Why your Birthstone is so Important for You?

Why your Birthstone is so Important for You?

Birthstones have been a very sacred concept in astrology and wearing it can bring a good fortune. It is a common belief that wearing a birthstone according to your chart can help in various remedies. However, before wearing a birthstone one should know the significance of each birthstone.

There are different birthstones depending upon the month you are born in which have varied uses such as:

January (Garnet)- This birthstone is for the January born and is available in various sizes and colors. They vary from semi-precious to a luxurious one and in rare forms too. The garnet can be obtained in quality that you may like.

February (Amethyst)- People born in this month showcase the quality of love and amethyst is the gemstone for them. Amethyst belongs to the quartz family and it can be found in many shades from pink, rich purple to mauves.

March (Aquamarine)- This birthstone is for the March-born and it is quite a hard gemstone. It is very beautiful and comes in many colors such as blue and sea green colors. These stones have a natural deep blue color and an expensive rarity.

April (Diamond)- This gemstone is highly regarded by women and is a must preferred stone. No matter whether you are a woman or a man, it is the most commonly used gemstone in the world. Diamond brings wealth and prosperity to the one who wears it.

May (Emerald)- It is the most beautiful gemstone and can bring good fortune for the people born in May. Emerald gemstone comes from the family of minerals and is available in colors like deep green and light green.

June (Pearl)- It is a perfect fit for June born and is found in the shells from some specific species of clams and oysters. It also originates from mollusk’s shell. A pure and organic pearl is bound to bring bliss and luck in life.

July (Ruby)- It is a very expensive gemstone and is very desirable among men. This is an ideal stone for people who are born in July. This gemstone is a rare piece and the rubies are large and high priced which can envy any person.

August (Peridot)- This gemstone is meant to keep the people born in August safe, it also represents strength. This stone is green in color and its warm glow has given it another name called Evening Emerald. This stone has healing properties and the gemstone has been very famous for many centuries.

September (Sapphire)- It is the birthstone for the September babies and found widely in blue color. Except for blue sapphire, this stone is available in a wide color range which includes indigo, green, yellow, gray and white.

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October (Opal)- it is for the October babies and it is a soft gem which changes due to heat and pressure.  It also changes color in pressure and hence known as the play of color. This gemstone signifies the hope and happiness, quality and loyalty for the wearer.

November (Citrine)- It is a traditional birthstone for the people born in November. This gemstone is the part of the quartz family and strengthens the body and mind. This stone is easily available and can be obtained in colors from yellow to orange.

December (Turquoise)- This stone is for December born and can enjoy the good fortune. This stone is also known as a love charm and protects the bearer from harm and negativity.

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