How to Moonlight-Charge Your Crystals (Complete Guide)

how to charge crystals under the full moon

Crystals are amazing spiritual instruments that may significantly improve our lives.

There are many different crystals, and each one may be used to cure the mind, body, and spirit in a variety of ways.

All crystals have the capacity to absorb and store energy, and since they emit energy, they are able to cure us.

This indicates that charging our crystals—using the energy of the cosmos to increase the strength of our crystals—is crucial.

Our crystals may be charged to release any negative energy they may be hanging onto and to infuse them with potent energy from the cosmos.

I’ll discuss how to give your crystals a moonlight charge in this post.

Given that the moon is a highly spiritual celestial body with enormous influence over the planet, moonlight is one of the finest methods to charge crystals.

How Can Crystals Be Charged Under Moonlight?

Let’s go through every process involved in moonlight crystal charging so that your crystals are prepared for use.

Step 1: Gather Your Crystals

Gather the crystals you need for charging before darkness falls.

To give each crystal a fair opportunity to charge, you may want to spread out the charging procedure across a few nights if you have a lot of crystals.

You may want to run them underwater before bringing them outdoors.

This is a fantastic way to start the procedure since it gives the stones a light cleaning and removes any possible dust and dirt from them.

Step 2: Configure Your Environment

When it comes to charging crystals, preparation is crucial, particularly if we are charging them outdoors.

Consider where the optimum location would be to charge your crystals under the moonlight.

Charge them on grass or the ground outdoors if possible.

The crystals can appropriately absorb the energy of the natural world as a result.

Can you securely charge your stones in a garden or yard?

You may also charge the crystals sitting on your windowsill if you don’t!

It doesn’t really matter where they are as long as the moon’s energy can locate them there.

Before charging your crystals, you may want to purify the area.

Great spiritual items like sage and palo santo let you cleanse the atmosphere around you, preparing it for crystal charging.

Step 3: Arrange Your Crystals

In the moonlight, arrange your gems.

It’s time to organize your crystals so they may be charged once you’ve prepped your surroundings.

Now, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the arrangement of your stones.

When charging their stones, some individuals choose to arrange the crystals in a grid, creating a certain pattern.

Consider the cardinal directions and how they relate to the elements as well.

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The elements of earth, air, fire, and water are connected to the north, east, south, and west, respectively.

Fluorite, for instance, is connected to the element of air. Crystals often have unique affinities with the elements.

By positioning the crystals correctly, you can control the components.

Step 4: Set Goals

You may want to establish intentions while charging crystals under the moonlight.

This creates a connection between your energy and the crystals, enabling the movement of energies and concepts across the cosmos. Your crystals will get more energy from the moon the more you put into them.

Over the next couple of months, what are you hoping the stones can assist you with?

Are there any issues that you are having?

You could be thinking specifically about something, like a forthcoming job interview.

However, you may only want to express gratitude for the crystals’ assistance and request additional direction.

Hold a crystal in your palm and shut your eyes while you establish your goals.

Use your breath to ground yourself as you take deep breaths and let them out.

Afterward, picture the energy moving between you and the crystal.

You may choose to visualize this energy as a light beam.

Repeat your goals aloud or in your brain once you are focused and connected to the crystal.

Until you are ready to quit, keep repeating your objectives.

Step 5: Overnight, Leave Your Crystals Outside

Lay out your crystals in the moonlight all night after arranging them and making any desired intentions.

You may want to gather your crystals early in the morning to shield them from the sun.

This is due to the fact that sunlight may destroy certain crystals.

However, you can also keep your crystals outside, so they may get some solar power!

The gems you hold will determine everything.

Return your crystals to their designated area in your house.

You may choose to meditate with the charged crystals for a little while experiencing their energy.

When There is a Full Moon

Any night of the month, the moonlight may be used to charge your crystals.

Many spiritualists prefer to charge their crystals at the full moon, however.

This is due to the fact that the moon’s abilities are much stronger when they are full.

Your crystals may absorb the greatest energy and light during a full moon.

When you charge crystals during a full moon, you may establish a monthly ritual of crystal washing and charging. This enables you to maintain the strength and protection of their energy.

You may also want to research the various moon phases and how they relate to your goals.

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For instance, the optimum time to form goals for letting go and moving ahead is during a declining moon.

This may be included in your monthly charging schedules.

Why Should Crystals Be Charged In The Moonlight?

Because of the moon’s spiritual energy, moonlight is among the finest sources for charging crystals.

Many people use the moon for magic and wisdom, and it has always been important in spirituality.

It has always had a wonderful connection with people, appearing in all major faiths and spiritual traditions.

We may harness the strong energy that the moon carries by charging our crystals with moonlight.

What Crystals Charge Best Under Moonlight?

Some crystals charge better in the moonlight than others because each crystal has its own set of characteristics.

You may charge your crystals in a number of ways, such as using sunshine or naturally flowing water.

Before deciding how to charge your crystals, it is wise to consider their properties and affinities.

Because these stones contain energy that may connect with the moonlight, both rose and clear quartz crystals can be charged effectively by the moon.

Moonstone should be charged in the moonlight since, as you may guess, it is a crystal.

Its pearly white appearance and dazzling brilliance under certain conditions give it its name.

Not only white moonstones can be charged in the moonlight; black and peach moonstones benefit greatly as well.

Black tourmaline and other protective stones should be charged by moonlight, particularly on a full moon.

This is due to the fact that, over time, they absorb bad energy, and the moon has the finest ability to cleanse and charge these stones.

When electrified by the moonlight, labradorite also performs nicely.

Its magical properties enhance its own capabilities by boosting the magic of the moon.

Which Crystals Are Incapable of Being Charged Under the Moonlight?

Undoubtedly, using the moonlight to charge crystals is a brilliant idea, but there are a few factors to take into account before doing so.

You must take the durability of the stones into account if you are charging your crystals outdoors in the moonlight.

If you live somewhere where it could rain, you might wish to store some stones indoors since they can be harmed by weather and water.

Lepidolite and selenite are examples of delicate crystals that are susceptible to weather change.

If you’re thinking of charging your stones outdoors, make sure each stone is weather-resistant by doing some research on it.

Most crystals may be charged by moonlight, with the exception of those concerned by weather.

This is due to the gentle energy of the moon connecting with the stones.

FAQs about Charging Crystals in Moonlight

Let’s examine various concerns you could have about the moonlight crystal charging process.

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How Long Do Crystals Take To Charge In The Moonlight?

For at least six hours, but preferably more, you should charge your crystals in the moonlight.

However, how long your night is will determine this.

You may want to keep your crystals outside overnight, then throughout the day for a full 24 hours so they can absorb energy from the sun and the moon.

Make sure you are aware of which crystals cannot be charged by the sun before leaving your crystals outside for 24 hours.

Some crystals may fade and suffer harm in the sunlight due to the sun’s brightness.

Amethyst, aventurine, and fluorite are some of these stones.

Do Charging Crystals Need Direct Moonlight?

If you can, put your crystals outside in the full moonlight, but it is better if you can’t!

Clouds and artificial light are unavoidable, but they don’t significantly obstruct the crystals’ ability to charge.

Regardless of clouds, the moon’s energy is still there on the planet.

This implies that crystals may still link with the forces of the moon even if they are not directly in the moonlight to charge.

Can Crystals be Charged Without a Full Moon?

Since the full moon is when the moon’s energies are at their peak, many spiritualists elect to charge their crystals at this time.

However, crystals may be charged at any point throughout the lunar cycle.

Examining the moon’s cycle and how it may affect our objectives and energies may be beneficial.

Setting aspirations for new beginnings and fresh starts with a waxing moon is ideal.

If you want to utilize crystals in this method, you may want to charge them under a waxing moon.

Can Moonlight Be Used To Charge All Crystals?

In the moonlight, all crystals may be charged.

However, you should be aware that certain crystals might be harmed by the elements, particularly rain if you are setting the stones outdoors.

Softer stones like selenite should not be left outdoors if it seems like it could rain since they can be damaged by moisture.

Utilize Your Crystals to Harness the Power of the Moon

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this tutorial on moonlight crystal charging!

We can learn so much from the moon, which is a strong, beautiful, and spiritual thing.

Since we may keep the crystals out overnight to absorb the moon’s energies, I believe moonlight is the greatest source of charge for crystals.

Bring vitality and wealth into your life by connecting with nature and the moon’s abilities!

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