How To Harness Twin Flame Energies

harness twin flame energies

222 vibrations carry crystalline coding for manifestation of our heart’s desires. Twin Flames hold archetype source codes in their DNA. Activated in 11.11 quantum leap portals, the most recent in January 2020, twins come online as power packs of ascension energy earthed on the material plane.

Twin flames navigating the matrix in human form respond to preordained contracts for connectivity. Each twin makes his/her own way through the matrix, sacred union can occur when both twins embrace their spiritual awakening and surrender to the reflection of the twin experience. The gold cord connecting the twins extends across time and space.

Twin flames will know they are twins, having always felt the presence of their twin on the material plane. The twin flame vibration is a jump start to manifest ALL our heart’s desires. Soul mates, soul tribe, true love, happiness, joy and passion are carried on the wings of 222 frequencies. We experience this dynamic energetic space in giddy, passionate, heartfelt love vibrations.

5 ways we can harness and magnetize 222 love frequencies

1. Dreamweaving. Vision board, Pinterest, journal, talk to friends, speak out loud our dreams. Be clear with the universe, bring flava, detail, color and vibration to our manifestation. By examining triggers of negativity and eliminating or minimizing their frequencies in our lives, we can define, refine and magnetize our dreams.

2. Clearing the clutter – we make room for new people, places and experiences to come into our lives. If we are blocking our soul mate in heavy vibratory fields the connection will not happen. Negative relationships drain our chi, our life force, we lose magnetism to divine alignment. We lock ourselves out of love wavelength by resisting change and remaining stagnant. It’s up to us to make choices to maximize our potential for happiness. 20% focused intention, 80% surrender to divine alignment.

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3. Gratitude is the foundation of spiritual awakening. We refine our heart’s desires by dropping into gratitude, by embodying thanks and praise for all we already have. The vibratory field of gratitude is akin to the twin flame vibratory field, both are high frequencies. Gratitude helps us align to our passion and purpose. Gratitude enables us to communicate authentically. Gratitude is the beating heart of ascension vibrations.

4. Self knowledge and self care are prerequisites for finding or stoking the fires of true love in 222 waves of source light. Old cycles of self sabotage are broken in the illumination of dark nights of the soul. We go inwards and learn who we are in meditation, contemplation and reflection. Chakra healing and alignment expand us into fifth dimensional realms, higher states of being, we align with universal love flow.

5. Mindbodysoul activation. Expansion is the elimination of matrix mind control to elevate our perception of the world. Our bodies are our friends, not enemy, as the matrix would have us believe, or simply tools for pleasure. Our bodies are integral to the bliss and ecstasy of higher dimensional fields. In 5d, we nurture, care for and protect our bodies, our minds and our souls, as we would our children. Lightbody activation wakes us up, we learn to speak Energy, this changes everything. We shift. The more authentic we are the more likely we will find a partner who loves us as we love ourselves.

Spiritual awakening is the foundation for building temples of love in the new earth. We wake up. We learn to identify, resist and reject racist, misogynistic, fear riddled rhetoric. All areas of our lives are gradually affected, Rainbow energies gently flow, transform and rebirth us in their love light vibrations. Anxiety can be generated when we awaken before or at an accelerated rate compared to our partner. We can feel stressed that they are not raising their vibrations in alignment with us or the ascension field. We can feel sad and disheartened by our own deepening understanding of love, joy and happiness being blocked by our partner’s low vibe matrix fear algorithms. Connectivity to our bodies, enlightenment in our souls and mind expansion impacts every area of our lives. We seek to deepen our relationships, expand our love into spaces of 5d intimacy, our partners may not be ready to inhabit. There are ways to navigate different rates of awakening in relationships, family and friendship. We can support our loved ones in their awakening to love vibration.


5 ways we can deepen existing relationships in 222 love vibrations

1. Patience. It’s a deep process delving into our buried secrets, our locked down psyches, our abused bodies. It takes time. Holding space for Self rolls out and we learn to hold space for our loved ones. Trust the process. Release urgency, linear time constraints or pressures. Go with the flow, let things breathe. We are moving into a whole new dimensional field as a collective, where stress, time and expectation dissolve in truth, integrity and self love.

2. Communication. Creating space for dialogue, discussion and exchange of ideas and experience. If we don’t share our journey our partner will lose touch with our energetic resonance, they may feel cut off or left out. Cultivate speaking with detachment, avoid pressure, judgement and preaching. Share from the heart and allow our partner time to process.

3. Be approachable. Hold safe space for karmic clearing, trauma release and vulnerability for our partner. Listen. Share practical guidance, supportive groups, healing therapies. The spiritual world is loaded with ways to help us navigate our awakening.

4. Demonstration. We can demonstrate our shifting perspective be being open about our spiritual practice whether its meditation, yoga or prayer. We walk our truth. Its not about telling people what it is or how to do it, its about showing the way.

5. Authenticity. By being authentic in our awakening we dissolve barriers, prejudice and stereotyping. We walk a path of love and eventually those around us will grasp this.

There is a lot of disinformation out there about the Ascension of Gaia. Too many titles using the word Urgent! We center ourselves to combat fear, exaggeration and deceit, by cultivating a strong relationship with our gut. Our gut is a power line to our higher self, our guides and the bigger picture. Our gut funnels data from all our senses, including our energy chakras, our third eye and our heart. Our gut interprets the information it garners and will give us clear communication, if we listen. Release fear that loved ones won’t catch up in time, may miss the boat to the new earth or the Gates of Perception opening or any of the other fear algorithms being inserted into the awakening online community’s collective consciousness. Expansion is just that…there is no time limit, we grow, evolve and process at our own pace. We can harness powerful lightwave frequencies in meditation and sacred ritual, we can use mantras to embrace upgrades and heal ourselves. We choose, just as our partner will choose, we each go at our own pace through Gaia’s profound rebirth.

There is no rush. If we feel frustrated that our partner is not waking up or resisting awakening we can calm down by delving back into our own inner meditative journeying. Detach from others responses to our needs, detachment is key to staying on our cosmic surfboard, we have to let others find the way. We can light the path, we can speak our truth, we can transform and evolve in front of them, this is our path. When we detach from what others think or feel in regard to us, we free ourSelves. The need for approval, company or identity confirmation are matrix constructs to divorce us from our sovereignty. When we detach from how others perceive us or codependency, we take the reigns of our destiny. We consciously align to higher paths. We declutter. We shift our lives round, switching up the vibratory fields we exist in until we are happy, satisfied that we are in a progressive space for ascension. We cannot drag our partners through this process us with us. Rather look at it like we are studying, a personal development course tailored just for us, for our needs, our recovery and our happiness. Our partner may be inspired to study as well, they may feel they want to expand along with us or they may wish to remain as they are.


By detaching we safe guard our own evolution, ensuring we don’t get weighed down, anchored in loved ones resistance or refusal. We forge boundaries round our own awakening. We step back and understand a No is often just a Not Now. Avoid black and white thinking, all or nothing, polarity, move into the grey areas, explore spaces of commonality, allow our loved ones to feel their way rather than be pulled along by us. Nothing is left hidden by the process of awakening, truth will out. Be fearless, calm and grounded in cosmic lightwaves of ascension.

Linear pressures create a synthetic energetic space that conspires to dethrone Gaia and her natural rhythms. 222 frequencies are aligned to nature, to the cycles of elemental rebirth, transformation and transmutation. We embrace lightbody activation, upgrades and downloads. We consciously drop into heart space, making our choices from love not the ego driven fear machine of the matrix. We align to love vibration by being kind, compassionate and caring. We start with ourselves. The higher we raise our vibrations the less we are able to tolerate low vibe people, places or things. We take responsibility by reorganizing our lives to reflect our higher state of consciousness. By detaching we surrender to the Weave, the Loom of Love. We remain open, approachable and patient with loved ones but we don’t compromise our own awakening for anyone, not even our twin flame. 222 is first and foremost about Source coded love frequencies. If our relationships don’t vibrate on mutual respect, even if they are spiritual, telepathic, astral, ethereal, out of this world passionate and powerful, if we are being asked to compromise our integrity we say no. We make our needs, our desires clear to our people and the universe to harness happiness and magnetize peace.

When we focus our intentions and communicate clearly we are laying foundations for healthy, honest, lit, synced up relationships. We can clear space, make way for new beginnings. We can be clear about who we are looking for. We can deepen existing relationships by sharing the experience of spiritual awakening. By rebuilding our relationship with Self with algorithms of self care, we magnetize healing, abundance and happiness. Twin flame union is the crystalline blueprint for 5d relationships. We are receiving the magic in 222 vibrations, recognizing the world is not linear, made of little boxes and misery, the world is rainbow light, green Gaia goodness and we are magnificent spiritual BEings. When we align to the frequency field of happiness the rest falls into place.

In light and love beautiful people.

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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