How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities and Intuition

There’s a Little Bit of Psychic Ability in All of Us—Here Are Four Ways to Strengthen That Intuitive Muscle

Irrespective of how you feel about psychics and their abilities (maybe you have a psychic on speed dial, maybe you’d never receive a reading from one, or maybe you fall somewhere in the middle), it’s probable that you have some intuitive and psychic-leaning skills of your own. In fact, one expert claims that everyone of us has this perception of the other world; what we need is instruction on how to improve our psychic powers.

According to Laura Lynne Jackson, a psychic medium and the author of Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe, the terms “psychic” and “intuitive” may often be used similarly. This is the reason why. According to her, the capacity to see, hear, or feel things that are outside the psychic sphere is something that occurs all the time, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Understanding how to access your skills shows your ability to do any of these things.

Do you need persuasion? Take this into consideration: Have you ever felt like someone was gazing at you and then turned around to look? Or, have you ever been going about your day and suddenly had a thought about a certain individual, only to subsequently run into that person later on in the day? Another possibility is that you walked into a room and immediately received a negative impression from it. All of these manifestations of the intuitive psychic talent are examples of how it might be used.

Through the process of reactivating and reopening dormant [psychic] skills, we may become much brighter, bolder, more lively, and engaged versions of ourselves in the here and now. —Laura Lynne Jackson, psychic

Leaning into a psychic sense, according to Jackson, can be “an incredible, very practical tool that can help us navigate our lives,” whether it be the relationships we’re in, the career choices we make, the release of artistic gifts we have, or whatever paths we’re meant to be drawn on. “It can be an incredible, very practical tool to help us navigate our lives,” she says.

“By reactivating it and reopening ourselves to those capabilities, we have the potential to become much brighter, stronger, more vibrant, and engaged versions of ourselves in the here and now.”

In addition, when you make the conscious decision to make use of your instinctive abilities, it won’t just have an effect on your own life; according to Jackson, doing so can also cause a positive chain reaction that boosts the intuitive powers of the people around you as well. This is something that you should keep in mind.

Continue reading if you are ready to increase the volume on your intuitive dial and learn Jackson’s four ideas about how to strengthen your psychic talents without the use of a crystal ball.

According to an expert, these are the four stages you need to go through to develop your psychic talents:

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1. Maintain an Open Mind About Exploring Your Psychic Abilities

According to Jackson, fear is the primary factor that prevents people from investigating their psychic and intuitive powers. “I don’t know why people are so afraid of their inherent skills since they aren’t frightening at all.”

They are always there to assist us in leading us on our greatest path and serve as navigational instruments for us throughout our lives.

The first thing you need to do in order to put this piece of advice into practice is to be ready, willing, and able to draw on your supernatural powers. Jackson recommends making a statement to the cosmos that you are prepared and open to investigate these gifts and that you will not allow fear to prevent you from doing so.

2. Become Skilled in Reading the Energy of Other People

Sensing a person’s energy in this manner is a talent that can be improved upon, and getting a negative feeling from someone for no apparent reason is an indication that your psychic intuition is working. According to Jackson, you should give yourself the challenge of interpreting the energy of new individuals you encounter by tuning into their energy rather than focusing on their looks or how they talk in order to get information about them. How, you ask? Just be in their company and concentrate on how the way you feel reflects on them and how it does so in your own mind.

According to Jackson, you are able to accomplish this even before making eye contact with the other person or communicating with them. For instance, if you’re waiting in line at the supermarket, you may try tapping into the energy of the person standing behind you and seeing what comes up. After then, start a discussion with someone so you may find out which of your gut hunches about the material were, in the end, right.

3. Determine How the Areas will Seem in the Future

One may utilize their psychic sense in a number of other ways in addition to sensing and interpreting energy. You may also train your clairvoyance, which is another term for psychic vision. Jackson suggests the following activity as a means of accomplishing this goal: When you are about to go somewhere new for the first time, such as a new restaurant, the home of a friend, or another venue, before you go, shut your eyes and tell yourself that you want to “see” this place.

After that, sketch whatever comes to mind onto a sheet of paper. After some time has passed, and you finally reach to the location, compare your sketch to how it truly appears. Jacksons tells the audience that they will discover that they have “drawn” forms that already existed. “Sometimes it’s quite particular, like how you have the exact window and the plant that is in that exact position,” the narrator said.

4. Establish Communication with Your Guiding Spirits

Each of us has a set of spirit guides that we are able to consult when we need assistance. According to what Jackson has been saying, “These sophisticated soul mentors in the heavenly world assist, guide, and educate us.” “We are also linked to everyone we’ve lost who has moved on to the other side,” she said.

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You may communicate with your spirit guides by requesting for very particular signs to be shown to you as a means of communication. For instance, if you want reassurance that you’re heading in the correct direction, you may throw that question out into the cosmos by asking, for instance, to see a giraffe with purple mane and spots.

It is in your best interest to make your request for a sign as explicit as possible so that there can be no doubt that it was sent to you by your spirit guides when you finally do get it.

Balancing your chakras can also help you unleash your psychic abilities. And, here’s everything you need to know about angel numbers, another sign from the universe.

Psychic or Intuitive?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what the difference is between a psychic and an intuitive? Are both of these the same item, or has one term become obsolete, and do both of them refer to the same medium? There is no need for concern if you are unsure of the distinction between the two professions or which one would be more beneficial to you in the circumstances that now exist for you. The majority of individuals, including yourself, don’t have a clue at first!

In an attempt to provide you with additional information, we will now discuss a few of the distinctions and parallels that exist between a psychic and an intuitive.


Psychics, in general, have a heightened sensitivity to things that are paranormal or otherworldly. This in no way suggests that psychics are able to communicate with ghosts or with those who have already passed away. Instead, psychics have an innately heightened sensitivity to a sixth sense, which may be thought of as a mode of seeing the world through a lens that is more supernatural. When working with a client, most psychics take in information and then have to explain what that knowledge means to the individual.


On the other hand, an intuitive does not need any interpretation of the information that is provided. Instead, some people merely “know” certain things that have occurred in the past or that have the potential to occur in the future. An intuitive person is particularly attuned to something that everyone of us has, and that is our intuition, sometimes known as the still, little voice that we hear in our heads. An intuitive is someone who has probably always been particularly sensitive and attuned to that voice, and who can now employ those abilities to the advantage of others.

Which of These Suits You the Most?

Your spiritual mentor may encourage you and help you along your life’s journey. Choosing one might be challenging, but the process begins with developing a connection based on trust.

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If you are inspired on the article above, I will share with you an amazing course that can accompany you as you embark to develop your psychic and intuition abilities.

Read more below:

Advanced Intuition Training Course

Develop your natural psychic skills and abilities so that you may start using your intuition to obtain insight into important aspects of your life. Tune into your intrinsic psychic talents and abilities. Learn about the many manifestations of your own intuitive abilities and psychic occurrences.

The phenomena of the psychic realm are neither strange nor miraculous. Neither are they restricted to a certain group of people. Everyone has the inherent potential to cultivate their own unique set of skills. The purpose of this in-depth home study course is to teach you how to tune into and make use of your inherent intuitive skills for the purpose of either your own personal growth or the creation of a career as an intuitive counselor.

You will acquire knowledge on a wide variety of topics related to intuitive abilities, psychic phenomena, and other related topics. You will also be led through a variety of guided meditation sessions to develop different components of your intuitive and psychic ability, and you will learn how to utilize your intuition to get insight into major aspects of your life.

Through this one-of-a-kind audio program, you will not only learn about research and a large number of examples, but more importantly, you will receive mind training and procedures that will help educate you on what to anticipate and how to experience the exciting opening of your sixth sense in a secure and risk-free manner. You will be directed through a number of different guided sessions, utilizing a wide array of the most powerful approaches that are now accessible to you.

You Are Going to Learn How To…

  • Develop your sensitivity to be able to pick up on intuitive signals.
  • Engage the hidden sense you possess.
  • Enhance the clairvoyant abilities that are already inside you.
  • Telepathic communication may be sent out and received.
  • Gain intuitive insights from the people and things around you.
  • Make sure that your aura is clean and clear.
  • Open clairvoyant vision
  • Have precognition experiences
  • Neutralize negative energy
  • Gain an understanding of demons, earthbound spirits, and thoughtforms.
  • Keep yourself safe while you’re channeling the ability to dispel curses and dehaunt dwellings.
  • Protect yourself from psychic assaults.
  • Experience remote watching
  • Training your capacity to read people’s auras intuitively is a must.
  • Learn to travel to other dimensions by practicing astral projection.
  • Learn to Have Conversations with Angels, Animals, and the Spirits of Nature


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