Are You A Starseed From The Draconis Galactica? 29 Characteristics, One’s Soul Mission, And More

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Within the spiritual community, Draconian starseeds have a poor reputation, and when I say poor reputation, I mean it to the fullest extent possible. Power crazed. Hurtful. Malevolent. Bloodthirsty.

All of these phrases have been used at some point or another in order to characterize this soul group. On the other hand, nothing could be farther from reality.

There is little doubt that the Draconians have a sinister side to their species, but for the most part, they are severely misunderstood.

What Exactly Constitutes A Draconian Starseed?

Actually, there are two distinct varieties of draconian starseed. the shadowy variety, as well as the luminous one. The nature of their energies is what sets them apart from one another.

The spirits that bring dishonor to the Draconian race are known as the “dark sort.” These individuals are the world’s manipulators; they are souls with terrible intentions who are hungry for resources. Individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals

Then there is the sort that is light—the kind that is faithful, selfless, self-assured, and confident while still being softly kind. On Earth, the light Draconian starseeds likely have the most difficult time of any other starseeds.

They will have to fight against the dark side’s overwhelming influence as they come into awareness of their actual starseed selves. the shadowy aspect of their nature that is hardwired inside them and begs to take control.

It is deeply ingrained in their DNA; it is nearly primitive in nature.

Because of the way it affects their ideas, attitudes, behaviors, and connections in this world, it may sometimes seem like life is an insurmountable obstacle. This is quite comparable to the feeling of the reptilian starseed.

Who Exactly Are These Mysterious Dark Draconians?

Since the beginning of human civilization, dark, draconian starseeds have been taking physical form on Earth. They are experts at recycling, moving from one human family to another while always avoiding the light in the intervals between their lives.

They govern as they see fit, devise their own administrative structures, and actively endeavor to exert influence. They have a ravenous appetite for power and are not motivated by anything positive, yet it is not impossible for them to undergo a genuine transformation if they so desire.

These are some characteristics:

  • Dominating and exercising control
  • Calculating
  • Has their own goals in mind when they deal with other people.
  • Demonstrates dominance or strength.
  • Insisting that their requirements be satisfied.
  • Deceptive and crafty
  • Master manipulators
  • Capable of telling lies.

Who Exactly Are These Light Draconians, Anyway?

The Light Draconian starseeds are the most skilled inventors, builders, and architects in the galaxy. They are the rational entities that inhabit the light.

Draconian energy is the total antithesis of other forms of starseed energy, which might give the impression of being ethereal and lacking in stability. It has its origins in things like structure, regularity, order, and the actual act of moving about.

It’s almost like being in the military, with all the marching orders. It compels one to pay attention.

However, this is not a negative aspect at all. To achieve harmony and balance, everything in our world has an equal and an opposite, as well as the need to have both.

This energy is what allows things to be done, items to be crossed off the list, new buildings to be erected, and new threads to be woven into the fabric of our world. Draconians are not only an “add-on” to the many other sorts; rather, they constitute an essential part of this existence.

Origin Of The Draconians’ Soul

The Draco constellation is where Draconians originate from. The name “dragon” comes from the Latin word “draco.” Several stars, notably Thuban, also known as Alpha Draconis, call Draco their home.

Ancient astronomers considered Thuban to be the true North Star until Polaris supplanted it as the dominant celestial body in that role.

Did you know that the entry tunnel to the Egyptian pyramids was designed to be exactly aligned with Thuban when seen from above at night?

However, here’s where things take an exciting turn: Draco is a large cluster of galaxies and other clusters that interact with one another.

Within its boundaries, the constellation Draco contains stars that are situated anywhere from 142 light years to 3 billion light years apart from one another. On a spiritual level, this demonstrates how extensive and far-reaching the influence of draconian energy can be.

Traits And Signs Of A Draconian Starseed

1. A Dark, Powerful Aspect

Draconians engage in a conflict with the shadowy aspect of their nature their whole lives. They think in a manner that is very gloomy and pessimistic.

They report that there are occasions when the sensation is so powerful that it entirely overwhelms both their body and the operations of daily life. They never have any ill will toward any other person. In fact, the most of the harm is done on the inside, where people are always at war with themselves.

2. Massive Magnetic Aura

These spirit beings exude an aura that is both powerful and magnetic in its appeal. Its primary color is green, although it sometimes displays flashes of white, blue, and even purple as well. It isn’t hard to get people interested in it.

It’s possible that Draconians don’t have many individuals they may call “real friends,” but they almost always have extensive circles of “acquaintances.”

3. Has Good Relationships With The Lyran And Polarian Types

The Draconians have a positive relationship with starseeds who originate from Lyra and Polaris in general. Since the constellation Draco is located close to both the constellation Ursa Minor and the constellation Lyra, we may consider Draco to be a galactic neighbor.

Despite the fact that these personality types are so unlike one another, they are able to form strong bonds due to their common sense of comfort.

4. A Lot Of “Demons” To Destroy

It cannot be denied that during their lifetimes, Draconians are required to vanquish a great number of demons.

They must accept the anguish and suffering that comes with this life experience in addition to coming from a lineage that is rife with trauma and sorrow.

The intergenerational and ancestral pain that Draconians carry with them locks a vice around them, which plays a significant role in the purpose of their soul.

5. Sensibility To Truth

They despise unfairness and the abuse of others because of the strong sense of justice they possess. They are quite quick to see when someone is being treated unjustly and will speak out about it.

You will regularly find them participating in philanthropic activities, organizing their own demonstrations, or even starting a new foundation in an effort to bring awareness to a certain subject.

6. A Capable Administrator And Instructor

The Draconians are naturally captivating, yet in the most positive manner that can be imagined. They are able to educate and lead because they have the necessary skills.

They motivate others via their deeds and have no trouble navigating challenging waters. They are one of the first people to provide assistance in difficult circumstances and come up with creative solutions to problems.

7. Defensive

They are kind by nature, despite the fact that they do not have a very empathetic side. They are able to readily read the body language of other people and are always aware of the appropriate moment to act.

8. Drawn To Bodies Of Water In The Environment

This soul type is drawn to the open ocean because it has a certain mystic quality that excites them. The fluidity, the movement, and the sense of openness that it exudes

The Draconian starseed is comprised of several facets, the light and the dark of which are both included within the element of water. Similar to the Mintakan creatures, they are drawn to it because it gives them some independence in a world that is always attempting to drag them down. This is one of the reasons why they are drawn to it.

9. Strong Linkage To Reptiles And Lizards

Dracos have a profound connection with all of the animals and creatures that inhabit our world; nevertheless, they feel an especially strong affinity for all kinds of reptiles and lizards.

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Dragons are another topic that piques their interest greatly. Many people see reptiles and lizards as outsiders or outcasts, which is not too unlike how Draconian starseeds feel, even when they are interacting with other members of the starseed community.

10. Very Faithful

These individuals will support any person or cause they believe in, regardless of the circumstances. They have an unwavering commitment to the people around them and a fully optimistic outlook on life.

Sometimes, people exalt the “wrong” person, praising them and their characteristics while overlooking their own and putting them on a pedestal in the process.

11. Unshakable In Their Desire To Achieve Their Goals

Draconian starseeds are tireless in their pursuit of activity, much like their Arcturian counterparts. They are the ones who make this planet go around.

If you wanted something done and you needed it done properly, you should give it to a Draconian. They get a kick out of a good challenge and won’t give up until the job at hand is done, no matter what it takes.

12. Emotionally Inaccessible

This starseed’s tendency to seem emotionally aloof and icy is almost always a response to past pain, though, so don’t take it to heart.

They have gained the wisdom through the years that making yourself vulnerable allows others to take advantage of you, and as a result, they opt to keep their guard up unless they have a profound spiritual connection with the other person.

This is something that may happen if you have a soul mate, a starseed twin flame, or a link to a previous life.

13. Questions The Jurisdiction

They are defiant by nature and have a personality that may be difficult to deal with. They don’t take anything lying down, and they despise being told that they have to follow rules that they believe are immoral and unethical.

They often wonder why another soul is able to have so much influence over another person who ought to be on equal footing with them.

14. A Change Of Character

Despite the fact that it’s often misunderstood, the Draconian starseed has still another sinister side. Draconians are able to don a variety of disguises based on the audience they are addressing and the character they desire to project.

They do this even if it is considered manipulation because they want to be accepted by their peers. They desire to be appreciated and acknowledged for their value to the world.

Despite the fact that many might not view it that way, it originates from a place of good purpose.

Additional Characteristics Could Also Include:

  • Very intuitive
  • Physically active—the kind of person that engages in a wide variety of interests, particularly those that involve challenging themselves to do extraordinary things like climbing Mount Everest, swimming with sharks, cliff diving, etc.
  • Understands when it’s time to cut ties with those who are harmful and poisonous.
  • A strong-willed individual
  • Yearns for more emotional satisfaction in life
  • Grounded, father-like energy
  • The mind is capable of analysis.
  • Confident (albeit not all)
  • Achieving success in material terms (tales of the rise from poverty to affluence in certain instances)
  • Stubborn
  • Absorbs information swiftly.
  • Extremely perceptive.
  • Those that can deliver a good narrative and amuse the audience
  • Overachievers
  • Extremely dedicated and busy with a diverse range of assignments at any given time.

Mission Of The Draconian Starseed

The draconian starseeds are the ones who can end the cycle of trauma at this time. They have gathered here as a group with the intention of bringing down the mechanisms and structures that are responsible for people being trapped in this never-ending cycle of agony and suffering.

On an individual level, this may look like opting to be a voice for those who are less able to speak for themselves, repairing the harmful patterns that run through a dysfunctional family, or breaking ancestral tendencies.

You may think of these spirits as the people who bring peace to the world by paradoxically righting the wrongs that have been done in it.

They are exceptional candidates for the roles of therapist, educator, leader, engineer, scientist, and executive. They are in a position to bring about the change that is so desperately required, and they possess a wonderful balance between power and action.

Appearance Of A Draconian Starseed

Other sources describe Draconian starseeds as being “reptile humanoids” with black skin, light-colored eyes, and either blue or green eyes. They are described as being quite tall.

As I’ve said in each and every one of my writings on starseeds, I don’t think a soul that is on a genuine path of expansion and discovery would choose a body based on how it looks.

Instead, it chooses a vessel according to the energy pattern that it has already established. Because of this, a Draconian starseed may have any height, any weight, any body type, any skin tone, any race, any hair or eye color, and any combination of these characteristics.

The aforementioned description is most likely knowledge that was channeled and is predicated on what someone observed during a hypnotic visitation or a dream.

People dispute about the physical look and shape that various starseed beings adopt, and I see this frequently in online spiritual groups and discussion forums. However, the truth is that this will be unique for each individual.

The Mythology That Supports The Dark Draconians

This race is associated with a myth, and it is said that the myth tells of a pretty terrible event. It was commonly believed that the Draconians, often known as the “black type,” came from an altogether unique dimension as compared to any and all other soul groupings.

It’s almost like the universe turned upside down. They caused such widespread devastation in their realm that they were “exiled” to another dimension as a consequence.

They reached our dimension, which we call the 3D universe, through a portal that was linked to the Lyran constellation. Our dimension was the one they found themselves in.

Before establishing themselves in Draco and maturing into full-fledged Draconians, the creatures who were exiled were at one time referred to as “Lizzies.”

Other Race Structures That Develop From Draco

Lifgarians (a particularly malevolent, power-hungry race) (a highly malevolent and power-hungry kind of race)
Reptilians (they too have a nasty reputation, but have both bright and dark varieties) are also known for having a negative reputation, yet they come in both light and dark varieties.

Draconian Energy: Setting The Stage

I strongly suggest that everyone who is interested in getting closer to their own Draconian origins begin practicing Kundalini breathing in order to reawaken the energy snake that lays dormant inside them.

You might also try meditating with a green or blue crystal, such as malachite, serpentine, bloodstone, or sodalite, and working with it. In addition, galaxite is one of the most beneficial crystals for starseeds.

In addition to this, make it a point to keep your heart chakra aligned, open, and surrounded by the color green. This may be accomplished in a number of ways, one of which is by engaging in the practice of “grounding,” also known as “earthing,” in which you walk barefoot on grass or dirt. Dracos feels more at ease as a result of this.

My Final Conclusion

The realization that you are a member of this magnificent soul group may seem like both a gift and a burden to you at the same time.

I can empathize with the isolation that many Draconians experience as a result of the proliferation of misleading information, but I’d like you to realize that your contributions will always be welcomed in our community.

This website is intended to serve as a community for spiritual wanderers, nomads, and wanderers who are interested in getting together. I really hope that this post has provided you with the much-needed clarity and insights that you’ve been searching for over the course of many years, if not decades, of your life.

Please pass along this post!

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