Inspirational: 35 Magnificent Wise Quotes of Dandapani (for Success in Life)

wise quotes by dandapani

35 Inspirational Dandapani Quotes On Success

Dandapani is an entrepreneur, a lecturer on topics related to self-development, and a Hindu priest.

In spite of the fact that he has Sri Lankan heritage, he was brought up in Australia.

After receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering from the university, he gave it all up in order to become a Hindu monk and study under Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, who is recognized as one of the most influential religious figures in the modern era within the Hinduism tradition.

His ability to simplify the understanding of the mind, to make spiritual tools practically applicable in everyday life, to create logical approaches to self-development that allow for sustainable change, and to relate what he teaches to everyday life is unique.

He also has the ability to make spiritual tools practically applicable in everyday life.

I hope that his words will motivate you to take the steps necessary to make your aspirations a reality.

  1. “It is up to you to decide whether you want to dwell in paradise or hell inside your own thoughts.” Dandapani
  2. “The amount of sleep that one gets is really important.” Dandapani
  3. “What justification do I have for not being kind? None at all.” Dandapani
  4. “Friendships are not light switches that you turn on and off when it is convenient for you or when you need it to benefit you” Dandapani
  5. “Emotions are a potent instrument, If managed properly, they are capable of materializing incredible things. If you don’t keep them in check, they may wreak havoc on your life.” Dandapani
  6. “The month of January and the month of July are both good times to visit New York.” Dandapani
  7. “I have more strength in my willpower than I have in my thoughts.” Dandapani
  8. “We need to consider our minds, bodies, and emotions to be tools. They belong to us. They are not our masters.” Dandapani
  9. “Your subconscious may be your greatest ally or your biggest roadblock. It all depends on how you use it. You are going to have to decide what you want it to be. Then you should strive to shape it such that it resembles one of them.” Dandapani
  10. “As one’s consciousness expands more into the conscious mind, things get increasingly intricate. The superconscious mind is all about keeping things as simple as possible.” Dandapani
  11. “You are the only person you have to be for anybody else.” Dandapani
  12. “When you do not have confidence in your own inner abilities of creativity, terror will take over your life.” Dandapani
  13. “Handle energy in the same manner that you handle monetary resources. It is a limited resource that requires investments to be made with caution.” Dandapani
  14. “Be the person you wished someone had been there for you when you were younger.” Dandapani
  15. “Put forth your best effort in order to GET things done!” Dandapani
  16. “As you get older, your wants, which serve as the focal point of your energy, change. As a result, you have to let go of certain desires in order to make room for new ones.” Dandapani
  17. “The first step in comprehending the law of karma is to take responsibility for one’s own acts” Dandapani
  18. “There are so many individuals who are constantly wanting a piece of someone else’s pie, but they don’t want to do any of the labor that is required to build that pie.” Dandapani
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35 Inspirational Dandapani Quotes On Success
  1. “The moment you really get this, everything in your life will shift in an instant.” Dandapani
  2. “Remove yourself emotionally and physically from the individuals in your life who are, by their very nature, energy drainers. Engage in the practice of maintaining a lovingly distant relationship with them, while at the same time being consistently kind, kind, truthful, and loving towards them. Dandapani
  3. “Life is essentially a manifestation of where we put our energy,” Dandapani
  4. “Spiritual instruments are meaningless unless they are put into practice,” Dandapani
  5. “The reason you are stressed is because you do not keep your awareness focused on one item at a time,” Dandapani
  6. “Visualization is the purposeful use of the capacity of thinking to generate mental pictures for the purpose of designing and constructing the future.” Dandapani
  7. “As soon as we have command over where our consciousness travels, we have command over where the flow of energy occurs. As soon as we take control of where the energy is flowing in our lives, we are able to take control of what is being brought into manifestation. And the practice of directing one’s focus via meditation is both an art and a science.” Dandapani
  8. “Don’t worry about not being good enough since we can always be better than what we are. There is always room for improvement.” If you don’t put yourself out there and try, you’ll never know. Every day, remind yourself that you are capable of accomplishing your goal, and keep going until you succeed. Dandapani
  9. “The easiest approach to become excellent at anything is to take a tool and insert it into a repeating occurrence in your life,” says a famous motivational speaker. Dandapani
  10. “When was the last time you sat down with your energy to discuss your goals? One way to think about meditation is as having a daily conversation with one’s own vital force.” Dandapani
  11. “In most cases, later will never arrive. Just get it done RIGHT NOW.” Dandapani
  12. “Don’t chase after happiness; instead, go for a way of life that brings happiness!” Dandapani
  13. “The end result of one’s efforts should be happiness. Make an informed decision about what it is that you want.” Dandapani
  14. “To overcome the behaviors, it requires a huge amount of guts, resolve, and self-compassion. If not now, then when will you accept the challenge of living your life in a new and better way? The tide of life is always receding.” Dandapani
  15. “It is only when we have a logical step-by-step approach to meditation with a goal clearly establishing that we will not get sidetracked and frustrated by the problems that emerge. This is the only way.” We may look at them as life lessons that need to be learned and used throughout our lives in order to avoid the same mistakes being made again and again.” Dandapani
  16. “The past is not something that can be altered, forgotten, transformed, or erased; it is only something that can be accepted.” Dandapani
  17. “Once you have mastery of your mind, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do in life.” Dandapani
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