How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides? 5 Astonishing Ways!


5 Powerful Methods to Establish a Connection With Your Spirit Guides

The process of developing a connection with spirit guides has been a really meaningful adventure for me. In spite of the fact that I spent the most of my life ignorant to the concept of spiritual guides, I am now certain that there is a powerful presence that is constantly around me.

You are aided, encouraged, and watched over by spirit guides from the moment your soul incarnates into this physical world until the moment you pass back over. They are with you the whole time. In this piece, we’ll talk about the who, what, and how of connecting with our spirit guides: who they are, what they do, and how to do it.

What Exactly is a Spirit Guide, Though?

What what is a spirit guide, and where can one find out about things like this? This is a subject that has piqued my interest, so before we get into how we should interact with such people, let’s talk about this first.

We have literally countless recordings that are very similar to one another that demonstrate the existence of spirit guides. These recordings come from a variety of sources, including out-of-body and near-death experiences, hypnosis sessions for past lives and between lives, channelings, and intuitives.

The study that Dr. Michael Newton did as an atheist hypnotherapist led to the publication of one of the most fascinating books on spirit guides that I have read to this day. Newton came into this line of inquiry by complete accident. After working with over 7,000 people over the course of 35 years, he was able to piece together a more coherent concept of the genuine nonphysical world we live in.

I read all of his books in a matter of weeks, and the thing that blew my mind the most was the fact that thousands of individuals from all over the globe say the same things about the “afterlife” when they are under the influence of hypnosis. In addition, the presence of spirit guides was something that, while working with his clients, he took as a given almost without exception.

They go with us to this location, and they are waiting for us after we have crossed the border on the other side. My understanding is that a spirit guide is a soul that has been directed toward you, acting in a capacity somewhat unlike to that of a teacher. They are a soul who you completely identify and recall as you cross back over, and they are often someone who has been with you for many lives.

They lend a hand and are there for you both here and in the nonphysical realm. They are kind and knowledgeable, and each one of them has their own personality, just like we do. Others are more warm and engaged, while others are more serious and hands-off in their approach. In any case, the fact that they are connected to you is not a coincidence.

Who is My Shaman or My Spiritual mentor?

Your spirit guide is woven into the thoughts that you have that light you up, the intuitive nudges you get that you typically don’t even give a second thought to, the higher awareness that washes over you in times of silence, and the symbolic messages that are conveyed to you in your dreams.

Whether or whether you are consciously aware of them when you are incarnated in this world, your spirit guide is basically your nonphysical mentor. They work in conjunction with your higher self and provide advice and guidance.

Simply asking the question is all that is required of you in order to learn more about your spirit guide. If you inquire about your spirit guide’s wisdom, you will get a response in a variety of different ways. It’s possible that a feeling, concept, or memory may come to you. You could remember a name or have a dream that provides hints in order to help you find the person.

You will become more conscious of the presence of your guide if you follow your intuition and put your faith in the visions or sensations you get.

How Exactly Do People Get Their Spirit Guides?

Even though I have the impression that this is not something that is very clear or something that we are able to fully understand while we are incarnated here in the physical (with the exception of direct communication through hypnosis, dreams, and so on), it does appear that our guides are assigned to us based on where we are in our development and what it is that we want to learn.

It is also known that temporary spirit guides will enter into your experience when you are in a unique position, such as when you are going through a tough event in your life or an issue related to your health. I’ve also heard that as we go through our incarnations, we gravitate toward various fields of expertise, and that when this occurs, we may be given new spirit guides who are very knowledgeable in those fields. This information comes from another piece of writing that I’ve read.

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Establishing Contact with Spirit Guides

The process of establishing a connection with your spirit guide is one that is very individual and yet not difficult. It won’t be difficult for you to have conscious connection with your spirit guides if you can develop the ability to trust your intuitive hunches and put them into practice.

The manner in which our spirit guides are able to hear our requests was one of the most fascinating aspects of the book written by Dr. Michael Newton that I was able to read. When we make a request of our guides, they are able to readily pick up on the energy fingerprint that is left behind by our own ideas. Beyond this, our contacts with the nonphysical are similar to the way a radio dial works, with information pouring in and out of it despite the absence of time and place.

In the same way that you are now present in more than one location without being aware of it (for example, you are constantly rooted in the nonphysical), the conscious awareness of your guide is similarly spread throughout several locations. Although it may seem to take place at various points during your existence in this material world, all of the communication that you have had throughout your whole life really takes place all at once.

Experiencing a deep connection with your spirit guide may be attained via the following five methods.

1. Inner senses

We live in a cosmos that responds to our thoughts. Since of this, no thinking can be considered private because it is how we communicate. You are able to hold a conversation with your spirit guide just by thinking aloud to them, just as I said before that it has been documented that your ideas have their very own energy pattern that your guide picks up on.

Ask them their name, ask them for help, ask them for an idea or clarification, and then keep an open mind. An intuitive once shared with me that as long as you keep practicing and believing in the ideas and pictures that come, you will eventually be able to differentiate between the ones that originate from you and those that originate from the nonphysical.

In the works written by Seth, he goes into great detail on our inner senses. These are receptors that aren’t physical in and of themselves, but are in regular interaction with nonphysical stimuli. We have these receptors. He said that while we are often too preoccupied with the material world in front of us to be aware of this connection when it takes place, it is possible for us to begin deliberately tuning into the information that is being sent to us via our senses.

To get things started, Seth provided a simple exercise, which, as it turns out, is a great way to connect with your spirit guide.

“Pretend that you are on a stage that is lit up, and that the room in which you are sitting right now is the stage.” You should imagine that the lights have been turned out, the scene has vanished, and that you are by yourself by closing your eyes.

It is nighttime everywhere. Be silent. Imagine the presence of inner sensations in as much detail as you possibly can. For the time being, just believe that they are the same as your physical ones. Get rid of all of the ideas and problems that are occupying your head. Be receptive. Very softly listen, not to the noises that are coming from the outside world, but to the sounds that are coming from inside.

It’s possible that images will start to show up. Recognize them as sights that are just as legitimate as those you see with your own eyes. Imagine that there is a world inside you, and that you will be able to see it more clearly as you develop your ability to experience it through your inner senses.

Imagine that you have spent your whole life oblivious to this world, and that you are only just starting to become aware of it now. Do not assess the whole of your inner world based on the fragmented pictures that you may first experience or the noises that you may initially hear since you will still be employing your inner senses in a somewhat clumsy manner. Instead, judge the world based on its entirety.

Perform this easy workout for a few minutes before going to sleep or while you are in a condition of rest. It is also possible to do so even when engaged in a routine activity that does not need the whole of your concentration… beginning with 10 minutes every day should be adequate.”

You may begin conscious conversation with your spirit guide by using this practice as a means to do so. Even though the vast majority of us would prefer concrete and direct communication from our spirit guide similar to what we receive in the physical world, we have to come to terms with the fact that the majority of communication between us and the nonphysical world is done through our inner senses and is quite subtle.

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Develop a sense of confidence in this method of communication and practice. You are going to be pleasantly surprised by the things that start coming back to you.

2. Meditation

The most effective means of communicating with and channeling your spirit guide is via the practice of meditation. It is much simpler to consciously accept blocks of thought from the nonphysical realm when you are calm and your frequency field is open.

During meditation, we become more responsive, we increase our frequency, and we let go of any resistance that we may have. If you were in the spirit world, don’t you think that now would be the perfect moment to speak with a loved one who is physically incarnated? You have successfully captured their attention.

Always remember that setting the intention that you are looking for a means to communicate with them is beneficial. First, choose a calm spot to sit or lay down, and then begin by taking slow, deep breaths. Maintain your cognitive awareness while allowing your body to relax and drift asleep while you concentrate on your breathing. You will arrive at a level of weightlessness and a vibration of love that feels utterly amazing once you have achieved it.

Visualize the opening of your crown chakra so that you may receive messages from your spiritual guidance. Bear in mind, as was said before, that the manner in which your guide will communicate with you is in the form of thought blocks and visuals. Don’t question or second-guess anything that comes to you; just go with the flow of whatever presents itself to you.

After you emerge from meditation, it is helpful to have a notebook nearby so that you may jot down any thoughts or ideas that occur to you.

3. Dreams

If you are interested in interacting with spirit guides, it is imperative that you have a deeper understanding of the meanings of your dreams. After reading a ton of great information on the topic, I’ve come to the conclusion that our dreams are much more than we imagine them to be.

Your awareness is doing anything but sleeping off every night. This may take the form of “normal” dreams, lucid dreams (in which you are aware that you are in the dream), or astral projection (in which you deliberately explore outside of your body while you are asleep).

The pursuit of one’s aspirations is not given a lot of weight in our culture. Dreams are thought to be either reflections of what we are experiencing or the information that we are processing, or, at the very least, they are merely strange little tales that are formed by the brain as we sleep.

Despite this, many people who study dreams and hypnotherapists believe that while our bodies are sleeping, our minds are in communication with the nonphysical world every night. You take a vacation from the “actor” that is this incarnated personality that you perceive of as you and instead focus on connecting with your spirit guide and the other members of your soul group while still attending lessons.

I strongly suggest that you look into your dreams more thoroughly and come to your own conclusions. Pay closer attention to what they say. You may ask your guide to speak to you about a certain topic while you are dreaming about it, and then ask them to assist you remember what you learned the following day.

Keep a notebook by your bedside or utilize the recorder on your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning in order to ensure that you can recall as much of your dream as possible. Think deeply about the lessons and signs that your subconscious is trying to tell you.

4. Automatic Writing

The vast majority of people are oblivious to the fact that this technique is a highly potent kind of divination. You just start writing after posing a question or stating your objective.

I have always been an enthusiastic supporter of journaling in its broadest sense. It is beneficial for releasing pent-up energy as well as feelings that have been repressed. Keeping a journal has always been a useful tool for me to use in decluttering my thoughts and providing me with a clearer perspective on whatever it is that I’m going through.

To connect with your guide via automatic writing, all you need to do is ask your guide for assistance in doing so and have the intention of communicating through the words that you write. You may now begin writing without worrying about whether or not you have misspelled words or whether or not your work is readable.

Practice putting your faith in whatever ideas occur to you, just like the other exercises. Trusting what they are getting is all that psychics ever do; this is the only thing they ever do.

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They don’t have any more hard proof or evidence that can be considered solid than you have. Trust is essential, and since we are all multidimensional spiritual beings, we all maintain connection with our nonphysical support system at all times. This is how everything works.

5. Signs

I have found that if I pray for guidance and signs, I am never disappointed. It is a less formal means of interacting with your guide, and it consists of tiny ways in which your guide may let you know they are in touch with you.

You have the option of being explicit by naming the color and the item, or you may choose to leave it up to the element of surprise. You may ask for anything from words to numbers, colors, or things. If you are willing to let your guard down and have some fun with it, you will be pleasantly surprised by what turns up.

During the summer before last, I found myself reflecting a lot about my grandfather. I spoke with him in his head, telling him that I needed him to demonstrate to me that the feelings I had for him were genuine. I requested that he show me some purple flowers, but before he did so, I wanted to be certain that they originated from him and were not just any old purple flowers.

I promptly forgot about the request, and a few hours later, my husband made the suggestion that we take the children for a stroll around a park after lunch. I decided on a park in the neighborhood, and we headed there. We had never been to this location before, but we saw a little path that looked good, so we decided to take it.

As we emerged from the forest, there was a clearing in which there was a pond on one side and some enormous, ancient pipes on the other.

The first thing that came into my head was, “Pawpaw would know what they are.” My grandpa was a handyman who could always answer our queries about how things worked and what they were used for. He was always able to fix things.

My attention was drawn to the lovely small dragonflies that were flitting about the flowers, so I grabbed my phone and went to take a picture of them. I had the idea that an interesting shot might be made with the ancient pipes in the backdrop. When I was standing there, I noticed that the flowers I was photographing had a lilac hue to them. I continued to take pictures of them.

Before I ever saw the flowers, I was already thinking about him. He became certain that those violet blooms could not possibly have originated from anybody else. It is a principle of the universe that you will obtain everything you ask for.

Make a request to your spirit guide for signs, and then take pleasure in seeing them come to you. We are never alone, and when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we can learn anything, even the seemingly impossible.

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