What Are Belly Energies and Psychic Powers? (Easy Guide)

what are belly energies and psychic powers?

It is a common belief that spirit guides and ghosts interact with us in a mysterious way, yet there are individuals who claim that they can openly speak with these other-worldly entities.

A medium or psychic may speak with a guide or a deceased spirit in a number of ways.

The “clair senses” are a common mode of communication for these types of transmissions.

The term “clair senses” refers to a variety of different sorts of psychic sensitivity that may be combined with the five regular senses of the physical body.

It includes the five senses and clairvoyance.


A person’s ability to hear sounds (or words) even when no one is speaking and there is no physical cause is known as clairaudience.

The pineal gland’s spirillae are assumed to be the site of the sounds’ reception by the ear.

Clairaudience sounds are said to flow through the Third Eye chakra of the brain in the same way that regular hearing does.


The term “clear taste” means “clear savorance.” Tastes may be experienced in the mouth without really putting anything in it.


The term “clairscient” refers to the ability to detect a non-physical scent or odor.

It is possible to detect cigarette smoke even when it is clear that no one in the area is or has been smoking.


To use clairsentience, a psychic must have the ability to sense information as a sensation across the whole body, down the kundalini to the stomach region or solar plexus, without any other external input.

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It is common for guides to utilize their stomachs as a means of communication.


Having the ability to glimpse into an ethereal realm without the need for physical eyes is referred to as clairvoyance.

Some people describe it as hitting a new vibrational frequency and seeing moving visuals “within the skull.”

Guides often communicate with each other through the third eye area of the forehead, which is another powerful place to talk.

The clairsentience area is the only thing we’ll talk about in this post because we’re talking about “belly energy” and psychic skills.

Sir Oliver Lodge, in his famous “Psychic Science” publications, elevated the ancient conceptions of “reading with the pit of the stomach” and what he dubbed “clairvoyance or lucidity.”

This technique, according to Lodge, has been around for a long time and is well established.

As a general rule, the ancients believed that the belly was a symbol of fertility.

While the Chinese referred to it as “chi point,” the Japanese named it “hara” (the Japanese word for belly chakra) or “ki point.”

One and a half inches below the navel and one and a half inches inward toward the spine, this is where the body’s balance chakra is situated.

Some refer to it as the body’s “power center” because of the “energy” it creates.

Oliver Lodge’s idea of “reading from the pit of the stomach” stuck with me as I researched and interviewed world-renowned psychic and author Jane Doherty for this piece.

Doherty is a well-known psychic and author.

Jane Doherty has a remarkable bodily response to ghosts whenever she is in their presence. Jane’s tummy expands by up to six inches in diameter in a matter of seconds as a result.

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We also learn that this is highly unpleasant for Jane. During Jane’s stomach expansion, you’ll hear and see her groaning and cringing, and it’s not just for show; she’s in real agony.

“It feels like a contraction when a woman is in labor, but it doesn’t ever release me until the spirit goes,” Jane explains.

Instead, my stomach grows to the size of a nine-month pregnant woman’s. As Jane explains it, the ghost physically grips her tummy, and if you look closely, the belly will rise up as a result.

Jane says she can tell by the grasp whether it’s a female, a male, or a kid spirit. When I first went to a haunted house with a researcher in 1990, it was the first time I felt something.

Psychic When Jane Doherty uses her clairsentience abilities, she experiences this psychic belly sensation, but it only occurs when a ghost is there and not when a spiritual guide is present.

Jane Doherty’s book “Awakening the Mystic Gift: The Surprising Truth About What It Means to Be Psychic,” which recounts her own psychic awakening and what it actually means to be psychic, tells more about her psychic skills.

You can read it here. On TLC’s Dead Tenants, Jane co-stars. You can see her expanding tummy region. Jane’s book and book club are available at www.Herbal-College.com.

Those who are clairsentient, according to Doreen Virtue, author of “Clairaudience: Hearing Your Angels’ Messages,” get spiritual advice in the form of physiological sensations such as clenching of the fists, stomach, or genital organs.

As she goes on to say, the etheric senses of smell, taste, and touch are how clairsentients get heavenly advice.

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According to John Holland, the stomach is a hot zone for clairsentients.

Mediums are able to interact with spirit guides, ghosts, and otherworldly creatures because of the “belly energies” and “psychic skills” that go hand in hand.

In fact, the stomach is one of the most common places in the body to connect with something that doesn’t have a physical shape.

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