The Human Energy System

Chakras, Subtle Bodies & The Aura

We are all quite acquainted with our physical bodies and the activities they perform, but our knowledge of our subtle energy systems is often far more limited. When seen from an energetic point of view, each of us is composed of layers of vibrating energy, and each of these layers has its own distinct vibration as well as its own unique function.

What Is the Relationship Between Our Material Body and Our Subtle Energy Systems?

Because the energy that makes up the physical body vibrates at such a low frequency, our physical sight interpret it as having the appearance of being solid. This has caused us to place a disproportionate amount of emphasis on our physical selves, despite the fact that this component of our being is, in reality, produced by and maintained by the energetic layers that lie outside the scope of our common awareness.

How Do Our Various Energy Systems Communicate with One Another?

A field of energy that is generally known as the auric field is produced by our energy points, energetic layers, and subtle bodies. This field of energy is related to one another and surrounds the physical body. Each subtle body has a connection to the physical body that is made via an energy point, also known as a chakra. The chakra then channels the energy into the body through the meridian system.

A Brief Introduction to the Human Energy System

The Chakra System is comprised of Chakras

These subtle energy centers, also known as energy wheels or vortices, are referred to as our chakras. They function as portals for energy or as exchange sites for energy.

The seven energy exchange sites that are etherically connected into the spinal column and skull are the most well-known ones within our energetic systems, but we have many hundreds of these energy exchange points inside our energetic systems. Additionally, our energetic systems consist of a great number of other energy exchange locations.

When they are healthy and working normally, the chakras act as gateways through which essential life force energy from the subtle bodies can enter the physical body through the nadis and meridians. At the same time, the chakras provide an exit point for lower frequency energy, allowing it to be released back into the subtle bodies for the purpose of being transmuted.

This critical energy flow is necessary for the physical body to continue functioning at its highest possible level. It is possible for the chakras to become blocked by long-held negative states, such as unpleasant emotions, inflexible thinking patterns, poisons, and so on. In addition to its various duties, each of the seven primary chakras is symbolic of a different degree of awareness or a developmental stage in the course of one’s life.

The Three Most Significant Subtle Chakra Points in Addition to the Seven Primary Chakras

  • Feet Chakra*
  • Base Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Higher Heart Chakra*
  • Throat Chakra
  • Brow Chakra
  • Crown Chakra
  • Higher Chakras*

*Denotes minor chakra point

The Subtle Bodies That We Are And The Aura

Beyond the evident physical layer, there are other layers of vibrating energy that make up a human person. These are referred to as the “subtle bodies,” and they are described by the phrase “subtle bodies.” Although they are invisible to the naked eye, it is possible to perceive them telepathically via the use of the third eye or with the assistance of Kirlian photography.

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As you proceed outward from the physical body into the auric field, each subtle body vibrates at a slightly faster rate than the one that came before it. This is because each subtle body is made up of a layer of the physical body. Therefore, the etheric body moves more quickly than the physical body, and the emotional body moves more quickly than the etheric body, and so on.

Every one of these distinct layers of energy, including the one that we know to be the physical body, is intertwined with the others so that the whole thing may function as an integrated whole. The Etheric Body, the Emotional Body, the Lower Mental Body, the Higher Mental Body, the Causal Body, the Soul Body, and the Integrated Spiritual Body are all different manifestations of our subtle energy bodies.

The Points of Our Subtle Energy

There are a great number of energy points or centers included inside our subtle energy system, each of which has its own unique concentration of attention and purpose. In addition to the chakra points that we have just discussed, there are a number of additional subtle energy points that it is essential for us to awaken and cultivate. The Earth Star, Hara, Thymus Point, and Soul Star are all examples of these.

Subtle Bodies & Subtle Energy Points

  • Etheric Body
  • Emotional Body
  • Lower Mental Body
  • Higher Mental Body
  • Causal Body
  • Soul Body
  • Integrated Spiritual Body
  • Earth Star
  • Hara
  • Thymus Point
  • Soul Star

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If you can believe it, quantum physics is already influencing your life…

In 1905, Albert Einstein made a significant discovery that would go on to alter the course of history. He demonstrated, using quantum physics, that everything may be reduced to energy.

To put it another way, you are a self-aware entity who is in command of your own energy.

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In point of fact, your whole existence is determined by the energy that you put out into the world. Your experiences are a reflection of your energy, and the world around you is a mirror of that energy… until you alter it.

Subtle energy patterns and the overall health of your energetic system

You see, you are carrying about with you a lifetime’s worth of limiting ideas, bad emotions, phobias, and resentments. These tendencies produce barriers, which restrict the experiences you can have in life.

You have built up many layers, or layers upon layers, of what I call subtle energy patterns during the course of your life. These patterns are what drive your life in the way it’s heading and frequently ruin your best endeavors for pleasure, love, health, and success. They are also the reason why your life is going the route it is.

These destructive patterns of subtle energy are the root cause of every difficulty you experience.

Your patterns are one of a kind and have been developing ever since the day you were born (and in some instances, even before that!), and they will continue to do so until you begin the procedure that I developed to clear them.

5 Common Signs You Need to Clear Negative Energy Patterns from Your Life

You complain and blame but have no motivation to make changes
You have relationship issues that you can’t resolve
No matter how hard you try, prosperity and abundance is always just out of reach
You get pulled back into your same old reactions and emotions
You can’t figure out why you have ongoing health challenges
Accumulations of subtle-energy patterns have you in their grip, and unless you remove them, you will end up having one disappointment after another.

But it’s not your fault….

“Soulful” Management of Your Energy Leads to a Quantum Improvement in Quality of Life

You have been culturally hypnotized to think of yourself as flesh, bones, atoms, and cells. Somehow, society as a whole has ignored Einstein’s discovery!

People tend to forget about their layers of vibrating energy…the key to complete transformation! I would like to show you how to use this key to unlock the most dramatic transformation of your life.

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Using the Total Transformation Release ProcessTM, Clear “Negative” Energy from Your Space

I have uncovered a method that may permanently remove these harmful energy patterns from your energy field and life… for good.

You may have heard that positive affirmations, mental imagery, and meditation are the keys to achieving success in life and getting what you desire. But what you don’t know is that you might spend hours and hours doing these things, and in the end, you’ll just be energizing the things that you DON’T desire. This is something that you don’t realize.

Does it come as a shock to you?

The removal of your subtle energy patterns is, in point of fact, the essential step in achieving an overall change, both internally and outside.

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I am going to walk you through the finding and cleansing process step by step, holding your hand the whole while, and I will teach you how to:

  • If you want to uncover your most profound levels of intuition, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment, you should try activating your pineal gland.
  • Learn how to investigate, purge, and fortify not just your own aura but also the auras of the people you care about to create a more positive energy environment.
  • You need to rid your subconscious mind of the beliefs and feelings that are holding you back the most.
  • Dissolve mental loops that keep replaying in order to put a stop to mental chatter right away by using these four strategies.
  • Together, we will identify hidden energy patterns on each level, and then I will show you how to cleanse them.

You’ll be astounded by the changes that take place when you clean your…

  • Energy Patterns Derived From Ancestry
  • Karma
  • Past Lives
  • Problems with One’s Inner Child
  • Belief Patterns
  • Contracts & Unspoken Agreements
  • Your Previously Accumulated Debts and Obligations
  • Reactions of an Emotional Nature
  • Energy Hooks
  • Images That Are Not Positive
  • Painful Memories
  • Blocks in the Subconscious

You will experience prosperity, happiness, and fulfillment, as well as the spiritual breakthroughs you have always yearned for, almost as if by magic.

You could have believed it was almost impossible for you to do, or that it was something that could only happen to those who were born under the appropriate star. On the other hand, I’m here to inform you that such a life is much more within reach for you right now than it has ever been in the past.

In the past, only the most diligent researchers were successful in discovering the techniques to permanently erase discordant energy patterns. But now, thanks to The Energy Self-Mastery Course, you have access to all of the resources you need.


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