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Eastern thought it could be hard to wrap your head around. It promotes the idea that somebody’s soul is innervated by an energy network- a fiber network of the body’s “invisible membrane.”

Our thoughts are at the forefront of this creative vehicle. Suppose our thoughts have confidence in themselves and believe in the power they have to create matter. In that case, they will be able to manifest their bodies into a new destiny.

I believe that energy surrounds the body and, as a result, affords a person’s life with added support. You may have heard of or seen the “aura,” which I imagine everyone has.

The body responds to our aura and the purity of thoughts. People with bad ideas cannot look pure as their aura is tainted.

Easterners refer to the energy surrounding our bodies as “chi.” To heal, Easterners must cleanse and purify their chi.

Today, we live in a society where stress is constant. With work demands and school pressures, it’s easy to get caught up in a hectic lifestyle, forgetting that you need to take care of your body. To stay healthy and maintain a positive state of mind all day long, it’s essential to take care of your body daily.

How Can You Cleanse Your Chi or Universal Energy?

Here are the three of my favorite, most straightforward ways:


What does meditation do? 

Opening your mind to meditation is a chance for self-improvement, whether in health, spirituality, or productivity. It’s also an opportunity to remove mental “debris,” creating peace, health, and wellness.

Meditation has been highly influential in the healing of different health conditions. It benefits people in many ways and can even help cancer patients!

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How do you meditate? 

There are as many different ways to meditate as you can imagine. What’s important here is finding your way, which no one has developed for you.

That’s right. Merely pop up your headphones. You might as well meditate while listening to something calming or inspiring. Your health will see tremendous improvement, and so will your overall mood.

By releasing all of your thoughts, it’s easier to include more of yourself and your natural healing energy. This has a lot of benefits for those who suffer from chronic illness or have used drugs to cope with mental health issues.

Healing Touch

Reiki Energy Medicine: What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a healing modality, but it is much more than that. People can experience deep relaxation and mental clarity even after the treatment completes.

Reiki therapy is a light touch of the hands that increases energy and circulation. It can be administered to people or on various body parts in multiple positions. The recipient may also be clothed or not as desired during treatment.

What does Reiki do? 

A therapeutic technique that has existed for thousands of years, Reiki promotes the healing of injury, discomfort, and disease. It also provides recovery for issues related to emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Reiki helps accelerate healing and promote the release of emotional, spiritual, and mental stress.

In some sessions, people report gaining new thoughts and understanding.

A Reiki practitioner is first trained by a Reiki master and must learn how to channel the universe’s healing energy and unlock its power before being allowed to practice.

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Creating Reiki and using it in your healing practice is not just a one-time event. It can be used for the remainder of your lifetime and helps you maintain balance, peace, mindfulness, and help with energetic clearing.


What is Qigong? 

Qigong is a Chinese exercise and healing system.

In ancient China, the health system focused on Qi. This concept of “chi” and “gong,” which means “exercise,” is how to improve your health through physical activity and meditation.

The history of Qigong dates back to 500 B.C., with Tai Chi being its foundation. Garri Garripoli, a Qigong master and author, says that the art should be thought of as a “moving meditation.”

Qigong is a type of exercise that has many benefits for the body, including improving immunity and blood pressure. These are just two results of its longer-term health benefits, which scientific studies have backed.

Qigong is a form of Chinese discipline known to relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, and clear blockages in one’s body. Qigong has also been seen to balance energy flow.

How to do it? 

Qigong has been used to help connect people with their source. It uses slow, controlled movements that allow the individual to feel a greater connection with the body.

Breathing is a very personal way of accessing and achieving different parts of your inner self. It did this through deep breathing and guided breathwork. Each person is unique and must trust their own body with this process.

Searching for your own “balance” is essential when practicing Qigong. It has also proven to be an effective and low-cost health strategy in China.

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The foundation of Tai chi is rooted in regulating and optimizing your breath, which allows you to focus on de-stressing and posture.

Whatever you believe about chi, deep breathing and relaxation have been shown to bring balance and peace to many people.

However, by using meditation, Reiki, Qigong, or a combination of all three, you can stimulate your body to naturally connect to your inner nature, purify your state of mind, and open up your energy.

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