Atlantis – A Legend That Will Never Die

Atlantis, a Myth That Will Never Pass Into History

Atlantis, the legend of which has been known to man since time immemorial, is one of the greatest mysteries of our time.

The story of Atlantis is an interesting one that has been passed down through the ages and still remains a mystery today.

It is believed that Atlantis was a great civilization that existed in the Atlantic Ocean during the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age.

The legend of Atlantis has many different variations but it is generally believed to be an ancient island continent that was submerged by water.

For a long time, the landmass that was believed to be Atlantis was located off the coast of Africa and the Middle East.

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However, it is believed that an earthquake caused the disappearance of this landmass.

This would have caused the land to sink into the ocean and disappear.

Some believe that Atlantis may have been located in the Mediterranean Sea while others believe that it was located in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is believed that the civilization of Atlantis was a very advanced one, and in addition to being home to a number of great philosophers, it was also believed to be the birthplace of the first man and woman.

The civilization of Atlantis is said to have been ruled by a god.

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The god of Atlantis is believed to have been named Poseidon or Zeus.

Poseidon was the god of the sea, who was thought to be one of the most powerful of the gods.

The city of Atlantis was also said to have been built on a sacred mountain called Mount Atlas.

Atlantis was believed to have been the center of the world and the only place on Earth where humans could live.

The Atlanteans were also believed to have had advanced technology such as advanced weaponry, advanced buildings, and a highly developed economy.

It is heavily believed that the Atlanteans were able to build floating cities and through the use of powerful airships, they were also able to travel between these cities.

The truth about Atlantis has not yet come to light and there are many different legends that describe this lost city.

There have been several attempts to locate the true location of Atlantis but as of yet, none have succeeded.

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