How to Make Life Less Difficult

How to Make Life Less Difficult

Despite performing all of my typical job, housework, and fitness routines, I was enjoying such a relaxed, easy day the other day that the expression “Life in Easy Mode” came to mind.

“What would it be like to have life on easy mode?” I wondered for the remainder of the week.

I received a lot of responses, and I’ll share a few of them with you below. But the most important response is that you are free to engage in all of your typical activities… However, no matter what you’re doing, your day may be one of ease, calm, and satisfaction.

You can try it right now:

Continue reading this post, but see if you can do it with a sense of ease and relaxation, comfort, and tranquility.

You could experience a feeling of gratitude for being alive at this moment as you relax your muscles, breathe deeply and smoothly, smile gently, and grin slightly.

How does it feel for you?

On easy mode, that’s the essence of existence.

Let’s look at various ways you might use this throughout your day.

The Mindset in Easy Mode

Imagine being able to access every form of experience at any time in your life: pleasure, joy, playfulness, sorrow, rage, serenity, and amazement.

That’s not how we generally think about it; we believe that other people and external situations are to blame for our interior feelings. But what if we thought we could access any condition, regardless of external circumstances or what others are doing?

With this in mind, consider being able to access calm and ease at any time. A feeling of fulfillment A feeling of enjoying life and savoring each minute.

Right now, give it a go. How does it make you feel?

Now try it while doing anything else, such as sipping a glass of water, scrubbing dishes, or reading a message. Different interests, same way of thinking.

This convenience is accessible at any time. All we have to do is be willing to use it.

Things that Make Life a Little Bit Easier

To enjoy life in this relaxed state, you don’t have to do anything special. That said, here are a few things I’ve discovered that make life so much simpler-there are a lot of them, but think of them as ideas you may try one at a time:

One step at a time: When you’re walking, simply stroll and take everything in. When you’re online, focus on one item at a time and do it as thoroughly as possible. This is such a basic strategy, yet it is one that we often overlook.

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Take a breath in between meetings and duties to give yourself some breathing room. Allow yourself some breathing room and rest. Enjoy this delectable place for as long as you can, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Please bring your complete gratitude: Can you truly understand the wonderful quality of this moment in every activity?

Continue to clean as you go. When you’re done with your clothes, put them away. After you eat or cook, wash your dishes. Clean the counter with a damp cloth. Make sure you clean up after yourself.

This can be applied to everything-reply to that email, tidy out your downloads folder, and don’t have a million tabs open at all times. It’s a simple thing, yet most people overlook it.

It’s such a beautiful approach to live life on autopilot by not allowing things to build up.

Do less: You don’t have to do less to enjoy a stress-free existence. However, it has the potential to be quite enjoyable! Reduce the amount of work you attempt to do throughout the day.

Transitioning to this may take some time, since it may require renegotiating agreements with individuals or teaching people to do tasks on their own.

Rest and self-care: Make rest a priority so you’re not continually fatigued. Self-care should be a simple and compassionate act: floss your teeth, relax, and look after your emotions and body.

Eat largely whole foods: This isn’t a diet article, but I’ve discovered that eating mostly whole foods has a major wellness benefit. That means veggies, fruit, nuts, and legumes for me.

Don’t be a zealot about it; you may consume processed foods/junk, but only as a supplement to your diet, not as the major element. When I take this method, my body and mind feel so much better.

Eat slowly: Take a mouthful of whatever you’re eating and relish it. Allow some room between bites; don’t jam it in or you’ll end up with extra. This basic eating strategy (eat whole foods and eat slowly) has a huge effect.

When I say “moves often,” I don’t mean all the time. Get up and move every 30-45 minutes. Stretch, perform a few yoga positions, go for a short stroll outdoors, and do some bodyweight exercises.

Perform more than that once a day: take a longer walk, ride your bike, work out, play a sport, do a yoga practice, or do bodyweight exercises. Of course, if you’re hurting or exhausted, you should take several days off.

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In the long term, this sort of activity throughout the day helps your body feel vibrantly healthy and at peace.

Build a buffer in your life if you find yourself on the verge of anything. Spend less for a period or earn some additional cash to build a financial buffer.

Allow for a little wiggle room in your schedule. So that you don’t overpromise and deliver late, request lengthier timeframes. Life is so much less stressful with a cushion!

Take tiny steps when you’re feeling overwhelmed: Overwhelming may hold us back a lot of the time. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when we’re dealing with a lot of tasks or decisions.

In simple mode, all you have to do is choose one object from the pile and concentrate on it. Then I’ll go on to the next item in the pile. Take a deep breath and concentrate on just one thing.

To get things done, have focus sessions.

Attempt to keep things as simple as possible. Things are very complicated for us. What’s the most straightforward method to handle the problems you’re confronted with?

How can you make judgments quickly rather than overthinking them? Be direct in your conversation and state exactly what you want.

Don’t give things unnecessary levels of significance or pain. Live simply in all interactions and at work.

Again, this is a lengthy list that might seem intimidating. So pick something and try it! These are merely suggestions that I’ve found to be really beneficial.

Let’s expand on the final point on the list: keeping things as simple as possible.

When We Overcomplicate Things, We Need to Simplify

We’re notorious for making things difficult. It’s our great minds that are always thinking. Most of the time, this makes life more complicated than it has to be.

Here are a few instances of how we make things too complicated:

We make additional meaning out of what individuals say and do by reading into what they say and do. If a friend says they don’t want to go to coffee with us, we can interpret it to mean they don’t want to spend time with us, don’t care about us, or do it all the time. It’s possible they’re just tired today.

We have a lot of things to do today, large and small, and it’s daunting. We get stopped short of accomplishing anything because we’re thinking about how difficult it’ll be to handle everything and how we may not be able to keep our heads above water.

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When the simplest thing to do is to pick one item and begin working on it.

We get nervous about an approaching event, unsure whether we’ll do a good job, and concerned about what others will think of us, and we spend a lot of time worrying about it, overpreparing, and fretting about how it will go.

The easy solution would be to prepare carefully without going overboard, then show up and be ourselves.

These are just a few instances; we do this type of stuff on a regular basis. Life is no longer the easy mode because we overthink, worry, and complicate everything.

We can simply observe when we’re doing this. And instead of beating ourselves up about it (which only adds to the confusion), we can focus on the here and now.

What is the most straightforward thing you can do right now? What is the smallest amount of thinking you can do in order to just do or be?

When others say or do things, prefer the most basic understanding. The most basic meaning

Consider the simplest thing you might do right now to help others as you go about your day. Then take a moment to appreciate the simplicity.

What It’s Like to Live in Easy Mode

I’m not implying that life will always be simple, nor do we necessarily want it to be. However, it may be simply a lot of the time.

We will get weary if we are always worried and in a tough state. Then, when something really deserves our whole attention, we may be unable to do so.

When anything needs a significant amount of effort, we’ll be ready to jump into action if we cruise about on easy mode for most of the day.

Life in easy mode is soothing to me. It’s straightforward. It’s doing the dishes, sending an email, or conversing. It’s about appreciating the workout, caring for myself, and soaking in the space, stillness, and breath.

Life in easy mode is a state of flow. It’s a sequence from tai chi. It’s silky, flowing, and gorgeous.

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