What Really Happened to Lemuria & Atlantis? (This Will Astonish You!)

What Exactly Occurred to the Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis? (You Are Going to Be Astounded by This!)

The Legend of Lemuria

The ancient, lost civilization of Lemuria is the subject of the legend known as “Lemuria.” Lemuria is said to have lived both before and during the period of Atlantis.

It is thought that the majority of it resided in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia, and that this was its physical location.

It is also possible to hear Lemuria referred to as “Mu,” which means the “motherland” of Mu. The Lemurian people reached the pinnacle of their civilization at a time when they were both highly advanced and immensely spiritual.

Even though it may be difficult to locate actual physical proof of this ancient continent, a large number of individuals “know” that they have a significant connection to Lemuria.

Around 14,000 years ago, a civilization that came to be known as Lemuria was at its peak of prosperity. (Before the year 2000, data and time records were not kept; thus, all timings are approximations.)

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On top of that, there were other societies on Earth, such as Atlantis, that were also doing rather well for themselves. The holy people of the day, often known as the prophets, started coming to the realization that something was shifting.

They started getting reports that the planet was about to experience a significant upheaval, and they were quite concerned.

The change that they were talking about was the event that you refer to as the Great Flood. In some accounts, this event is also referred to as the fall of Atlantis.

Preparing For The Catastrophe

These saintly individuals had a strong connection to the environment around them. They started to come to the realization that it was very essential to keep the Lemurian wisdom that had been passed down intact.

As a result, they had been prepared for this devastating catastrophe for perhaps 2,000 to 3,000 years.

They set out to educate as many people as they could about the history of humanity and the planet they inhabited by sharing their knowledge of the past.

They were under the impression that if they were able to disseminate this knowledge to the greatest number of individuals conceivable, it would be archived inside the cellular structures of human bodies.

In this way, the information and technology would be safeguarded from being lost throughout time. The Lemurians were among the first to begin encoding knowledge into crystals.

These knowledge crystals, also known as Lemurian seed crystals, were carried to a location deep beneath the Earth where they might be maintained and stored.

A few of these crystals and pieces of knowledge were also the offspring of the next generation, who were referred to as Awakened Psychic Children.

Because the Lemurian and Pleiadian knowledge was and is so powerful, it was necessary for these children to be placed in seed pods and kept in storage until the timing that was determined by the Divine.

Otherwise, the children risked being exploited and kidnapped if the information fell into the wrong hands.

These ancient people also started documenting in great detail the network of subterranean tunnels that connected the various power networks on our world.

Preserving Knowledge for the Future

The Lemurians invested a lot of time and effort into the preparation of their plans. They were aware that they would soon be given a notice indicating that it was necessary for them to seek shelter underground before the waters arrived.

Therefore, they readied themselves to be the holy caretakers of the records of Earth, co-creation, and God for the next few thousand years.

These holy guardians have intentionally constructed in future generations methods to seem distinct from one another.

For example, some of them have the style of looking extremely “logical and corporeal,” so that they may blend in with regular people.

They would be able to awaken the more tangible person from the third dimension into the fifth dimension with the assistance of this.

This Lemurian material concerned the mathematical code to God as well as the secrets to creating new things.

It included the use of sacred geometry and a particular gridding of crystals to produce vortexes, which were then used to establish a connection with God.

If the knowledge that the inhabitants of Lemuria had was not preserved until the seas began to retreat, then the whole history of Earth as well as the holy teachings of the people would have been lost for all time.

The Lemurian beings were aware of this fact and understood it to be of the utmost importance.

What Really Happened to Lemuria & Atlantis? (This Will Astonish You!)

The Flood And The Move Underground

These holy people, who have the capacity to know things and discern wave frequency, were given their indications to go underground, which the unawakened were unaware of at the time.

This took place around twelve months before the flood.

They were used to living underground and discovered ways to get their nutrition from the environment they found there.

They created groups that were incredibly caring and supportive of one another.

Archaeologists have only lately discovered several of these subterranean spaces, one of which is located under the left foot of the Sphinx in Egypt and many of the Egyptian pyramids.

The holy and knowledgeable ones had finished a portion of the last task that needed to be done in order to keep some of the knowledge safe.

Proof of Lemuria

According to the Legend of Lemuria, when the flood arrived, all the people who were underground were safe from the floods; nevertheless, many of the people who lived on the surface of the Earth died as a result of the flood.

The pyramids built by the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs stand as concrete, material evidence of this fact even in the 21st century.

Every time they tried to construct a pyramid that was taller, it ended up being swept away by the river. The form of the pyramid was intended to convey the ascending nature of the evolutionary process.

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When the floods began to recede, the individuals who had been hiding underground emerged. The region that they had formerly known had undergone significant change.

They did, in a very strict sense, come out from the ground under their feet.

The majority of native peoples have forgotten the precise literal memory of this emergence; nevertheless, this information is progressively being remembered and taught among the highest ranks of the Shamans, Healers, and Metaphysical Teachers of today in order to maintain the knowledge of creation and God.

Certain individuals are going to get the sensation of smelling newly placed dirt or the clairsentient scent of soil.

This is the sign that emerges from the depths of the earth.

(When I deal with the new generation, particularly the Aqua children, they are acutely aware of this ‘dirt’ scent and are aware that it is time for them to come out and expose who they are.)

Atlantis and Lemuria

Holy people from all around the globe, including Lemuria, have retreated underground. For example, the indigenous people of Australia, known as the Aborigines, and the people of England, known as the Druids, were both storing their knowledge in secret subterranean archives at the same time.

Both the Egyptians and the Druids were keeping the old Atlantean knowledge safe for future generations. The indigenous peoples of the Pacific region, especially those in Asia, were responsible for the preservation of Lemurian knowledge.

It is essential to be aware of the fact that the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis coexisted in the past at the same time!

It was determined by the Lemurians, who ruled Lemuria’s 13 colonies, that Atlantis would be the selected colony for the construction and genesis of a new civilization, development of a new type of being, and genetic alteration. Lemuria had a total of 13 colonies.

When we consider the memories of Lemuria and Atlantis, we find that they are all included inside the mind of a single being; there are no borders, and as a result, there is no clear distinction between the two periods of time.

Atlantis was going to be the first colony to start the Mystery Schools, which were going to be where the old Lemurian wisdom was going to be imparted.

The Lemurian people were aware of the fact that Atlantis was destined to be the location where ego was to be experienced for the first time.

Those who lived in Lemuria were aware of the fact that egotism will ultimately prove to be the undoing of Atlantis and subsequently Egypt.

What Really Happened to Lemuria & Atlantis? (This Will Astonish You!)

The Sacred Knowledge of Creation

The Loss and Remembrance of Sacred Knowledge

These holy individuals who still retain the awareness of Lemuria today have within them the divine wisdom of creation that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Although some information may be accessed consciously, the vast majority of it is stored in the subconscious.

There was a significant amount of collaboration among all of these different peoples on the planet in order to guarantee that the divine teachings would never be forgotten.

The memory has been preserved inside these souls’ DNA as well as the memory of their cells, where it is now latent and waiting for the divinely appointed moment to surface.


When the new time arrived after the flood, the prophets and avatars of Lemuria understood that humanity would turn away from the divine teachings.

They also knew that this would happen. The prophets were aware that the teachings would have to be kept secret for a very long period of time, which was estimated to be between 13,000 and 26,000 years.

They were aware that eventually, this cycle would come to an end, and the lessons would once again emerge from each and every individual.

They believed that this moment had come or that it would come after 2013.

Because there is a need for as many people as possible, there are now a great number of individuals teaching and studying this field of employment. Initially, there were only 144,000 instructors, but there are now more than that.

(That is exactly what is going on right now for each and every one of you. You are sensing that some old wisdom is starting to emerge inside you, and you are looking for a vehicle through which that memory might be triggered.

As a result, you are driven to go to locations such as the holy sites of Native Americans in North America, Peru, or Egypt.

Within the Millennium ModalityTM – Medical Intuition, such activation is both taught and experienced by participants.


The activation of the Lemurian memory in each of you will not necessarily result in the memory taking the form of information.

Instead, it will assume the shape of your own spirituality and the knowledge that you have deep inside you. This process is referred to as ascension.

The ancients did not practice any kind of religion and did not feel it necessary to try to convert others to their point of view.

Before the fallen Angels fell to EGO, these were the doctrines that were practiced in the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Only after the flood did that pattern begin to emerge.

There was only ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT or love in the ancient world, thus there were no power conflicts to speak of.

As a result, every ancient person had their own unique brand of inner knowledge and inner spirituality, neither of which were ever debated or discussed.

Teachings from the Sacred Knowledge

The people of Lemuria had many fundamental beliefs, the most important of which were the belief in a higher power, love and respect for one another, and love and respect for the earth.

That is the most fundamental component that makes up the basis of spirituality. This was the spirituality of the ancient people, and it is this spirituality that is beginning to emerge within you.

All member of the Lemurian civilization had an innate awareness that every aspect of existence was in harmony and operated from the realm of the heart, rather than the mind/head dichotomy.

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The essential ideas were oneness, community, awareness, centeredness, unconditional love, ultimate love, respect, and love for oneself and one’s neighbors.

(This information was imparted via the Millennium Modality, which was known as Medical Intuition; it was found in the organ of the heart.)

In the far future, the Lemurians came to realize that the flood and earthquake were not going to take place on the outside of the earth but rather inside every single person.

It would be an earthquake inside the person, a collapsing of belief systems that no longer suit the old EGOIC practices.

Therefore, it may be said that there will be devastation, as well as the conclusion of a cycle.

(The Awakened Children course covers this cycle in great detail).

In Lemuria, it was generally accepted that “as above, so below; from inside, to outside” should be followed.

Therefore, when there is an earthquake within a person, there is a division and breaking up of information to create a new world – this would come in the form of relationship upheavals, marital affairs, and more such as economic crisis.

This would come about because the person is creating a new world. The deluge is made up of feelings—the heartbreak of being estranged from the ABSOLUTE.

empowerment or God, and the event that set this off may have been anything. The tsunami was a massive flood of emotions that had the potential to change a person’s life and lead them to enlightenment and self-realization.

The most important change was coming to terms with loving oneself and being able to let go of latent feelings such as fear, greed, possessiveness, and jealousy, among others.

Along with this, an energy that has been around for many millennia and is known as Kundalini emerged. Since the beginning of recorded history, people have been writing about mental energy.

It was meant to reawaken a person to the God awareness as well as their soul to the genesis of the universe that they want to create for themselves.

In ancient Egypt, this was referred to as the ankh, and it was essential to the process of conscious creation.

Kundalini has the potential to “wash” away our deepest tensions, eradicate our misconceptions (lessons and beliefs) about our actual nature, and enhance the flow of creative energy and awareness inside us.

Because of its capacity to “wipe away” our most profound anxieties, all this is possible. It is the repository of UNQUENCHABLE KNOWLEDGE.

This energy is also seen as sexual energy, and it reawakens the energy associated with the primal feminine. There is a direct passage of spiritual energy that results in spiritual liberation whenever this energy is released.

It had something to do with Grace coming down (love). The wisdom of Lemuria taught that we are the creators of our own reality, and that everything we perceive to exist outside of ourselves really exists inside ourselves.

The Lemurians, armed with this knowledge and the capacity for telepathic connection, were aware that anything they thought would become both their reality and their own personal creation.

They were aware of the need to accept responsibility for their own ideas, deeds, and responses.

They knew that if they came from a space and place of heart, all manifestations of love would come to fulfillment, and they had the ability to alter everything in an instant.

In addition to this, they realized that everything was an expression of the creative process.

To put it another way, if they were able to see it with any one of their 16 senses, then it was a reality. It was something that they had developed.

With this newfound awareness, there was only one feeling that could be felt, and that was LOVE, an unconditional love.

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