughs; yet, in most cases, you will find that you are chasing an illusive “carrot at the end of a stick.”

In fact, what you are looking for is already there, inside your very own soul. The difficulty arises from the fact that your mind is controlled by your ego, and your ego has no idea how to make the connection with your soul that lies buried beneath the many layers of assumptions, beliefs, needs, wants, conclusions, wishes, conditionings, and accumulated history that have built up over the course of your entire life.

And despite the fact that engaging in any of these spiritual activities might improve your life, doing so is not what constitutes spirituality.

Because the ego-controlled mind has no concept of what spirituality is, the next level of awakening you experience will never be what you expect it to be as you go through the process of evolving your awareness.

The mind that is ruled by ego makes assumptions about the universe based on what it has read, heard, or seen, all of which originate in the world of the senses.

Rather than being in the domain of thinking and guessing, the degree of awareness is the most important factor in spiritual progress.

Your goal in this life should be to develop your awareness to the point that it can maintain and naturally flow into unconditional love.

Your mind is responsible for the creation of everything else. Focusing your concentration during meditation on your heart center and maintaining your attention on integrating with your soul and the divine presence are both helpful techniques for achieving this.

You may begin carrying it out right now.

4. Suffering Is Necessary in Order to Achieve Pleasure and Satisfaction

When a person is on a spiritual path, they often think that they are being tested in various ways to help them develop their character and advance on their spiritual journey.

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This is done so that they might become more enlightened. They may face obstacles so daunting that they compare the experience to having a “dark night of the soul.”

There are moments when certain circumstances do lead to awakening, but more often than not, they lead to bewilderment, despair, and ongoing pain, all of which leave people spiritually unconscious.

Some people get so immersed in their tales of righteous suffering that they take pleasure in discussing them with others. Why? due to the fact that they believe the anguish is proof that they are growing on a spiritual level.

On the other hand, this is the ego-controlled mind attempting to find out why it is in pain and rationalizing why it should be in agony.

You may progress spiritually without having to go through suffering, loss, or a lack of resources. In point of fact, the opposite is true.

Whenever you experience anything bad or painful, this is a sign that the ego-controlled mind’s scripts are screaming at you to wipe them out.

5. My difficulties can be traced back to my past as well as to other people.

The mind that is driven by ego is always engaged in analysis and draws conclusions about the factors that contribute to sorrow and suffering. It often assigns blame to either itself or others in order to provide an explanation for why it suffers.

The mind that is dominated by the ego functions as a seeking mechanism. It never stops looking for solutions, and as a result of this, it often arrives at incorrect conclusions, such as the belief that it needs more assets in order to feel safe.

It seems like it needs more affection in order to be meaningful. To exude self-assurance, it must first transform its outward appearance.

For it to experience self-acceptance, it needs the approval of other people. It needs further achievement in order to feel whole.

You should now be able to see the absurdity of continuing to live with those reasons, despite the fact that this is the principal mode in which an ego-controlled mind functions.

So, What Steps Will You Take to Address This Issue?

There is a solution that is as near to you as the air you breathe and the beat of your heart, and that solution is your soul.

Your soul has never left your side; it has just been patiently waiting for you to make contact with it, incorporate it into the activities of your daily life, and realize that it is what you have been looking for the whole time.

There is nothing outside of you that can provide the answers and solutions. Discovering what is already there inside you is a process that constitutes your journey through life.

The conclusions and projections of the ego-controlled mind are being peeled away in order to expose the truth that has always been there throughout your history.

What seems to be your development is really just a manifestation of this process.

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