Procyon Starseed: Are You One? (28 Amazing Signs)

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Have you ever had the impression that you simply don’t belong in this place? Do you ever get the feeling that you were sent on this earth to do a certain task?

Are you mesmerized by the complexity of the evening sky and all the stars and constellations it contains? If this is the case, you could be a Procyon, which is an extremely uncommon sort of starseed.

For the last several years, I’ve had the idea to write about Procyon starseeds, but it wasn’t until recently that I accumulated enough knowledge to really be able to do so.

If you’re new around here, you should know that all of my writings on starseeds are based not just on channeled information but also on natal chart interpretations and in-depth research I’ve conducted with real people who have that starseed type.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a more in-depth as well as comprehensive view of the stunning starseed race!

Who Exactly Are The Procyons, Anyway?

The Procyon starseeds are the world’s original creators, builders, and architects. They are also known as master builders. They are often less spiritual than other forms of starseed, which, curiously enough, offers them a significant edge over other races.

They are better equipped to adjust to life thanks to the practical and grounded energy that they exude; however, this may be the case only after they have shed the heavy and thick energy that is always present around them in their day-to-day lives.

Despite the fact that they do not feel like starseeds, procyons may not truly be starseeds. Their rational and analytical brains may first refuse to accept the possibility that it is true.

After having experienced a significant degree of isolation from the majority of the human population, they often come to terms with it.

The Outstanding Procyon Starseed Capability Mission

Incredible creatures of heavenly light, Procyons feel a strong pull not just to assist mankind but also to assist their own souls in making progress on their spiritual journeys. This desire to assist humanity drives their mission.

They have a strong commitment to their own growth and development, and they like the process of setting goals for themselves. They have always struck me as being quite discreet about their ambitions, too.

In contrast to Arcturians, who will openly pursue their objectives, Procyons play their cards close to their chest and do not reveal their plans.

Once they have established a level of confidence with another person, Procyons are known to be very caring, despite the fact that they often have a difficult time trusting people due to the trauma and pain they have endured in the past.

They are tasked with accomplishing two different goals at once: one that is common to their whole species and another that is exclusive to them as individuals.

It’s interesting to note that their overall goals differ (which is unusual, to say the least).

During the course of my research, I found that some people had an intense need to develop, engage with technology, and operate in relative anonymity away from people in general.

Others felt an intense desire to bring out fresh waves of compassion and love via the practices of trauma therapy, energy healing, and writing. They are highly grounded in reality as healers.

The Following Is A List Of The 28 Most Important Traits And Characteristics Of A Procyon Starseed:

1. You Are Attractive To The Power That Comes From The Nine Elements

This is most likely the most significant indicator that points to Procyon as the place of genesis. The natural world, including all of its fundamental constituents such as water, fire, earth, spirit, nature, lightning, wind, ice, and space, has a special allure for Procyons.

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They are able to examine them for hours, and while other people just perceive the ordinary, Procyons see something far more magical.

My mental image of them has always been that of elemental morphers that draw their vitality from the environment around them.

2. You Feel An Extraordinary Push Toward The Sun

The warmth and vitality that the sun may bring are very appealing to procyons. In point of fact, if they don’t receive enough of it, they are at a much increased risk of developing seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Procyons are often referred to as “solar souls” since they unintentionally tap into the power of the sun. The sun emits a light that is similar in hue to the light that is emitted by the Procyon star. You can have the urge to move to a place where the weather is always nice and sunny.

Note: A few authors have suggested that Procyons are “masters of breathernism,” which means that they subsist entirely on light. This is only a brief observation (no food or drink). This is the most unwise piece of advice imaginable.

However, even while the starseed spirit transcends the corporeal, the body itself does not. The vessel has not yet been sufficiently fed.

3. You Are Very Passionate About Working With Technology

You have a pretty sensible disposition by default. The Procyons are highly hands-on people who like playing with different objects to figure out how they function. But much more than that, they have a passion for constructing new things and developing innovative technology.

They are easy to find in professions such as computer science, architecture, coding, and science, which are all used to clear the path for the introduction of new forms of energy into the globe.

4. You Have The Capacity To Manipulate Magnetic Fields

You have the ability to positively impact the energy of others who are in close proximity to you. This is a real talent of the Procyon race, even if many people refer to it as charisma, wit, or having a pleasant personality.

You have the ability to physically connect with the energy of others in order to augment it. Procyons have the ability to flood a space with light by harnessing the solar energy that is naturally present inside them.

5. You Are Capable Of Psychic Abilities

Do you follow your gut impulses often? Do you listen to your inner voice even when it’s contradicted by the advice of others? Procyons are capable of some level of psychic ability, despite the fact that they normally do not consider themselves to be gifted.

You could also be drawn to the color purple and notice that it appears to you while you are meditating. This is unequivocal evidence that your third eye is beginning to open.

You could also come across recurring patterns like 77, 077, 777, or 7777, which are all indications of a profound connection with one’s inner self.

6. Your Energy Will Be Restored By Mother Nature

The Procyon starseeds have a sense of oneness with the natural world. There’s something about being in the middle of nature that just brings out the best in people, whether they’re out for a relaxing walk in the woods or just enjoying a nice day at the park.

7. You Think Others Don’t Get You

When no one else appears to get you, it’s hard to have a sense that you truly know who you are and what you’re all about. You make an effort to convey your ideas and sentiments, but they don’t seem to understand what you mean.

Sometimes it seems as if people are looking at you as though you are speaking a foreign language. It seems as if they are not even paying attention to what you are saying. You are yearning to identify the people who are really your soul tribe.

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8. Questions For The True Purpose of Life

The Procyons are continually looking for new and meaningful ways to contribute to the life that exists on Earth. They want something deeper and more meaningful. They have the impression that they are always engaged in a journey to discover, on a more fundamental level, who they are.

Many people hide their identities and have everyday professions, yet they all have dreams that they’d want to see come true. (Please refer to the “challenges” section below for more discussion on this topic.)

9. Deeply Emotional Dreamers

When they find the life they lead on Earth to be uninteresting, they are quick to tap into their robust imaginations and conjure up a whole new planet in their heads. They might easily spend a number of hours acting out this dream.

This vision is often packed with activities that are high-octane, exciting, and spontaneous, all of which entail contact with other people. They may even suffer from maladaptive daydreaming, which is a kind of daydreaming that serves as a form of self-preservation.

10. All-Natural Leaders

Procyon starseeds are born natural leaders, much like their Sirian and Orion counterparts. They don’t do it with aggressiveness; they do it with charm, humor, and determination. This is how they demand respect.

While everyone else on board is freaking out, they direct the ship towards more peaceful waters. In high-pressure circumstances, they exude an aura that is exceedingly soothing and peaceful to everyone around them.

11. May Have Difficulty In Social Aspects

Procyons, like Blue Ray starseeds, have difficulty overcoming the effects of social isolation. In most cases, they have done all in their power to keep their friendships, but their sensitive nature makes it inevitable that they will be injured or used in some way.

Despite the fact that they have a severe need for company, this drives them farther apart from other people.

It might be challenging for Procyons to discover other individuals who are able to comprehend how their mind functions.

Other Indications: 

  • Extremely clever and endearing.
  • Culturally knowledgeable
  • Make a wish for someone who is older than you are (an old soul).
  • You have a strong desire to assist the environment and animals.
  • You are a person who is physically active and full of energy.
  • You like going on adventures and traveling.
  • You have a wide variety of interests and hobbies.
  • You have a positive relationship with the starseeds from Sirius and Lyra (your galactic neighbors).
  • In-depth in both theory and practice.
  • Very dependable if committed to a relationship
  • Capable of managing stress.
  • Very bright (not just in a scholarly sense).
  • Thrive in different environments.
  • They have a high propensity to have powerful Earth or Fire placements in their natal charts (Capricorn, Virgo, Leo, Taurus, Aries, and Sagittarius).
  • Does not often alter their minds, yet
  • They despise monotonous and repetitive work.
  • May get a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD at some point in their lifespan.

The Blessings Of Procyon

Procyons have a remarkable ability for compassion and empathy, despite the fact that, on average, they are less emotionally affected than Pleiadians and Blue Ray types.

They are not only able to grasp the issues that other people are having, but they are also the first to discover solutions to such problems.

Even in the most difficult of circumstances, they are quick to give helpful information and make suggestions that can be put into practice. They are eager to lend a hand in any manner that may be arranged.

They are highly adept in the use of technology and adore diving further into the intricate issues that society is now contending with.

They make excellent builders, sportsmen, designers, and revolutionaries in addition to being excellent programmers, developers, analysts, and coders. Anything that involves careful attention to detail or persistent effort will bring out the best in them.

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Procyon Difficulties

The ability to make those all-important leaps of faith may be challenging for Procyons. They despise relying on their intuition and prefer, instead, to base their decisions on concrete proof and facts.

Sadly, this indicates that a good many of them will never realize their ambitions. Surprisingly, the individuals that I spoke with were aware that they were giving up their objectives in order to ensure their own safety, and they detested doing so. It was as if they were physically incapable of preventing themselves from carrying it out.

I have a hypothesis on this matter. The energy that is carried by procyons is heavy and dense, much like the energy that is carried by the Earth. At other times, individuals may receive the impression that they want nothing more than to be free of their bodies entirely.

They report that it makes them feel really burdened by it.

Procyon starseeds are unique in that they are unaware that their energy and vibration are orders of magnitude greater than those of Earth. Other starseeds are aware of this fact. They have become so used to their surroundings that they virtually disappear into the background.

The actual test for a Procyon is to reawaken their genuine, authentic nature and talents while simultaneously maintaining control of their wonderfully steady energy. This is the true essence of the task. It is not easy to maintain equilibrium.

Where Did The Procyons First Appear In The Universe?

It should come as no surprise that Procyons get their name from the brilliant yellow star known as “Procyon,” which is located in the Canis Minoris Constellation.

It is really the eighth brightest star in our night sky, and since it is just 11.64 light years away, it is quite easy to see on a clear night.

It is significantly closer than the Andromeda Galaxy, which is a stunning 2.5 million light years distant, making it one of Earth’s closest star neighbors.

To my surprise, however, only a very small percentage of Procyons seemed to have any recollections of this energy or their previous lives. Many others described it as “a location that was filled with dazzling yellow light,” while others said it had an “angelic sense,” but other than that, the description was fairly restricted.

How Do Procyon Starseeds Appear?

You may have read somewhere that Procyon starseeds had blue eyes and blonde hair in addition to a dark or tanned skin tone.

These are broad generalizations that were first presented in a book that was published in the 1980s by a notable psychic at the time. Since then, a great deal of new information has come to our attention.

A soul that is interested in genuine development and expansion would not pick a body just on the basis of its outward form, in my opinion, and the same is true for all sorts of starseeds.

A Procyon starseed may be of any race, any color, any height, any weight, have blue eyes, brown eyes, black hair, light hair, etc., and any combination of these characteristics. My opinion is that there are no real variables that determine one’s outward appearance.

What Kind Of Hybrid Starseed Are You?

Did you know that it is possible for you to carry the magnificent fusion of energy that comes from several starseed races?

It is conceivable that you will resonate with more than one kind if your soul has had several lifetimes or incarnations in the past inside a variety of various systems, realms, and universes. Your most recent incarnation is probably that of the personality type to which you feel the most attraction.

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