Why is This Life So Difficult?

Why is This Life Quite So Challenging?

Have you been told that you have a painful body, which is the root of your struggles and the reason why life is so difficult for you?

Many people, including Buddhists, believe that the only meaning of existence is suffering.

What are your thoughts on it in general?

When you read or watch the news from across the globe, you are certain to come across a great deal of suffering, anguish, and injustice.

This may lead you to question why life is so difficult and whether or not there is a way out of this predicament.

It’s possible that you’ve noticed that, in your own life, you seem to be continuously trained to make decisions and choices that lead from one kind of misery to another.

Have you ever been in a situation when you asked yourself, “What now? I get the distinct impression that the other foot is about to be stepped on!”

Have you ever paid attention to the critical, self-deprecating monologue that runs through your head?

You know, the one that tells you that you aren’t good enough and that you’ll never do it right.

Negative self-talk may drive you to question your own abilities, make you feel as if you have no value, and train you to make poor choices and even fail.

Your Agreements Concerning “Why Is Life So Difficult?”

When you finally get anything of value, there is a part of you that often thinks, “Oh, that was too simple.”

You need to work up a little bit more of a sweat before you can say that you’ve really earned it.

The reason for the existence of this pattern is that everyone makes agreements with themselves.

These contracts are the reason why life is so difficult, and they consist of two primary parts.

1. One of the premises of this theory is that if you pursue your aspirations, you should be prepared to face difficulties and setbacks.

One interpretation of this is that all of your hopes and ambitions will turn out to be riddled with unresolved issues.

The unwritten contract stipulates that one must fight to pay the price in order to make up for the fact that one does not believe they are deserving of the desire.

To put it another way, since you don’t believe that you are deserving or worthy of anything, you have to work hard to acquire your desire, which often involves experiencing some kind of suffering, loss, or giving something up.

Do you see how this addresses the question of why life is so difficult?

2. In yet another iteration of this contract, you are obligated to let individuals into your life who behave as antagonists for the purpose of causing you to suffer for the mistaken belief that you are worthless.

Then, when you feel as if you have endured sufficient pain, you may grant yourself permission to pursue your ambition.

This last contractual requirement is equivalent to wearing an invisible badge that states, “I need to suffer in order to fulfill my commitment.”

You then owe it to yourself to satisfy the urge to be taken advantage of in some manner, and you do this by obliging yourself.

Take note of the fact that each one of these agreements is a somewhat unique interpretation of the same pattern.

Are you able to understand how these contracts provide the solution to the question of why life is so difficult?

It is vital to nullify these contractual restrictions in order to avoid the sensation that one is required to suffer as a result of guilt for obtaining something that one believes one did not earn.

This agreement that you have made with yourself is, in reality, a deeply held conviction that you have.

It does not contain any truth, but rather is generated from fallacious inferences that the ego-mind has drawn based on the very little information and comprehension it has.

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Where Do You Find Most of Your Agreements?

Because these thought patterns are buried so deeply in your unconscious, they have the tendency to emerge seemingly out of nowhere and on their own accord.

In fact, it may seem that you have no control over the situations that result in suffering the majority of the time.

This is only one illustration. You’ve probably seen that some individuals may set off responses in you before you even become aware of how the emotion was triggered.

It seems as if it takes place on its own, doesn’t it?

You overreact to something you overhear on the news, a buddy says to you, or someone is impolite to you, and this causes an instinctive response such as the following:

  • Having feelings of fear as well as worry.
  • Being in a state of anger, resentment, and carrying a grudge against someone.
  • Having a sense of futility and despondency.

Where do these responses originate, exactly? Because there are so few places from which to get these programs, this is a subject that has far more weight than you might at first suppose.

You may be quite certain that they are not emanating from your soul, since your soul is incapable of producing such things.

That leaves ego programming, bad energy you’ve acquired from someone else, or some mix of the two as the only remaining possibilities.

You will see that whenever we engage with other people, we pick up subtle energy programming from them.

Their anxieties, feelings of guilt and despair, rage, and depression may have an effect on you and lead you to experience those unpleasant emotions, linking you with your own fear-based ego conditioning.

These toxic programs, if not addressed, have the potential to erode your self-confidence, your feeling of worthiness, and your capacity to trust yourself or others, all of which are essential components of a happy existence but may be destroyed if they are not handled.

This provides more explanation for why life is so difficult.

Let’s Dig in Deeper

There is a good chance that someone has told you that you have a shadow self or a dark side. Some people refer to this as your “pain body,” but most people refer to it as their “ego.”

I refer to the parts of the ego that are responsible for experiencing pain as the “negative ego.”

When you give it permission, your destructive ego will take control of your life and make it its own.

The complex collection of memories that make up your negative ego act as programming inside your mind as well as other unconscious locations, such as your aura and chakras, in an effort to shield you from what your negative ego considers to be threats to your safety.

Fear is its primary motivator, despite the fact that the goal is to ensure your safety and well-being. Uh oh! You should be able to see that there is an issue with it very soon, shouldn’t you?

Because of this, the ego tends to exaggerate prospective risks or even manufacture them in its mind when there is little or nothing that might be considered threatening.

This is because the ego does not know which apparent threat may end up becoming its undoing.

In the course of accomplishing this goal, it may also prevent you from realizing your full potential by leading you to believe that you are imperfect, defective, or inferior to others, or that you are not good enough, clever enough, or deserving enough of anything really amazing.

Your concerns and uncertainties may result in unfavorable results such as low self-esteem, sadness, and anxiety, as well as poor performance at work and in personal relationships.

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When you pay attention to those voices of criticism that come from inside, you may find that you begin to second-guess everything that occurs in your life, from the smallest happenings to the most significant milestones.

You find yourself questioning if whatever you do has any worth or importance for anyone other than yourself. Do you understand why life is so difficult?

Your ego has served as a backdrop for the conclusions you’ve drawn about every event spanning all of your lifetimes.

It contains a large storehouse of memories of all the sorrow it has seen and experienced, including the anguish you have been through.

Every day, it will utilize those memories to direct and regulate your behavior.

The fact that all of its findings are flawed due to the fact that they are founded on the dread of what could happen, might happen, or what was assumed would happen but in most instances never really occurred, is a significant contributor to the issue.

Even if most of your concerns never come true, they will still have an effect on the actions and choices you make.

When a person is under the control of their ego, they get the sensation of being shut off from everything that is lovely, beautiful, and loving in the world.

At its heart, it is characterized by feelings of isolation and abandonment, as well as dread, fear, uncertainty, emptiness, futility, melancholy, and even more agony.

As a result of the fact that these are the only things it is familiar with, it organizes its life according to these principles.

This helps explain why the human condition is one of pain, and it also helps explain why life is so challenging.

The Ego Cannot Provide Answers

The ego is incapable of discovering answers to the problems that it faces. It is only able to look back through the lens of its own experience in order to attempt to find solutions to the challenges of striving, suffering, and being alone.

The ego is incapable of seeing beyond itself to discover love, healing, and the soul in other people or in the world.

It attempts all it can to look for solutions inside its own self-created sphere in order to deal with everything that life offers, but it is unable to find the answers there no matter how hard it tries.

The ego is desperately searching inside itself for solutions, and this might manifest as feelings of profound loneliness, disconnection, and abandonment.

The unfortunate reality is that it will never be successful since there are no solutions to be found there.

Your ego has turned against itself, and as a result, you are experiencing the anguish of frustration, loneliness, and helplessness as a result of its inability to address its own issues.

The aspect of your shadow self or ego identity that is activated and responds is really a defensive mechanism that is working to keep you safe when it is aroused.

It is a fear-based method that comes as close as a person can go to their natural instincts.

The fact that it, like a program in a computer, may be altered or even erased is something that is not well known; nonetheless, the key is being aware of how to make such changes.

In point of fact, the vast majority of individuals are completely unaware that this is even an option. You can count on it being true!

What Is Not Successful

1. Discussing, reading about, or just thinking about the ego does not lessen it, and it most definitely does not remove it.

Because your ego resides in your deep unconscious, you need to be in a state of meditation in order to even reach it in the manner that is essential to healing or clearing it.

If you are not in this condition, you will not be able to heal or clear it.

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After gaining an understanding of its core values and requirements, you may begin to methodically dismantle it.

But first things first: you have to single out the specific aspects that make up your ego.

You are only going to be able to delete what you identify. In such a case, the ego programs will just keep repeating themselves.

2. The ego cannot be eliminated by any method that relies on analysis or intellectualism. You have to approach it on an emotional and experiential level.

You are able to repair anything if you can feel it, but first you have to figure out what drives the ego, and then you have to combine it with your true self, also known as your soul.

People have a tendency to cling to their unpleasant realities, as a person who is drowning could cling to a board that is floating in the water.

They are clinging to it for dear life, but they are terrified to let go in order to reach the lifeguard, who is on the boat and may perhaps rescue them.

It is impossible for the lifeguard to bring the individual and the board into the boat at the same time. Before anything else, the board has to be unlocked.

People can only be helped when they are willing to confess that they are spending their lives clutching to a board of fear and when they are also prepared to submit and let go of that dread.

When you merge with the higher qualities of your soul, you will negate the impacts of the ego, and as a result, you will awaken to a new way of looking at life in general as well as yourself.

You will experience the sensation of waking up from a very deep sleep after having just been dreaming.

You may believe you are awake and in control of your life until you have this experience.

You may believe that you are making deliberate choices.

Obviously, making the shift from a life centered on the ego to one that is connected with the soul takes some time.

Take a look at the decisions you made and the line of thinking that drove you to make those decisions in the first place.

Which of your feelings and responses get in the way of you manifesting the relationships and life that you want?

Give up any and all portions of yourself that seek to attach themselves to your needs and desires.

Learn to recognize the energy of the unlived and unexperienced portion of your life as well as the part of you that craves it.

Get in tune with the aspect of you that keeps telling you, “Just one more victory.”

A little increase in my power and authority, please. ” “Just a little bit more money,” she said.

In fact, you should be aware that the nature of the ego can be boiled down to desiring just one thing: more!

This, in a nutshell, is the core of what it now means to be human. This is the central focus of the whole physical dimension.

You will come to see how immersed in an illusion you were before you were able to completely integrate with your soul.

As you come to see things from a more modern perspective, you will feel as if you have been reborn.

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