Your Issue Stems From Your Ego

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I am well aware that you have been forced to fight against your ego.

The ego is to blame for all of the needless and unneeded turmoil, misery, suffering, and devastation that are prevalent in people’s lives and in the world in its entirety in this day and age.

But what really is an ego, and how precisely can one bring their ego under control?

In order to put an end to your struggle and pain, it is essential for you to have an understanding of what the ego is, how to manage it, and finally, how to do away with it altogether as you progress along your spiritual path.

In addition to this, it is obvious that the ego is the obstacle standing in the way of enlightenment.

What Exactly is an Ego?

Ego is a component of your personality that functions via your primary senses, compiles judgments about the events of your past based on those memories, and forms opinions about those events, including whether or not they should be dreaded.

It is a complicated assemblage of thoughtforms that the ego understands as being accurate and genuine, despite the fact that the ideas and conclusions may be grossly skewed and incorrect.

Because of this, I refer to the ego as the fake self, whereas your soul is your genuine self.

If you are curious about what a “thoughtform” is, it is a subtle-energy program that houses deep unconscious ideas and emotions together with memory images of the events that formed them. If you want to learn more about thoughtforms, check out my other articles.

The ego is made up of several thousand thoughtforms that have an appearance that is so powerful and lifelike that they deceive you into thinking that they are a component of who you are.

On the other hand, who and what you really are, undistorted by the ego-personality, may be found lying just under the surface of the ego.

Because the demands and motivations of the ego so often take precedence, many people are unaware that they have a soul.

What Function Does the Ego Serve?

Fear is the major motivating element that lies beneath the surface of the ego. Ego is a survival mechanism, and its job is to protect you from anything or anybody that you consider to be harmful or hazardous.

As a result, it is the origin of every negative emotion, including dread, guilt, fear, tension, uncertainty, vulnerability, anxiety, victimhood, worry, conflict, and so on. In point of fact, the fear-driven ego is the source of all negatively charged emotional responses.

The ego does not think in a logical or systematic way. It considers everything to be a potential danger, and the beliefs of the ego are ingrained in everyone’s conception of themselves, both in terms of who they are and what they are.

It responds instinctually to the things that it is afraid of by using a variety of protective and survival strategies.

The vast majority of people have the misconception that this is a natural aspect of the human condition; however, this is only partially accurate up to the point of complete enlightenment, at which point the ego will disappear for ever.

The ego is the source of all unpleasant feelings as well as the sense that one is suffering, and the ego is incapable of discovering answers to the problems that it creates for itself.

Because its main motivation is to stay alive, it stores everything it has learned and drawn conclusions about in a warehouse. Then, when faced with a problem that may cause it to suffer, it draws on this knowledge to devise a solution.

This is When the Ego Comes Into Play

Because it is unable to reach the source of solutions, which are found in elevating awareness and incorporating the soul into all of its erroneous perceptions, the ego is unable to repair itself. This renders the ego incapable of self-healing.

The ego is incapable of seeing beyond itself to locate the oneness of love, light, and the intellect of the universe.

It seeks unceasingly inside its own self-created bubble of erroneous interpretations in an attempt to deal with all that life throws at it, but it is unable to find solutions there that are both long-lasting and gratifying.

The ego is desperately searching inside itself for solutions, and this might manifest as feelings of profound loneliness, disconnection, and abandonment.

The unfortunate reality is that it will never be successful since there are no solutions to be found there. What a person experiences is their ego turning inward on itself, causing feelings of irritation, loneliness, and helplessness as a result of the ego’s inability to overcome the difficulties it creates for itself.

The thought of the ego’s melting into non-existence is the source of the ego’s deepest anxiety, dread, and despair, which may be reduced to a single phrase.

This concept, which is terrifying to the ego, is often referred to as “the death of the ego.”

Your capacity to participate with your higher self or soul is severely limited as a result of this response.

On the other hand, these troubling sensations are caused by formed ego-identities or sub-personalities that are motivated by urgent drives to survive.

This concept is essential because once a person has it, they may begin to disidentify themselves from the myriad ego-subpersonalities that exist inside them.

How Do You Escape the Hold That Your Ego Has on You?

1. The ego is interested in finding answers, but it has no idea where to look for them.

The ego is always looking for solutions to the underlying defects and deficiencies it believes it has, and it does so with a dogged determination.

Egoism manifests itself in behaviors such as dominance, fear, and the incessant pursuit of more of what it believes would satisfy the void left by the lack it imagines in the world.

This may lead to feelings of inadequacy or insufficiency, the belief that there is something inherently wrong with the individual, as well as a sense of hopelessness caused by the futile pursuit of answers that are never found.

In many situations, being driven by these powerful forces may propel you to accomplish a great deal; nevertheless, the outcomes of such accomplishments are not likely to be rewarding in the long term.

The ego is truly attempting to be of assistance to you by looking for protection, stability, healing, and love; however, it has no idea where any of those things may be found, which is why it is always on the defensive and looking for what it does not have.

The ego will relax its opposition if you approach the lack, challenges, barriers, and restrictions with the honest goal of bringing healing and love to them, and you will begin to experience relief and clarity as a result.

You will discover that doing this task while in a state of meditation is the most efficient way to go about things.

2. The ego draws erroneous conclusions and holds false notions about each and every event.

Your personality is made up of erroneous conclusions, distorted perceptions, and a preoccupation with views, all of which are things that you are apt to mistake for who you are.

On the other hand, hiding behind the facades of your personality is your authentic self, or soul, which has everything the ego seeks.

In point of fact, the soul is the one and only place where comfort and healing may be found.

The more you allow the soul to permeate and become integrated into all of your ideas, beliefs, and emotions, the closer you will come to escaping the excruciating grip that the ego has over your life.

The most essential step toward achieving complete freedom and moving on in your development is to combine your souls.

3. The ego is always looking for more of pretty much anything it can get its hands on.

The ego is under the impression that increasing one’s knowledge, level of control, amount of wealth, and number of possessions would result in increased levels of security, safety, and authority.

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Because of these factors, the ego will do everything in its power to keep accumulating more.

This is how the ego transforms into a dictator and a control freak, and how it successfully makes you a slave to its requirements.

When a person has amassed a lot of material wealth, including money, houses, automobiles, and other goods, they often get the impression that something is still lacking in their lives.

They wonder whether there is anything more to life than this. This results in a sensation of emptiness and lack, as well as a persistent hunt for something else to fill the void.

Ego is always searching for the missing piece of knowledge, the missing item, or the achievement of an illusory goal in order to attain fulfillment, comprehension, and satisfaction.

The fact that the solutions do not reside in the limited physical reality is the source of the dilemma. Finding out what the soul has to give is where all the answers and solutions may be found.

In fact, the degree to which the soul is present as a result of the soul merging exercise determines the degree to which ego traits are replaced.

The more control the ego gives up, the less power it has over oneself.

4. The ego has many different requirements.

The ego is tenacious in its pursuit of what it does not possess in its quest for fulfillment. Have you not realized that you are always searching for something that you do not already possess?

Then, when you have had it, you will feel joyful for a little while, but then another item will come along that you will desire or believe you want.

There is nothing that can gratify the ego for more than a fleeting moment at a time. Ego is always preoccupied with thoughts such as “I don’t have enough,” “I want it,” and “I need it.”

When you meet the wants with profound surrender, the feeling of being incomplete and dissatisfied disappears, and in its place comes the sensation of being entire, fulfilled, and content.

Why is it a significant point? You will have an attractor field that delivers benefits, global harmony, and a fulfilled existence after the neediness of the ego is addressed and then replaced with the satisfaction and fullness that the soul gives.

5. The ego interprets every person and circumstance as a possible danger to itself.

The ego is always in a defensive position. Trust is something that is quite difficult to achieve. It has the preconceived notion that anybody or anything may conceivably do it harm in some manner or even pose a threat to its own survival; as a result, it often exaggerates the possible dangers that could befall it.

You’re probably familiar with the proverb that advises people not to make a big deal out of a little problem. This provides more evidence of the ego’s tendency to exaggerate potential negative outcomes.

On the other side, trust is what the soul calls home. Trust develops from releasing anxieties.

Surrender is to let go of any grasp on any type of resistance, including judgments, blame, fear, and wrath. This includes letting go of everything that you have control over.

This indicates that the ego is always engaged in conflict with fictitious foes. This is the root cause of issues in interpersonal relationships, political debates, and unstable conditions inside organizations.

One may argue that paranoia is at the very heart of the ego. In order to find a solution to this conundrum, you will need to expose all of the ego’s worries to the soul. The soul-fusion process is essential to the healing process.

6. Your ego is so powerful that it prevents you from recognizing reality.

Because of the persuasive strength of the ego, most people are unaware that their lives are controlled by an ego-programmed mind, even if this is the case for the majority of them.

In fact, if you even mention this to other individuals, they will disagree with you. Therefore, if you want to make progress in your growth, one of the first things you need to do is acknowledge that you are a collection of beliefs, some of which may be incorrect or blatant delusions.

If you are ready and prepared to develop out of the suffering and restricted existence you are experiencing, the most essential thing you can do in this incarnation is to understand as much as you can about what makes up the ego. This is the most important thing you can accomplish in your lifetime.

You will then be able to notice and confront the activities of the ego, which will allow you to cleanse it and finally transcend its effects after you have done so.

The greatest approach to doing this is to integrate one’s soul into each and every facet of one’s ego, but first you must figure out what it is that you want to integrate your soul into.

7. The ego wants to exist for all of eternity.

The ego lives with the greatest dread of all, which is the fear that it may cease to exist. It seems to have an underlying conviction that one day it will expire or come to an end.

Because of this deep-seated dread, it will stop at nothing to escape the situation. Because of this, the ego enjoys looking for more knowledge and material belongings, since these things help to build an environment that gives the appearance of being real and offers a purpose that helps to maintain a permanent existence.

The realization that spiritual development is the outcome of surrender and letting go is a challenge that must ultimately be dealt with. This realization prompts the ego to realize that all of its wants and constructions are in the process of being destroyed.

It plays along with the process for a while because it is titillated by new discoveries, but over time it learns that its world is growing smaller, and it develops the anxiety that all it has cherished and labored for over many lives is in danger of being disregarded and abandoned.

The ego is always in the mode of survival and protects its views, which causes it to see other people as competitors or even as adversaries.

To ensure its continued existence, the ego exerts great effort to defend, protect, maintain, and grow itself.

It is terrified of its own mortality, and the accumulation of power and wealth gives it the illusion that it may go on indefinitely.

As soon as your surrender reaches a very deep and complete point, the ego begins to worry and will do its best to put a stop to any further letting go that may occur.

At this point, your free will assumes a prominent front-row position in the action. Whatever the ego imagines will come to pass, it will not.

You do not cease to exist. In fact, the reverse happens as your level of submission increases.

The concerns and requirements of the ego disintegrate into the presence of the soul, and the things that were feared disappear.

It is imperative that we get beyond the mental programming that is controlled by our egos; if we are unable to do so, we will only contribute to the continuation of conflict and anguish.

It is now time for you to completely awaken to the forces that are underlying the formation of your life, make use of tools to clear away the obstructions caused by your ego, and integrate the maximum level of spiritual consciousness that is possible.

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