A Tutorial in Great Detail on How to Locate Your Starseed Markings

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Do you sense an irresistible draw towards the stars, even if it’s the middle of the night? A really personal sensation that you just aren’t capable of describing, perhaps?

It is conceivable that you are a starseed soul that has incarnated on Earth. If this is the case, you are not only on Earth to fulfill your individual soul goal but also the collective soul mission of your species.

But how can you be absolutely certain that you come from starseed stock or have ever existed in any previous incarnation as a starseed being?

In spite of the fact that there are a great number of indications that point to the fact that you are a starseed soul, there is a quicker and more conclusive method to tell: starseed marks.


Starseed marks are not physical markings on your body, as many people assume; rather, they are significant celestial alignments and events that manifest themselves in your birth chart.

The location of the Sun, Moon, and planets, as well as the north and south nodes of our own natal chart, may reveal many hitherto unknown facts and insights about the real genesis of our souls.

You will learn how to locate the marks on your seeds, as well as what steps to take after you have discovered them, by reading this article.


Over the years, I’ve read a good number of birth charts. There are a few of these indicators that show up time and time again in starseed birth charts, and I’ve found them to be rather significant.

Some individuals who identify as starseeds have these markers in their natal charts, while others do not have them to the same degree.

It is important that you not let the absence of these symbols discourage you since they are only suggestions and not requirements.

There are potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of different combinations of markings. These are only the ones that are the most well-known.

In addition, it’s possible that your birth chart will only show the most recent connections you’ve had in your most recent former lives rather than your soul’s whole background and history.

We are looking at the most recent four or five reincarnations, which may still cover a period of time that is hundreds or thousands of years long. Something to keep in mind, just in case.

Finding a copy of your fetal birth chart is important.

The first action you should take is this, if you don’t already have a copy of your birth or natal chart. If you don’t already have one, make sure to search for it.

Your birth chart is what will be analyzed in order to locate the starseed marks you were born with.


  • If you have repeated numbers in any of the degree or aspect locations, as in the example I gave above (5°33′, 3°11′), this is often an indication of psychic ability or the existence of starseeds in your natal chart.
  • If there are two or more retrogrades, denoted by the capital letter R, this points to a generic starseed origin.
  • A major predictor of Pleiadian roots is a natal degree of 24 degrees, 25 degrees, 26 degrees, 27 degrees, 28 degrees, or 29 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Cancer, or Capricorn.
  • A Lyran or Andromedan relationship may be suggested by a natal Moon in the 32nd, 33rd, 34th, or 35th degree of Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, Sagittarius, or Virgo.
  • 0–10 degrees in any sign may imply that Orion or Mintakan roots are present.
  • Either 0° or 1° might have its roots in Polaria or Procyon.
  • The presence of a large number of 0’s in any location may suggest that the origin is Annunaki, Lyran, or Feline.
  • There is a possibility that the numbers 25, 35, or 36 signify Hadarian or Blue Ray souls.
  • The numbers 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, or 55 have a tendency to indicate races with an ancient soul, a light dragon, or a light reptilian.
  • 13 degrees, 14 degrees, or 15 degrees might all point to an avian origin.
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Note that these degrees or aspects may be located in any section of houses and planetary aspects in your natal chart or in the location of the south or north node.


If you were born under the water sign in your south node—this is one, but just a very minor sign—there is a possibility that you are descended from starseeds.

The majority of starseeds, but not all of them, have a compassionate and open-minded side to them. This caring and loving energy originates from the person having been under the intense influence of the divine feminine in a previous life, such as a water south node.

The sole exception to this rule is when it comes to the south nodes of Virgo and Taurus. These placements may indicate a “newer” starseed incarnation, which refers to souls that are in the process of adapting and refining their energy to function in our 3D universe.

When it comes to the positioning of the north node, I have never really noticed any “true” pattern.

If you have a fiery, determined, or transformative sign such as Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, or Virgo, this might be a hint that your future starseed mission will have a significant influence on the world.


There is a good chance that you have an Orion link or a Lyran connection if any of the following planets are prominent in your horoscope: Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or Capricorn all appear three times or more.

Numerous metaphorical parallels may be drawn between Orion and Lyra and ancient Egypt.

If you have strong Cancer or Scorpio energy, or if you have a Sun placement, it’s possible that you have a star kid link in addition to many past incarnations as a starseed.

There is a possibility of a link between Vega and Lyran if Virgo is robust. If Libra is powerful, there is a possibility of a relationship with Andromeda or Arcturus.

If Pisces is powerful, there is a good chance that there is a relationship with the Pleiades.

There may be a connection with Sirius if the sign of Taurus is strong. Additionally, Egypt and Native Americans are associated with the Sirius star system. The Age of Taurus was when ancient Egypt was at the height of its might.

If your Aries energy is strong, you may have a connection with Arcturus or Cygnus. If Gemini is solid, there is a chance of either Feline or Lyran.

There is a possibility of an Arcturian connection when Aquarius or Uranus are very powerful.


Your sun sign is what most people mean when they talk about their zodiac sign. When I perform readings for people, I don’t focus too much on the sun sign since it is so generic and doesn’t tell us much about ourselves beyond our surface-level personalities.

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It is possible for people born under any sun sign to be starseeds; however, those born under a water sign, such as Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, are more likely to resonate with and be in tune with their previous incarnations as a starseed, which makes it simpler for them to connect with the energy of the cosmos.

Other signs in the sun, such as Virgo, Aries, and Sagittarius, may also provide clues about the origin of starseeds in the past.

Aquarius is another sign that you should keep an eye on. People born under the sign of Aquarius are more likely than ever to be humanitarians, volunteers, and change-makers among us; they will lead us ahead to the Golden Age of Aquarius, which is predicted to begin around the year 2032.


Once again, the significance of water signals cannot be overstated. However, the indications of fire and earth are also present!

There is a good chance that you are descended from starseeds if you have any water signs, cancer, or scorpio in your moon through Mars placements.

People that have water signs in these locations always seem to have the most resonance with Pleiadian, Mintakan, Blue Ray, or Andromedan starseeds, in my experience.

Sagittarius and Aries are other signs to keep an eye out for, as are those with the Moon or Mars in the sign of Virgo or Taurus.

Moon in the fourth, eighth, ninth, or twelfth house is an exceedingly typical occurrence for starseeds.

Your dreams are a particularly good place to pick up on communications from your spirit guides and other members of your soul family, especially if the 9th house is prominent in your horoscope.

Someone who has the sign of Sagittarius from the moon all the way through to Mars may be a visionary with enhanced intuition and creative abilities.

Being in sync with one’s “gut instincts” and one’s intuition might be indicated by having Taurus in any of these positions.

Gemini is still another reliable sign, particularly when combined with certain other markers in the chart.

It’s unusual for someone with a real starseed origin to have these marks in their chart, mostly owing to stubbornness (but it’s not impossible if backed by other markings!).

Having Leo or Virgo in these positions is a signal against being a starseed. For example, having Leo or Virgo in these signs indicates that you are not a starseed.

Pisces is a rather unreliable sign in these places; it must be backed up by additional markers in order to be considered valid.

Libra Mars, Virgo Moons, and Gemini Moons are believed to be profound thinkers, open-minded, and empathic in nature. These characteristics are all potential markers of being a starseed. The rule does not apply to these individuals.


There are four major warning indicators to look out for regarding the positions of Jupiter and Saturn in your horoscope. Among them are those born under the signs of Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

When combined with other marks, they provide the most compelling evidence that the seeds originated from starseeds.

The presence of a cancerian Saturn or Jupiter, in particular, is indicative of exceptionally developed psychic powers, intuition, and sageness. People who have this marking are more likely to have an ancient soul or to operate in the light.


Those who were born with the signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Libra, or Gemini in the Uranus position bear the attributes and characteristics of a starseed more strongly than others.

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Since Neptune is the planet that governs psychic skills and intuition, any sign may make an appearance in this location.

However, if you have placements in Scorpio, Libra, or Sagittarius, you are more likely to connect with becoming an indigo, rainbow, or crystal kid; these are all varieties of starseed children. If you do not have these placements, however, you are more likely to be a crystal child.


This is the point when things start to get a bit more complicated, which is why you’ll need a good birth chart wheel in order to determine which signs fall into each house.

It is common practice to utilize house placements as a reliable indicator of intuitive and starseed skills. Please be aware that the absence of these locations does not always rule out the possibility that you are a starseed.

  • Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are the signs of the ascendant.
  • Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto reside in the First House.
  • Neptune and the Black Lilith rule the Second House.
  • Uranus, Neptune, and Chiron are the planets that reside in the third house.
  • Moon, Uranus, and Pluto reside in the fourth house.
  • Jupiter or Venus in the Fifth House
  • Neptune (a giant indicator), Saturn, or Uranus in the Sixth House
  • Pluto, Mercury, the Moon, Venus, or the North Node are all associated with the 7th House.
  • The South Node, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all members of the 8th House.
  • Mars (which is highly frequent), the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto belong in the 9th House.
  • Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus reside in the 10th house.
  • Jupiter (*very frequent), the Sun (*a big indication), Uranus, and Mars are found in the 11th House.
  • Moon, Mercury (a BIG indication), Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and either the North or South Node belong to the 12th House.


When searching for a starseed presence in a chart, there are a plethora of trines and planetary aspects to keep an eye out for. Okay, so let’s get that out of the way. There are far too many to even begin to enumerate in this piece.

Because of this, I have included a link to a helpful site that describes more than one hundred triangles, squares, conjunctions, and other things to look for.

It has been my experience that the grand water trine is the most frequent kind of trine. This occurs when all three water signs—Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio—are present in the form of a triangle inside the trine.


Discovering the marks that belong to your starseed may be a very exciting experience. It’s as if you’ve never connected with that part of your soul before, and now you’ve discovered it.

However, if you don’t have any obvious marks on your chart, you shouldn’t worry about it since not every starseed does.

The majority of starseeds are able to recognize, on some level, inside themselves, that their soul was not born on Earth. There are instances when one’s intuition is all that is required to validate their assumptions.

Do you have any distinguishing marks on your body? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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