The Divine Masculine Archetypes


What is the Divine Masculine?

The Divine Masculine represents a spiritual, mental, stereotypical suitable– the very best and most motivating, raising, and corrective elements of manly expression and symptom in deep space. “He”– together with the Divine Feminine– exists on a transpersonal, universal level that manifests through a person’s mind and ends up being habits, beliefs, and ideas.

Each one of us, male and female, brings within our mind both womanly and manly archetypes. They comply and link to produce a distinctively individual expression and experience of life.

For those looking for a broadened understanding of the Self, the Divine Masculine is not a remote, separated, cruel, and envious male divine being. The Divine Masculine (in addition to the Divine Feminine) serves as a shining mirror of the Self, exposing elements that require thoughtful attention and assistance to turn into one’s greatest capacity.

For a guy reading this, you might want to broaden your understanding of manly archetypes and see how these are appearing presently in your life and after that think about stimulating a fuller, or “greater” expression. A male who knowingly absorbs Divine Masculine energy reveals greater levels of awareness and spiritual states of being together with higher fulfillment in life experience. Ladies reading this are similarly served by pondering Divine Masculine qualities while looking to incorporate these into their inner male expression.

God, King, Priest, Warrior, Enthusiast, Sage

The Divine Masculine consists of a group of stereotypical energies that drives ideas, habits, feelings, and desires to culminate in one’s sense of right-relationship or “circulation” with life and sensations of fulfillment and wellness. There are lots of archetypes present in the mind– 6 have actually been selected to represent those with the greatest impact on favorable mental performance and one’s psycho-spiritual advancement. By routine mindful feeding of these stereotypical energies– weaker elements are supported to fullness.

A Recommended PracticeThose looking to find and “become” their expression of the Divine Masculine will wish to:

  • Consider what the “fullness” of each expression implies to you.
  • Consider how these presently appear in your life. Try to find methods and locations you are currently embodying # 1.
  • Do not try to find the locations you want or be absent in the fullness of the archetype. Just try to find what you ARE doing.

As you accept and acknowledge what you are currently doing, you will discover more locations where you currently are or are starting to, embody the fullness of the archetype. As you consider each archetype, you will see more and more locations where it currently exists in your awareness and habits. This is due to radiation of the archetype energy spreading out in a “blossoming” or unfolding impact within the mind and occurs whenever archetype energy is accessed and promoted.

Any elements of the archetype that appear “brand-new” can be incorporated by picturing what it would seem like to act or believe in this brand-new method and seeing what shifts of acting and believing that produces. As you do, try to find scenarios or chances that might be favorably impacted by embracing these greater concepts, ideas, and inspirations and look to allow their existence.

The Divine Masculine Archetypes


The God archetype is the transcendent, connected-to-all-that-is, element of self. It is the part of us that resonates with a transpersonal unified love for everybody and all beings. The God archetype is the domain of spirituality, magical experience, and instinct.

A guy revealing the God archetype in its fullness seems like: he is synergistically linked to all that has the self-confidence and is of “understanding” arising from this connection, has spiritual balance and orientation, and originates genuine love to all in his sphere of existence.

His power remains in his existence– his spiritually focused awareness focused totally in today minute. He embodies Love, compassionately revealed to whoever is within his sphere of existence.

When with him, you discover yourself motivated with originalities and motivating connections– developing brand-new experiences. He represents and adds to the furtherance of the divine right of joy; similarly for all races, genders, and sexual expressions.

He leads by motivating: charm, fact, and imagination looking for– satisfying the greatest concepts and suitable, through example and not goal alone.

He is spiritually directed, sponsoring and supporting: development, transcendence, and resolution in all its types. He seeds believed concepts and kinds– launching ownership for the higher good.

A male in the fullness of the God archetype appears unconditionally caring, inclusive, open, inviting, heart-centered, spiritually focused, inspiring, and helpful.

King (Patriarch)

The archetype of the King actively plays the main function of order and fertility, altruism and true blessing, strength, and balance. While the God archetype seeds believed concepts and types, the King births them and actively wants to their development and more symptom into presence– being the steward of these.

The King archetype governs the domain of material-manifestation, household, “kingdom”– your sphere of impact including your relationship to people and physical areas: i.e. house, community, neighborhood, and so on, material or earthly wealth and abundance.

The King archetype has the sterling characteristic of “unyielding self-control” and is trusted by all in the world to not accept less worthy self-serving interests or obsessions. Thusly, the King unifies the world and motivates to follow his leading. He integrates this strength with right-action, intelligence, and knowledge.

Being with a guy who is in the fullness of the King archetype feels like this: He is encouraging and nurturing of the wellness and easeful involvement and joy of those he engages with. By his balance and “effectiveness” (strength, efficiency) others are comforted and affected to mimic his example.

The King archetype is intricate with numerous elements that comprise this special expression of the divine. He is a representative of the magnificent having respect for all life.


The Priest archetype is potentially the least recognized or comprehended and the least supported in our culture. The Priest archetype domain is that of spiritual awareness and insight– getting in touch with and exposing “occult” (that which is concealed) understanding of the unidentified world to the enlightenment of the self and generous advantage for the lots of.

The Priest is the transducer, adapter, and facilitator in between the earthly and spiritual world– one’s mindful character and the magnificent world of Spirit. He is an arbitrator of the effective energies that consist of one’s inner neighborhood of archetypes and character elements, working carefully with the King and Sage archetypes to produce, manifest, and bring spirit into type.

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The Priest calls forth and directs energies in between mindful and unconscious awareness, impacting our felt sense of wellness and proficiency in life. The Priest supports and care-takes the spiritual relationship in between the ego-personality and Spirit, the Divine.

The Priest archetype in its fullness feels like this: You are with a guy who is the master of his material and spiritual truths and understands how to call forth from spiritual warehouses what he requires to transmute energies that would surpass or fall other guys, not in this fullness. He understands how to get a greater point of view and remove from (or end up being neutral to) external and inner storms and how to link deep inner realities and resources with his experience of life.


The Warrior archetype is the most represented and made use of archetype in our culture– rising and revered by the dominant patriarchal society as disciplined leader and protector. While these are 2 of the Warrior’s sterling qualities, it is what comprises his fullness that makes this archetype genuinely a magnificent expression.

Warrior qualities consist of decisiveness and clearness of idea, generous service, authentic humbleness, the strength of experiential “understanding,” nerve to do what serves the greatest excellent even when it is an individual difficult to do so. He serves to preserve and support recognized systems and types knowingly, without blind rigidness, being excellent in commitment to higher excellence beyond individual gain.

He stays focused and calm while under difficulty. He is inwardly lined up and incorporated– in touch with his sensations, being caring and warm, pleased and generous at every chance. He battles “the great battle” in favor of benefiting the higher-excellent and making life more satisfying for everybody.

Remaining in the existence of a male in the fullness of the Warrior archetype seems like this: His strength of stature is unheralded and apparent– not requiring compliments or distinctions. He contributes without excitement or is required to direct or “lord” himself over others. He excitedly reacts to demands of service lionizing to all– specifically to those “older” to him, along with other males, ladies, kids, animals, and the earth.

He “understands himself” and discovers his location in collective tasks, being satisfied and pleased with the partnership and not by aspiration or competitors. The guy in the fullness of the Warrior makes you feel safe while not being oppressed by his stature or defense.

Enthusiast or Lover

The Enthusiast archetype is possibly the most misconstrued and yet familiar primal energy. The Enthusiast archetype has actually been misshaped into a thick and self-centered expression that does not have a breadth of spirit.

The Enthusiast archetype in its fullness is the primal energy of enthusiasm, elegant engagement with life, and happy being -a brilliant and alive world view. The domain of the Enthusiast archetype is the primal prompts of being: sex, food, wellness, procreation and appears in innovative adjustment and initiatory experience.

He is the archetype of play and healthy personification without embarrassment. The Enthusiast archetype has a magical quality that looks for to experience charm and unity in everyday life.

The male experiencing the fullness of the Enthusiast archetype feels like this: He is sensuous. He values the “sensual” experience of life and resonates deeply on lots of levels of being. He brings a “delight of life” to any engagement or discussion.


The Sage archetype is an extremely essential element of the Divine Masculine expression for our types. The Sage is carefully lined up with the Priest archetype, nevertheless, the Sage originates an extra element of promoting “best action,” dharma. The Sage is the Ego in service to, and “right-relationship” with, the greater Self’s power.

The Sage observes, tracks, scans, keeps track of information from all sources (within and without), and channels knowledge resulting in “best action.” The Sage is removed from common life circulation, enjoying and engaging energies with knowledge and toned action as required for synchronistic consistency of life.

Being with a guy in the fullness of the Sage archetype seems like this: Unheralded, he silently and deftly shows others smart counsel and directed instructions that move the receiver into brand-new possibilities and paths that show “best action” for their life course. He silently supports the knowledge of others, not looking for praise or notification for his contribution. He is reflective and thoughtful and rests in his felt connection with spirit and grounded connection with the earth, Gaia, the source of his knowledge and insight.

The Sage’s significance comes forward throughout the crisis and extreme requirements. Through the distinctively formed avenue that the Sage embodies, knowledge and “ideal action” end up being clear. With Sage’s contribution, we feel great and guaranteed that our course is the ideal one for us, we react to life with a calm easefulness that transitions crisis and modification with grace and knowledge.

Where the Priest archetype has a main concentrate on the “inward” world, the Sage archetype has an “external” focus of service– to manifest carried knowledge into being.

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