Did the Egyptians Build Their Pyramids With Aliens?

Egyptian pyamids and aliens

Ancient Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The Egyptians had a very advanced culture and it was during this time that they built their first pyramids.

The Egyptians were able to build such magnificent structures because of their knowledge of science and mathematics. The Egyptians were able to figure out how to measure time, how to measure distance and how to calculate the area of a pyramid.

These facts alone are enough to prove that the Egyptians were not only intelligent but also scientific.

They were able to construct such amazing buildings and construct such intricate machines that they could not have possibly done without a certain level of intelligence.

There is no way that the Egyptians could have built these pyramids without the help of extraterrestrials.

It would be impossible for humans to create something so complex without the assistance of some sort of technology that we cannot even comprehend.

It has been said that the Egyptians were actually taught by aliens from outer space. There is evidence to suggest that there were alien beings living among the Egyptians who helped them to build these amazing structures.

In fact, many scholars believe that the Egyptians were actually an offshoot of a race of aliens who had colonized earth.

These aliens had left earth after a war with other aliens and had gone into hiding.

When the Egyptians came to earth they found the aliens who had already been here and started to work with them.

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Aliens taught the Egyptians how to build pyramids and how to build elaborate machines. This shows us that the Egyptians were actually a hybrid of human and alien.

The Egyptians could have built the pyramidal shapes with rocks and sticks but they chose to use stone instead.

They were willing to do whatever it takes in order to accomplish the universal goal.


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