Where We Came From: What’s Our Purpose On Earth? Surprising!

Matias de Stefano is a spiritual teacher who came to my attention not too long ago. His outlook on human history struck me as both quite intriguing and consistent with the beliefs held by a great number of indigenous and ancient societies.

There have been a number of whistleblowers as well as other spiritual leaders who have expressed similar facts. Along with many of the books that I have read, this young guy who has evidently been receiving this knowledge via recollections, meditations, and dreams since he was little has quite an impression on me.

His words and knowledge are deep, with much of what he says including topics that have just recently been more commonly acknowledged as serious hypotheses in recent years. Despite his initial skepticism, his words and knowledge are profound.

There have been a significant number of well-respected academics, scientists, archaeologists, and former members of the military who have come out with comparable allegations or views. Information like this is also mentioned in “The Law of One, Ra Materials,” which is a well-known channeled book written by Professor Don Elkins in the late 1970s and contains the results of his work.

The following is a synopsis that I put together of his lecture that he gave in Spain in 2012:

We have lived at this location for anywhere between 25,000 and 26,000 years. All of the planets are alive since they were all born from the sun. We are not here for mankind, nor are we here to aid in its evolution; rather, we are here to assist in the well-being of the planet Earth. We are here in this world to assist in the “impregnation” of it with new life.

We went through many different incarnations during this cycle to gain experience in the human condition, learning to comprehend every feeling as well as the concept of what is morally just, in order to get us ready for the next cycle. However, we are not going through this process on our own.

In this, additional beings hailing from a variety of constellations are involved. We also hail from the aforementioned locations. Throughout the course of our planet’s history, there have been many entities with varying degrees of awareness. It has been a comprehensive strategy all along.

blue and brown milky way galaxy

Who exactly are we, and what exactly is our role?

We are intertwined with everything else. However, we are required to engage in exploration within each of these distinct dimensions. The existence of these experiences is made possible by our planet. However, once we get to this location, we will no longer have any memory of what came before. Everything has to be relearned, but there’s a good reason for it.

There is a purpose to everything, and that reason is to gain experience in many facets of knowledge and awareness. BUT our duty is to act as a tool to canalize light, to anchor and transmute it from a planet, of a creature that sooner or later will hunger for and require, as an individual, to become a sun.

Our job is to operate as a tool to canalize light. It is imperative that we secure the sunshine to this planet in order for it to transform into a sun. However, this won’t take place for millions upon millions of years. At first, they are etheric; they are spheres of light, and the souls dedicate themselves to constructing these systems at the fundamental level. derived from the five basic components

The etheric realm is where we live. The cosmos conforms to numerous patterns and has the ability to split; the existence of physical worlds and dualities is made possible by the existence of these patterns. These physical universes serve as vehicles for the souls of those of us who are just passing through, searching for something to experience. Light, however, is incapable of comprehending itself if it is not polarized by itself.

Although it is possible to comprehend it when seen as a whole, it can only be comprehended and experienced in its component pieces. It was necessary to divide the light in a variety of ways in order to mold the souls in relation to their shadowy aspects.

However, because of the length of time that the souls have spent in this location and the fact that they have densified to such a degree, they are no longer aware of what it is that they are doing in this location. Your mission is to shed some light. However, the darkness arrived for a purpose, which was to provide the creatures of light with assistance while they experienced the densest form of existence, and we have come to terms with this.

The balance of prototypes inside the duality is maintained by the other entities, who produce two prototypes each. They come to themselves in order to dualize. The cosmos operates on a system of awareness, but that consciousness develops on an ongoing basis, and then patterns arise as a result of that.

It begins with the creation of a woman; the system itself is a woman, sometimes known as the “divine mother.” The female design was selected since it better canalizes the light physically. Recognize the significant contribution that women make to the overall system. They are the bearers of light in this world. The chakras in our bodies are the vehicles that are used to anchor light.

black stone on body of water during nighttime

There are entities that are in control of the confederation, which is a confederation of various levels of vibration as well as various degrees of awareness. They are responsible for monitoring this worldwide system, but they are unable to interfere with the process itself. The only time they are able to do so is when the planet is in imminent danger. At this moment, it is not the planet that is in peril; rather, it is us.

If the world were to become extinct, the gate would shut; but if any of us were to die, we would be resurrected. We are the only ones accountable for our actions, while others are not. This was the reality that we had chosen. However, these entities were the first to ever visit Earth, and they were aware that the planet served as a portal to other parts of the solar system.

We are not the spirits in charge of directing the light; rather, we are responsible for maintaining the processes on the planet. And for this reason, they constructed the etheric and physical cities; in certain instances, these cities are buried under the surface and are referred to as “the pillars of earth.”

These pillars are the linkages of the earth that connect the subterranean cities that play a part in sustaining these activities. Those cities are essential to the maintenance of these mechanisms. Following this, we then arrived with people of a variety of extrasolar races.

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They assisted us in putting everything in its proper location so that we could let the light in, but in the end, they left us to figure out how we might handle this situation on our own. These cities, however, have made it a point to remind us on several occasions to keep up with the process, and they often attempt to interact with us.

They really incarcerated entities that changed our genetic makeup, similar to the way that previous extraterrestrial cultures visited our planet and altered our genes. They violated the rules, and since people have the ability to make their own choices, it is impossible to halt the process once it has begun.

The mythical account of “the gods that were imprisoned underground and thrown inside volcanoes—the underworld” originates from this location. These are the cities of light that are found extraterrestrially. Several extraterrestrial cities may be found in Spain.

The mountain of Montserrat is responsible for disseminating Christian vibrations around the world. The mountain used to be known as URLINDIN, but it is now known as ERKZ. They are helping us out with the surface-level obligations here at this location. When these creatures recognized the progress of our planet and the potential of the hominid, they contributed genetic material from other human ancestry groups.

They implanted these genes in our bodies so that all of the energy from the many worlds may continue to exist here, even if many worlds only have a single copy of a gene. This was done since many worlds only have a single copy of that gene. Then people of many other races, including those from Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades, Vega, and Arcturus, arrived on our planet to provide the foundation for our racial and genetic diversity.

Aborigines were the earliest people to inhabit our world, notably those who lived in the Amazon region, Australia, and a portion of Africa. After then, other races began to arrive, and they began altering the genetic makeup of humans. As a result, the African race and some eastern races were born. After the fall of the society known as Lemuria, the inhabitants of MU, which I refer to as YOMIO, were forced to move and took on the appearance of whiter races and the red races that had been employed here.

great sphinx of giza under blue starry sky

The Pleiades were among those who built MU. There was a very modest race that went by the name of “The Blues,” also known as the blue race. They ensured that the spiritual order was maintained on earth. Because of their widespread influence as rulers and educators, it has been stated for a very long time that royals had “blue blood.” This proverb dates back many centuries.

As an example, the color blue is associated with Krishna, and the Maya honored him by painting themselves blue. (It is important to take notice that the next two paragraphs are structured in a more narrative fashion since I believe this will make it easier for everyone to follow the information about the occurrences.)

The lady was bestowed with the greatest power, and as a result, she has the capacity to channel inside her physical-energetic body the whole of the energy that is contained throughout the many stellar systems. But there was a catch: this ended up becoming the tale of Adam and Eve, even if there are many secrets that aren’t revealed in the narrative.

Different races were being formed in different parts of the earth, but one race in particular, the Anunnaki, also known in ancient times as the Aerlin, went on to become some of the most well-known gods in Greek and Hindu mythology. They were superior in size and strength, and they had mastery over the elements.

These species arrived on their planet for primarily economic reasons, in order to maintain their presence there. It is a lengthy narrative, but eventually they arrived with the intention of modifying humanity in order to enslave them for their own benefit.

This was their motivation for coming. Despite the fact that many of them were dissatisfied with their forebears, many of them fell in love with humans, aided them, and maintained a balance. Then, in the region that is now known as the Middle East, some people lived in the mountains of Iran, which are located between India, Pakistan, and the Maldives. One such being was known as Zheios, and it was his job to keep watch over the whole of the Middle East.

He gathered genetic material from a variety of sources, then modeled it after humans and altered their DNA. Soon later, a new kind with the name Adam appeared in Lemuria, although he was not the first instance of this prototype to be constructed.

aerial photography of rock formation

The first person to be formed was a lady with the name Ligil, which may also be interpreted as Lilith. This is the lineage from which modern man is genetically descended. When these two prototypes were first created, the genomes behind them suddenly became aware of the reason why they existed; in other words, they woke up.

The women were tasked with teaching and passing on universal knowledge to others, while the men were given the directive to lead. In spite of this, Lilith is aware that these races want to produce a new race; hence, she was given the orders to reproduce and to produce a different kind of genetic material.

She would not budge, much to her chagrin. She was banished because of her refusal to comply. Eve came into being because Adam required a genetic companion to complete his offspring. She was born from a blood artery that had been severed during the cloning process; therefore, she had no soul. Poor thing. She was designed to serve as a submissive and have children.

During this period, Lilith travels to Africa with the intention of exacting her vengeance on Zheios by taking control of the whole political and social structure of Africa in order to form an army and vanquish Zheios. Zheios is a representation of Zeus, the Greek deity.

It is essential that you grasp this concept before continuing. After she reaches the Middle East, she issues instructions for the interbreeding of the races, despite the fact that specific individuals traveled to the region looking for certain sorts of genetics.

These races are dependent on our genes to continue existing and playing a role on our planet. These entities originated in the Draco constellation, most specifically the Alpha Draconis region of that region. Whereas there are plenty of planets inside this constellation, from whence they originate, Draconian generation resulted in the creation of the well-known “reptillians” here.

They arranged a bargain with Lilith in which she would become the queen of that realm in return for global knowledge, and they would get it. After reaching an agreement, he hands her a staff in the form of a snake, which is the symbol of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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However, Lilith finds out that she has been replaced, tracks down Eve, and successfully persuades her to revolt against Adam. Zheios, Lilith, and Eve are about to start a war as quickly as possible. During this time period, the Draconians begin a process to alter their genetic makeup by cutting their genomes.

Because human genomes originate from the light systems of the 5th and 6th dimensions, these people altered the concept of what it is to be a woman in this place, which blocked the genetic capacity to bring light. They altered and densified it in some ways, shattering the producing structures and patterns that continue to block us from tapping into the full potential that humanity has as a race now.

They removed the controls of the chakras in humans, which caused the chakras to become disorganized, which in turn caused an imbalance in the genetics of all of the star systems taken together and interpreted as “emotions.” Since of this, people are detached from their missions because their DNA have been altered in such a manner that it is easy for their emotions to be in a confused condition.

person standing under a rock formation on a starry night

The labor was so excruciating for the lady that she stopped bringing the light into the room while she was giving birth. This event took place at the same time as the beginning of the period of darkness on the earth, during which mankind started to separate from one another.

Because the photonic light from the center sun, Sirius, is no longer aimed straight towards our sun, the density and matter are altered. As a result, the light drops and becomes more dense, resulting in nighttime throughout the galaxy.

This results in the whole system being impacted more by the emotional vibrations than it would be otherwise. Certain individuals were aware of the significance of remembering their past and began to document it through a variety of myths, legends, paintings, and narratives.

These documents were encoded but maintained a certain level of significance to ensure that the information would be concealed but not entirely forgotten over time. For example, freedom was shown as a bird with its wings spread out.

We, as souls, have at some point reached a moment in which we have consented to permit maximal density. This agreement was made in order to ensure that our genetics are no longer impacted in such a way that causes us to suppress feelings in an effort to confuse ourselves. We agreed that during the galactic night, when maximum density should be practiced, we would disconnect.

During our time in this cycle, which has lasted for 26,000 years, we have had a hard time keeping track of our history. In contrast to what some people may believe, the astrological chart of star signs really depicts the calendar within which the cycle of ages took place.

The positioning of constellations in the sky as a means of recording the passage of time and the fact that time itself is circular owing to the nature of recurring cycles For instance, the age of Virgo corresponds to the period when Atlantis existed.

Atlantis is really Gefisdeon, the name of the empire that existed just before it descended into darkness and was compelled to face itself head-on. After then comes the reign of Leo, which started between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago; at this time, the Blues began to emerge and start having an effect in terms of spirituality and wisdom. During the period of Egypt, Osiris and Iris were two of the most well-known ones.

Iris was the one who was responsible for the maintenance of femininity, which is still acknowledged in our times. During this period, brotherhoods were also founded so that people might aid one another through the ages of Leo and Cancer. This was done to help us remember.

During this time period, the final face-to-face conference of the Galactic Federation takes place among the various species in preparation for the coming dark ages, during which they will not interfere.

The global deluge takes place during the period of cancer, and beyond that point, all known history comes to an end and a new one gets underway in its place. Gemini, Aries, Taurus, and Pisces represent the ages of greatest density and absolute separation, respectively. Because of the shift in the system’s vibration, the next meeting would not be like the one that just occurred.

rock formation during night time

The cycles of both the sun and the earth had advanced to a new point in time. It was explained that during the new galactic dawn, the vibration of the earth would increase as a result of the solar storms. Additionally, the sun is going to receive much higher irradiation from a light pulsar, which will emerge from the black hole of the central sun of the galaxy.

This event will take place in the center of the galaxy. When this new kind of radiation reaches the sun, it will cause a massive solar storm that will illuminate all of the planets. As a result, the photons that make up matter will shift, which will have an effect on the passage of time.

Time is neither a separate entity from matter nor is it something that can be used to quantify the events that take place; rather, it is identical to those events. When matter changes, time likewise changes; this is why if matter moves in circles, so does time. If matter moves in circles, then time moves in circles.

If time stands still, matter does not progress; on the other hand, if matter moves and changes, there is chaos and building, which indicates that there is a lot of time. Time moves more quickly today because we are living in an age in which there is an increasing amount of light and an increasing amount of change.

It was also said that when the dawn rises again, there will be a process that will last for a few years in which the sun will make the substance not so compressed, but the photons will start to release a little bit, which will cause the time to change.

This process will take place after the time has changed. The completion of the calendars used by many civilizations, including the Hopi and the Maya, and others, will take place on December 21, 2012. This is because several calendars have been established all around the world that refer to this period of time.

It is believed that the time that we are familiar with has come to an end since, from the minute solar storms begin, time will no longer be the same. This is due to the fact that solar storms force time to alter. This shift into the Age of Aquarius has now taken place.

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There are a great number of myths and tales that serve as symbolic representations of the transition between these periods. The portrayal of the constellations and the facts about earth energy shifts, events, and involvement by other races of beings are often concealed inside tales about animals and elements of nature.

These tales also tend to hide the representation of the components of nature. Humans, having prior knowledge of the times that were to come, were aware that in order to successfully link awareness with the magnetism of the planet at the time of waking, they needed the assistance of buried souls. There are several spots on the earth that are home to each of the chakras’ unique energies.

Before the cancer period, these regions had already been conquered. It is not for nothing that some regions of the world have expanded their territory and population; rather, it was with the intention of these regions coming together. This trail once went by the name “Hare Wifu Atume.” North is indicated by the letter HARE, south by WIFU, and the route by ATME.

When it was in its shorter form, it was also known as Harwitum. In order to achieve a unified state of awareness, one must follow the Harwitum, which runs from north to south. What exactly is the conscious state? Even psychologists are aware of the phenomenon they have dubbed the “collective unconscious,” which is the global counterpart for humans of what are referred to as the “Akashic records” of mankind’s knowledge.

We are informing those records with every idea that we have, and those thoughts continue to be recorded in every register. All of this is a component of the magnetic network, which serves as the medium via which we are virtually linked to one another. However, there is a potential drawback to this magnetic network: if we inject dread into it, that fear would spread across the magnetism of the whole globe.

This fear must be put to rest, and we may do so by cultivating a higher level of consciousness, which will allow us to bring our collective awareness to this planet in a calmer state. We are all connected by a web of history, which is why it is so vital that we get to know one another and start working together; we each bring something unique to the table.

We need to develop as much of a unified awareness as possible right now, continuing that connection all the way through the times that lie ahead.

Here are the four essential pieces of information:

1. The chakras of the planets (the transfer of energy around the globe)

2. The planetary nodes, often known as the holy geometry of the earth, stretch across a grid of magnetic nodes. When brought together, they produce a significant light vortex when they converge. The information about the locations of the nodes is held by the ancient civilizations.

3. Consciousness shared by everyone (we must all be connected to the same network to sustain change).

4. The female power, also known as divine feminine energy, has to be reclaimed in order to facilitate the rebirthing and conception of a new humanity.

rocky mountains and aurora borealis

It is only possible for the female to give birth to it. In order for us to be linked, we must all be using the same energy network. The grid is still operational, but it needs to have all of its nodes completely active, and for that, we are required.

The most basic aspect of the network is the fact that it is controlled by magnetism and light; as a result, the transition from one state to another is accomplished in a short amount of time whenever the sun and photonic light trade places. It may seem like a long period of time in our time, but on the level of the photon, it is incredibly short.

After that, a very significant vibration will take place, just as it has in the past. At that moment, the vibration became more intense as a result of the fact that the solar radiation emanating from the core of Sirius did not reach us directly. But now it has begun to spread, and it is capable of causing numerous changes to take place inside of us.

Because this energy is not completely aligned with us, it has the potential to make us really ill and perhaps a little bit insane. Karmas will be resolved, and for some people, this will happen very quickly and all at the same moment. It is more important that everyone in the group work together as a unit, so don’t worry if you aren’t completely in sync with everyone else.

Light travels at the speed of light, but there is something that is truly far quicker than light, and that something is awareness. If we are able to come together and bolster our level of awareness, then we will be better able to take in light.

A new Harwitum will open up after the planetary chakras have been brought into alignment. The magnetic network of awareness that makes it possible for a level to exist is now capable of maintaining the energy of the planet.

Every one of us is a magnetic field, but when we get together, we will produce a field that is far more powerful and extensive.

The extraterrestrial aliens want us to get knowledge from them and then activate our bodies after receiving the information. should get your body moving with a variety of meals and activities since this is preparation for the reason you are here.

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