What are the 7 Chakras & What do they Mean? (A Guide for Beginners)

7 Chakras Meaning

The All-Inclusive Guide to the Seven Chakras: Designed for Novices

Whether you learned the term “mid-downward dog” in your yoga class or came across it on your preferred meditation app, becoming familiar with your chakras—what they are, where they are located, and how to re – open them—could very well be the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to living a happier and healthier life.

Your body is no different from the rest of the cosmos in that it is composed of energy. The seven chakras each play a significant part in maintaining the equilibrium and wellness of our bodies.

Ancient tribes were aware of the existence of a life force that was carried by all living things, long before the development of modern technology and science. They were referred to as our chakras, and they were points of energy that circulated inside us.


What are the 7 different chakras?

The wheel in its original sense is what the ancient Sanskrit term “chakra” refers to.

The reason for this is because the prana, also known as life energy, that is moving inside of you is spinning and whirling.

This whirling energy has seven centers in your body, beginning at the bottom of your spine and going all the way up to the crown of your head. It all begins at the base of your spine.

The seven chakras in your body ensure that every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit receives the appropriate amount of energy to keep you healthy and balanced.

Your health will suffer, though, if one of your chakras is spinning too rapidly, if it is blocked, or if it travels too slowly.

You may improve your connection to the natural energy cycles that occur inside your body by educating yourself about the seven chakras.

By using this knowledge, you will be able to correlate any physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances with the chakras that are responsible for empowering them. And now, with the knowledge that you have gained, you may begin to bring harmony and health into your life by balancing your chakras.

The 7 Chakras For Beginners

Before we go into the specifics of the seven chakras, let’s take a time to tune into the body and get a sense of how they operate.

These chakra exercises could seem strange to those who are just starting out. But you simply need to relax and go with the flow, and before you know it, you’ll be a chakra expert.

You could just feel a very faint presence of the prana energy centers, a very strong presence, or nothing at all.
Just keep in mind that it’s alright no matter what the outcome is.

Meditation on the seven chakras, an introduction

  • First things first, make sure that you are in a calm and peaceful environment. Take a few slow, deep breaths and then sit still for a little while. Relax and let go of the tension and stress for just a second. Simply focus on being present in this moment with your body.
  • Now, put your focus to the bottom of your spine, often known as your tailbone, and see a brilliant red light that is whirling rapidly.
  • You should be able to feel it throbbing and spinning in time with your breathing.
  • Take a time to let it sink in.
  • Next, bring your focus to the region a couple of inches below your belly button, which is located a little higher up on your spine. Experience the coziness of a glowing, orange light that is constantly whirling. Once again, be aware of how it shifts in response to your breathing.
  • Now, bring your focus a few inches above where you normally keep your belly button.
  • This is undoubtedly a familiar location for you since intense feelings, like love or fear, most often manifest themselves here when they occur in your body.
  • Take note of the fact that you are able to perceive the strong yellow light that is revolving in that location.
  • Raise the focus of your awareness further up, to the middle of your chest, where your heart is located.
  • This region is capable of generating a brilliant emerald glow. It’s possible that your hand will automatically travel to this point if someone touches you or moves you. Make contact with that region right away.
  • The next area to focus on is your throat, which is the depression that can be seen in between your collar bones. Imagine a brilliant light, blue in color, rotating around in that region. It’s possible that you’ll have the need to clear your throat or swallow.
  • After that, bring your focus to the area in between your eyebrows, sometimes known as your third eye. A profound indigo glow emanates from this region. Imagine it whirling around and becoming brighter as it goes.
  • Finally, bring your focus to the topmost pinnacle of your skull.
  • Just for a moment, picture a brilliant, whirling violet light emanating directly from the top of your body.
  • You are now connected to the whole universe thanks to this light. The moment you become aware of this light, a sense of calm will wash over you.

The Meaning and Symbolism of the 7 Chakras

Let’s speak about the function that each of your seven chakras serves in your life now that you’ve been familiarized with each of them.

We are going to speak about the location of each chakra as well as its role, and then we are going to talk about the symptoms that you could feel when they are balanced or when they are out of balance.

Obviously, the way to repair and strengthen each chakra will be covered in the last part of each conversation.

The following are the 7 chakras:

  1. The Root Chakra
  2. The Sacral Chakra
  3. The Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. The Heart Chakra
  5. The Throat Chakra
  6. The 3rd Eye Chakra
  7. The Crown Chakra
blocked root chakra

The 1st chakra – Root Chakra – Muladhara

This chakra’s official name, Muladhara, is derived from the Sanskrit terms mula, which means root, and dhara, which means support. Together, these words form the word muladhara.

Therefore, the function of this chakra is to ground all of your energy by creating a connection between it and the planet Earth.

Consider how you maintain your physical existence on this planet whenever you contemplate your Root Chakra. The purpose of this energy center is to provide you with all you need in order to live. For those living in our contemporary day, it most often refers to a state of financial and emotional stability.

The color is red.


This chakra may be found at the very bottom of your spine, close to where your tailbone is placed. It rises to a point just below where your belly button would be.

What it feels like to be balanced

When your first chakra is balanced, you will experience a feeling of achievement and serenity when you think about things like money, safety, and shelter. When your second chakra is balanced, you will feel a similar sense of success and calm.

You will get a sensation of being at one with your human existence.

When this chakra is hyperactive

Because our root chakra is used so often, it is fairly typical for people to have a root chakra that is overactive.

When is your first chakra more active than it should be?

Anxiety and jitteriness are symptoms that might be brought on by a root chakra that is hyperactive. Why? Fear arises whenever there is a threat to one’s ability to continue living, and this is why it does occur. That is the function of fear — to ensure that we do not perish.

Therefore, a root chakra that is hyperactive will yell signals of survival even when there is no actual danger present. In terms of your body, you may have troubles with your digestive system, lower back, hip discomfort, ovarian cysts (if you’re a woman) or prostate (if you’re a man).

How to restore harmony to your first chakra

In a purely pragmatic sense, it is essential to see to it that your basic requirements are met before anything else. This chakra provides you with the energy to accomplish what you set out to achieve, so make the most of the power it bestows upon you.

Concentrating on your relationship with spirit can help you bring this chakra back into balance.

Make sure you give your spirit the nourishment it needs by devoting some time every day to prayer, meditation, or communicating with spirit guides.

Activities such as volunteering and doing acts of kindness and compassion may help direct energy that is too busy in the root chakra toward other energy centers in the body.

When is the first chakra not functioning properly?

If your basic necessities for survival have been met for the most part throughout your life, it’s possible that this chakra has not been extremely active for you.

If this is the case, you could find that you daydream a lot, have difficulties focusing, or just feel like your head is “in the clouds.”

People may comment that you have a “airheaded” or “spacey” appearance.

It may not seem like a big deal, but having a healthy balance and being connected to others is essential.

Energize your 1st chakra

If you feel as if you have lost touch with the physical world, it is possible that your first chakra needs to be activated.

You may do this by spending time in nature and reestablishing a connection to the planet. Root chakra activation may be achieved by activities such as gardening, swimming, or simply just playing in the leaves.

blocked sacral chakra

The 2nd chakra – Sacral Chakra – Svadhishana

The sacral chakra, also known as svadhishana, is the second chakra, and its name literally translates to “the region of the self.”

This chakra is concerned with your human identity and the choices you make towards that identity. This chakra is the one that is responsible for delivering you creative energy so that you may enhance your life. It is one of the seven chakras.

The creative life force energy that enables you to have pleasure in your existence on Earth is housed in your sacral chakra, which is located in the lower part of your body.

It is the energy that encourages you to enjoy the results of your effort, including participating in joyful activities like as sex and intimacy. This energy is what makes you feel alive.

Orange is the color.


The sacral chakra may be found just below the belly button and reaches all the way to the middle of the lower abdomen.

What it feels like to be balanced: When your second chakra is balanced, you will be able to take pleasure in the gratifying experiences that life has to offer without going to extremes.

You will have a feeling of well-being and plenty as a result of having satisfying sexual encounters, consuming delicious foods, and engaging in other creative pursuits.

When the energy of this chakra is out of balance

When we struggle with behaviors like as addiction and gluttony, we often have an overactive sacral chakra. You should never feel guilty for indulging in the enjoyable experiences that life has to offer, since pleasure is a virtue in and of itself.

On the other hand, if you discover that you appreciate things that aren’t nutritious for your soul or healthy for you, then it’s possible that your sacral chakra is not in a state of balance.
Addiction, obesity, hormonal abnormalities, and agitation are some of the symptoms of this condition.

How to restore harmony to your second chakra

It is important to pull energy away from the things that give you joy and towards your heart when you are attempting to bring balance to your second chakra.

You may do this by asking yourself a straightforward question before engaging in any given activity.

Ask yourself, “Will the action I’m about to do benefit me in any way?” Is it wholesome and nutritious to the body? What are the advantages of the course of action that I’m going to take?

Taking the time to examine whether or not your behaviors are beneficial to your health is an excellent approach to remove energy from this chakra.

When this chakra is not functioning properly

Your sacral chakra may not be functioning properly if you have spent a lot of time concentrating on highly practical matters without taking the time to appreciate the results of your efforts.

Depression, impotence, diminished sex desire, and a lack of enthusiasm and inventiveness are some of the symptoms associated with this condition.

How to stimulate the energy of your second chakra

It is enjoyable to give your second chakra a boost of energy. To put it more simply: have fun with your life! Produce an original work of art. Have a snack that is both good for you and pleasurable. Engage in sexual activity with your spouse.

Spend some time focusing on yourself and appreciating all the wonderful things this world has to offer.

Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

The 3rd chakra – Solar Plexus – Manipura

The Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as Manipura, is the third chakra and translates to “lustrous diamond.” This chakra is where your sense of self-confidence, identity, and personal strength are formed.

Have you ever found yourself in a circumstance that you simply instinctively knew wasn’t going to work out for you? Where exactly did the sensations arise in your body for you?

The majority of individuals report that they get such signals or clues “in their gut.”

In fact, this area, known as the solar plexus, is where your own power is located, and you can physically feel the assurance and knowledge that come from being in this spot.

Yellow is the color.


The solar plexus begins at the middle of the belly button and continues all the way up to the breastbone or to the point in the middle of the chest where the two sets of ribs unite.

What it feels like to be balanced:

When your third chakra is balanced, you will have a feeling of knowledge, you will be able to make decisions with confidence, and you will feel like you have personal power.

Many people refer to this chakra as the warrior chakra since the sensation that you receive from it is similar to that of an experienced fighter about to engage in combat.

He not only has the self-assurance necessary to triumph, but also the insight to comprehend the fundamental reality he is defending.

When the energy of this chakra is out of balance

The solar plexus chakra is said to become hyperactive when the control that we have over our own lives begins to extend into the control that we have over the lives of others.
If you have too much energy flowing through this chakra, you may experience feelings of rage, the urge to control and micromanage others’ lives, avarice, and a lack of compassion or empathy.
There is a possibility that you may have problems with your digestive system or even abnormalities in your internal organs such as your appendix, pancreas, liver, or kidneys.

How to restore harmony to your third chakra

Practice having a loving and compassionate heart, which will help you to bring balance to your third chakra. Spend some time in meditation focusing on how you may spread love and goodwill to everyone around you. You need to refocus the power you now possess and view yourself as a shining example of love.

When this chakra is not functioning properly

When our personal power is taken away from us, whether by another person or because of extenuating circumstances, we may be left with a shortage of energy in our third chakra. This may happen for a number of reasons.

If anything like this takes place, you can experience feelings of indecision, insecurity, timidity, and neediness.

How to stimulate the energy of your third chakra

Think on the things that you’re excellent at doing when you want to stimulate your Solar Plexus chakra. After all, every single person have unique skills and capabilities.

Create a list of your own items. Feel how the confidence in those abilities causes a tingling and vibrating sensation in your tummy. Create your own affirmations to give power to the emotions you’re already experiencing.

Blocked Heart Chakra

The 4th chakra – Heart – Anahata

The fourth chakra is called the Heart chakra, also known as the Anahata chakra, which literally means “unhurt” in English. This chakra is the center of your heart, and it is here that your love, compassion, and kindness are activated.
This chakra is not difficult to comprehend in any way.

The fourth chakra, sometimes known as the heart chakra, is concerned with the emotion of love, which is something that everyone is familiar with. This love extends to both the love you have for others and the love you have for yourself, which is why the heart chakra is also connected to the concepts of health and healing.

The color is green.

The core of the heart chakra is situated just above the center of the chest, and its energy spreads in all directions from there, moving from the chest to the neck. It is the third of the seven chakras, and it links the upper chakras (the heaven) to the lower chakras. It is located in the center of the body (the physical world).

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What it is like to be in a state of balance: When your fourth chakra is in a state of balance, you are able to love yourself and others in equal measure. You may still see compassion and kindness in other people even while terrible things are taking on in the world.

When the energy of this chakra is out of balance

All in the name of love, we forget our own boundaries when the heart chakra becomes hyperactive, and we start to make decisions that are detrimental for ourselves as a result.

It is essential to provide compassion and kindness to oneself in the same way that it is shown to others, but when the heart chakra is hyperactive, you may find that you are always putting the needs of others before your own. Although it is important to treat yourself with compassion and kindness, it is also important to treat others with compassion and kindness.

A rapid heart rate, palpitations, heartburn, and difficulties in interpersonal relationships are all symptoms of this condition.

How to restore harmony to your fourth chakra

In order to restore harmony to your fourth chakra, you will need to redirect some of the love that you have expended on others onto yourself. And you may do this by devoting each day to one activity that is focused only on you:

  • Take a long, soothing bath.
  • Give yourself the gift of a relaxing massage.
  • When this chakra is not functioning properly, you should practice meditation on extending compassion to yourself.

A lot of people have a fourth chakra that isn’t very active

It’s possible that life may deliver us a lot of heartache so that we might learn lessons about ourselves and the world around us via those experiences. But it might be difficult to avoid internalizing such teachings as one’s own.

You may get the impression that it is difficult to become very close to anybody when the activity in your heart chakra is low.

It is the same as erecting a barrier around your heart and refusing to let anybody pass through it. You may have issues with your body’s circulation and the feeling of being out of touch with your own body.

How to give your fourth chakra a healthy dose of energy

Bringing your heart chakra back into balance may require a significant amount of effort.

There are many of us who have put a lot of effort into constructing our walls and fortifications, and it is not always simple to bring them down. However, it all starts with embracing who you are.

Give yourself the love and respect you want others to give you, and show that you appreciate yourself enough to deserve it. After that, demonstrate your kindness to the people around you.

Blocked Throat Chakra

The 5th chakra – Throat – Vishuddha

The throat chakra, also known as Vishuddha, is the fifth chakra. Its name literally translates to “extremely pure.”

This chakra allows you to speak your innermost truths to the world.

So, tell me, where do you get your vocals from? What gives you the strength to communicate with others?

On a purely physical level, the answer is, of course, the neck; but, on an energetic level, this energy really originates from your 5th chakra, which is located in the chest. This chakra gives you the ability to tell your truth in an unambiguous manner.

The compassion and love that you feel for yourself as well as for other people are related to the throat chakra, which is located directly above the heart.

Blue is the color.

The core of your throat chakra is located directly in between your collar bones, and its energy spreads in all directions from there, including down to the center of your heart and up to the center of your eyes.

What it’s like to be in a state of balance: When your throat chakra is in a state of balance, you’ll be able to communicate openly with love, compassion, and the truth.
In point of fact, you will be aware of precisely which phrases are suitable for each circumstance. And when you speak from a place of harmony in your throat chakra, you will illuminate and motivate people around you.

When the energy of this chakra is out of balance

When we have exerted a great deal of energy into attempting to get our point through, our fifth chakra tends to become hyperactive.

You may have attempted to give yourself a bigger voice in the past in an effort to combat the fact that you often experience feelings of being ignored or rejected when you express yourself.

People whose throat chakras are hyperactive have a tendency to interrupt others and are often informed that they have a loud voice or that they “enjoy to hear themselves speak.”

You may have physical discomfort in the form of sore throat, recurrent infections, cavities, or oral ulcers.

How to restore harmony to your fifth chakra

To restore harmony to your fifth chakra, all you need to do is consider before you speak.

Before you make a statement, put the Buddha’s advice into practice and ask yourself, “Is it true?” Is there a need for it? And is it kind?

When this chakra is not functioning properly

Sometimes we have been ignored and dismissed to the point that we respond in the other direction, which is to shut down our voices and never say our truth. This happens when we have experienced a cumulative amount of trauma.

It’s possible that others have referred to you as timid or subdued if your throat chakra is underdeveloped.

When you attempt to tell your truth, you could discover that you are unable to explain your feelings or that you have a hard time finding the right words.

Because energy that is redirected away from the neck chakra often ends up being “swallowed” or transported down to the third chakra, one of the most common physical symptoms is discomfort in the digestive system.

How to give your fifth chakra a healthy dose of energy

Speak out and tell the truth!

You should practice expressing your feelings and the truth while you are alone, even if no one else is there to hear you.

It’s a widespread misconception that we should only talk when other people are present to hear what we have to say.

However, if you’re looking to stimulate your third chakra, it doesn’t make a difference who hears what you have to say as long as you hear it yourself.

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

The 6th chakra – The Third Eye – Ajna

The Ajna Chakra, also known as the Third Eye Chakra, is the sixth chakra. Its name literally translates to “beyond knowledge.” This chakra allows you to access knowledge that is beyond the realm of the five senses and the material world.

All psychic abilities, including intuition, extrasensory perception, and psychic energy, originate in the third eye.

Your pinecone-shaped pineal gland, which is located in your brain, is responsible for light perception. This gland, known as the pineal gland, is responsible for causing you to feel tired throughout the night and alert during the daytime.

Long before brain imaging was possible, ancient societies were aware of the existence of a sixth sense known as the “Third Eye,” as well as the fact that it acquired information from sources other than the traditional five senses.

Indigo is the color.

The center of your third eye may be found in the space in between your eyebrows. It radiates all the way from the top of your head all the way down to your lips.

What it is like to have a balanced third eye

Having a third eye that is balanced is a wonderful thing, and it is truly the goal that you should strive for as you start along the road of spiritual growth.

When you have achieved equilibrium in your third eye chakra, you will feel as if you are equally in touch with both the physical world and the materialistic worldview.

You will take in information from your psychic senses at the same rate as you take in information from your five physical senses, but it will not be too much for you to handle.

When the energy of this chakra is out of balance

It is quite rare that your sixth chakra is hyperactive when compared to the other seven chakras in your body.

The majority of us have a tough time receiving information that is not associated with our physical world because we are so in touch with it.

Having said that, if you have a hyperactive third eye, you probably spend the most of your time participating in psychic activities such as tarot card readings, astrology, and having encounters with the paranormal.

These activities may become too much for you to handle when your third eye chakra is hyperactive, and they can divert your attention away from having a human experience.

How to restore harmony to your sixth chakra

In the event that you discover that you are preoccupied with psychic knowledge, it is vital to take a moment to remind yourself that you are a creation of the Earth.

Visit a beach and let the sand tickle between your toes there. Make a hole in the ground in your garden and dig about.

Remind yourself that you are a human being when you connect your body to the ground below you. I am a person doing.

When this chakra is not functioning properly

The sixth chakra is dormant in the majority of humans. We live in a world that often undermines the importance of intuitive growth.

As a consequence of this, we shut off our Third Eye and refuse to acknowledge our own psychic experiences. When we do this, it might lead to a feeling of disconnection from the spiritual experiences we have. You might have physical symptoms such as headaches, issues with allergies, and congestion in your sinuses.

How to stimulate the energy of your sixth chakra

Activating your third eye will require some time and effort on your part. You’ll need to set aside some time each day for stillness and solitude in the form of meditation. Get accustomed to the sensation of concentrating on messages that are located outside of your actual body at first.

Pay attention to your spirit and acknowledge how it makes you feel. It will become progressively easier for you to connect with the energy coming from your third eye as you continue to practice this.

Blocked Crown Chakra

The 7th chakra – Crown – Sahaswara

The crown chakra, also known as Sahaswara, is the seventh chakra. Its name literally translates to “thousand-petaled.” The “seventh” and last chakra is composed of unadulterated awareness energy.

There are some energies that are difficult to describe, and the Crown chakra is one of them.

You may compare it to magnets if it helps.

If you place a piece of metal in close proximity to a magnet, you will be able to sense the energy and tension there, but you won’t be able to see it. Energy associated with consciousness may be found everywhere and in everything. It establishes a link between ourselves and the whole of the cosmos.

The seventh chakra is where our own particular awareness is stored, although in reality, it is more analogous to the germ of a universal energy than it is to something that is specifically personal or individual.

The color is a pale violet.

The crown chakra is located at the very top of your head, directly in the middle of your scalp. It begins at the point between your eyes and travels in an upward and outward direction in an endless spiral, linking you to the energy of the rest of the cosmos as it does so.

What it’s like to be in a state of balance

Achieving a balanced crown chakra is the objective of every spiritual warrior, but it’s not an easy task to do. One way to conceive about it is as the Buddhist idea of reaching nirvana.

Once you reach this goal, you will no longer be considered human since you will have defeated both pain and death.

Attempting to strike a healthy balance is, in and of itself, a path that leads to happiness, as well as to improved health and a deeper understanding of life. Bringing your 7th chakra into alignment and balance will also align and balance your other chakras.

When the energy of this chakra is out of balance

It is not feasible to have a head chakra that is hyperactive in any way.

Because it is the source of energy for the whole universe, it has an inherent capacity for infinity. In other words, it is impossible to live in the realm of matter while simultaneously being overpowered by awareness energy.

How to restore harmony to your seventh chakra

Because nobody has an overactive head chakra, there is no need to think about how to bring the energy back down to a more manageable level.

When this chakra is not functioning properly

If your 7th chakra is not fully activated, then you are a human.

It has the same same sensations as being a human. It’s possible that some individuals are much closer to reaching it, while others are still a long way off. In any event, engaging in spiritual development practices and achieving a state of chakra balance will bring you one step closer to experiencing the awareness energy that resides in your crown chakra.

How to give your seventh chakra more vitality

Instead than concentrating on opening and activating your head chakra, you should concentrate on bringing balance to your other six chakras.

Practice meditation and making a connection with the spirit world, but don’t let any of these things take precedence over living your life and making the most of your human experience.

Imagine you’re competing in the Olympics, and your goal is to win the gold medal. You don’t simply aim to win the medal; you also prepare both your body and your mind in preparation for it.

The only way to accomplish such a massive objective is to break it down into a series of smaller, more manageable objectives first.

How Do You Open Your 7 Chakras?

It’s possible for your chakras to get blocked, which may lead to a variety of issues in your day-to-day existence. Here are some things you may do to open your seven chakras, which will help you recover your energy balance and get your life back on track.

1. Meditation

Meditation is possibly the most effective method available for releasing blockages in the chakras. Meditation on the chakras is a relaxing practice that has the potential to enhance the quality of one’s life.

The following is a handbook for chakra meditation that can assist you on your trip and help you navigate.

2. Using mudras and mantras

Hand postures known as mudras are said to assist open various chakras in the body. Be sure to give them a go, as they make an excellent adjunct to the practice of meditation.

During meditation, you may recite mantras, which can take the form of a sound, word, or phrase.

Do not be afraid to play with the different mudras and mantras that correspond to the different chakras, and pay attention to how doing so makes you feel.

3. Chakra stones

Crystals are a potent instrument that may be used to unlock chakras.

Crystals have the ability to alter both our mental and physical health because our energy and the energy of the crystals merge when we engage with them.

Through the use of these stones, we are able to stimulate the flow of energy and open our chakras.

Your chakras are not difficult to “unclog,” which is a relief. The following are some stones that may assist you in bringing your seven chakras into alignment:

  1. The Root Chakra – Hematite, Black Onyx and Smokey Quartz
  2. The Sacral Chakra – Tigers’ Eye and Sunstone
  3. The Solar Plexus Chakra – Jasper and Pyrite
  4. The Heart Chakra – Rose Quartz and Aventurine
  5. The Throat Chakra – Aquamarine and Sodalite
  6. The 3rd Eye Chakra – Amethyst, Fluorite and Lolite
  7. The Crown Chakra – Clear quartz, Amethyst and Moonstone

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