Indigo, Crystal, & Starseed Children: Definition & Characteristics

indigo, crystal, starseed children meaning

It’s only natural for moms to see their own children as unique and exceptional, so it’s not surprising when they do so. But what do you do when your child is so extraordinary that it defies description?

Indigo, Crystal, and Star Seed children are a specific sort of unique, showing features that push the limits of what is considered to be our reality. These children have the potential to change the course of human history.

Over the course of the last several decades, there has been an increase in the number of children that seem to have originated from a location that is beyond our physical universe in order to usher in a new level of awareness all around the globe.

Children of the Indigo Star Among Us

In the 1970s, San Diego parapsychologist Nancy Anne Tapp was the first to promote the concept of identifying children as “indigo children.” These youngsters are said to have a predisposition toward specific psychological and spiritual characteristics.

According to the New York Times, Tappe saw the development of youngsters with a vibrational hue that she had never seen before and that correlated with a new kind of awareness. She had never seen children of this color previously.

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Indigo is a reference to the indigo-colored radiance that the younger generation exudes.

Following that, the husband-and-wife writing duo of Lee Carroll and Jan Tober further popularized the phenomena with their book The Indigo Children, which was published in 1999.

The notion of indigo children became more widely accepted not just among the general public but also among a range of medical professionals, educators, and psychologists as a direct result of Carroll’s alleged discussions with a spiritual entity called Kryon.

The book written by Carroll and Tober states that indigo children “come in knowing who they are; thus, it is imperative that they be acknowledged, praised for their remarkable traits, and directed with love and care.”

What Exactly is a Child of the Indigo Ray?

Carroll elaborated by saying, “Children are often the greatest gift in life, but also the biggest hardship.”

There are many books that have been published on effective parenting and the psychology of children, but what we found was different…

The idea that a new human consciousness may be quietly coming on the earth right now—embodied in our children—goes well beyond the conventional thinking of conservatives.

Indigo children have fundamentally similar characteristics, such as an intense desire to make the world a better place and an instinctive awareness of ways in which things might be done more effectively.

They have an instinctive passion for nature, plants, and animals; a sense of natural superiority; and a non-responsiveness to controlling and/or authoritative personalities. They are “system busters” by nature and have a feeling of natural supremacy.

In their capacity as psychological counselors, Carroll and Tober had written a book that rapidly gained popularity as a sort of guide for the parents of unusually bright and active children.

This book was written in a world in which children are commonly overmedicated, attend schools devoid of creative environments, and live in households where their parents do not provide them with sufficient time and attention.

Abilities of the Indigo Child

“Indigos are perceptive, strong-willed, and very sensitive,” is something that was written by Maureen Healy, a speaker and pioneer in the area of children’s emotional health who works with highly sensitive youngsters.

They have always had the impression that they were unique and that they were sent here “for a purpose,” even if they are unsure what that reason is at the moment.

According to Healy, characteristics of Indigo children include having had intuitive experiences, having a desire for a more fair and just world, having stood up for what they believed in even if they did so alone, having an interest in living a life of meaning rather than just making money, feeling sensitive in both a physical and emotional sense, and having unusual things happen around them.

A high IQ, strong intuition, self-confidence, opposition to authority, features indicative of an “ancient soul,” sensitivity to chemicals and fluorescent lights, disruptive tendencies, and other characteristics have been attributed to those who are born under the Indigo.

The latter condition is often identified as attention-deficit disorder (ADD) or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Doreen Virtue, a former psychotherapist who has published books and held talks on indigo children, was reported by the New York Times as claiming that children of this kind constitute a step forward in the development of the human race.

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According to what she stated, “They are diligent about clearing the earth of societal evils and corruption and strengthening honesty.”

Moving to the Next: What Exactly is a “Crystal Child”?

Crystal children are an additional unique group of human beings. These people are noted for being idealists who follow their hearts in a society that is dominated by realists and plagued by limitations.

This indicates that crystal children are more likely to go with the flow of awareness rather than try to force their way through life and its challenges in an effort to achieve financial achievement.

They seem to have set their sights squarely on making the world a better place as their ultimate objective. Crystal children, similar to Indigo children, give off the impression of being “ancient souls.”

Crystal children are characterized by the following traits:

According to the findings of psychic researcher Troi G, the incarnation of “crystal children,” who are the offspring of indigos, started in larger numbers around the turn of the century.

  • They almost always have a piercing look in their eyes.
  • Possess eyes that are occasionally a typical hue and are typically round.
  • Are delicate in both their mental and physical makeup;
  • Suffer from a variety of sensitivities and allergies that are triggered by their surroundings;
  • Are impulsive and will occasionally act without fully considering the repercussions of their actions;
  • Love to climb;
  • Possess a strong sense of equilibrium;
  • Are the kind of persons that automatically embrace new acquaintances with a hug;
  • Have no concept of what it is to have personal boundaries since they have a strong sense of connection to all people and, indeed, all living things;
  • Gifted healers and psychics who like singing and music but despise loud sounds.
  • Suffer from sensory overload and find it difficult to function in environments with a lot of people, a lot of noise, or both;
  • Are severely impacted by unfavorable occurrences on a personal level as well as on a global scale;
  • Transform themselves into benefactors, caregivers, volunteers, healers, and educators;
  • They love their family, their pets, and their friends with all their hearts;
  • They are autodidacts, meaning that they prefer to teach themselves what it is that they want to study as opposed to focusing on what they are instructed to concentrate on.

Crystal Capabilities of a Child

People who are devoted to the idea that crystal children exist believe that these children have a propensity to want to improve the state of humanity and the natural world as a whole.

A trained psychologist will tell you that a great number of these characteristics are indicative of people who are more introverted than extroverts.

They have spent their whole lives serving a more important and widespread purpose.

Crystal children’s primary mission, according to Nikki Pattillo, a former clinical microbiologist and molecular biologist who now works with psychic children, “is to move us to the next step in our development and reveal to us our inner and greater potential.”

They operate according to the Law of One, often known as the concept of universal oneness, and act as a collective consciousness rather than as individuals.

They are also champions for harmony and love on this earth and “primarily born into the Gold Ray of Incarnation and Evolution,” which means they have access to the abilities of clairvoyance and healing. They are also known as “the golden ones.”

What Exactly Does It Mean to be a Starseed Child?

The term “star seed children,” which is synonymous with the term “star children,” refers to the overarching category of individuals who are supposed to have been brought to Earth from various parts of the cosmos in order to assist mankind.

It is said that they are peacemakers, topplers of corrupt systems, and shifters of dimensional awareness, both now and in the future. They are also said to possess psychic powers, spiritual talents, and other extrasensory abilities.

These youngsters, according to what Nikki Patillo stated, “have come here on a particular mission to aid in this rebirth into a higher-dimensional Earth.”

Patillo observed that star children might be classified as one of three groups: indigo, crystal, or rainbow people.

“Star children have specifically selected parents who will aid them in the development of their innate gifts.”

If you are the parent of a kid who you are aware is unique, then it is likely that your child has chosen you to assist them in assisting others on their spiritual journey…

The most admirable quality of Star children is their eagerness to take on the challenges of the world and discover the skills necessary to navigate it on their own.

Children born into star families will eventually reach an age when they are capable of reshaping society in a way that is congruent with their energies and priorities.

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The truth that they so firmly believe in and fight for so valiantly will be a reflection of their honesty and spirituality.

In his book, “100 Ways to Develop Your Mind,” Steven Aitchison writes that the planet Earth has been going through a new wave of energy for the last 40 years or more, a wake-up call that will lead to a new dimension of life characterized by greater spirituality and higher levels of consciousness.

Aitchison says that this new wave of energy will lead to a more enlightened and conscious existence.

In his writing, he said, “Star Children play a significant role in this planetary wave and this energy change.” The star children are fully aware of the reason for their existence on Earth and possess a wide variety of skills that humans do not.

Therefore, star children need to be cared for so that they may develop their extraordinary abilities and individuality.

It is said that star children have the power to heal with energy, sense danger, travel out of their bodies, function as channelers, download knowledge from other worlds, have clairvoyance and clairsentience, have the tendency to trip electricity, the ability to influence the environment with their minds, telepathy, and high intuition.

According to Aitchison, the abilities to levitate and teleport are also included on the list of characteristics, despite the fact that a large number of people continue to be skeptical of such claims.

Are These Young People Really That Unique?

Crystal, Indigo, and Star Seed Children Reflect the Latest in Parental Wishful Thinking—or Even Denial?

The topic of whether crystal, indigo, and star seed children represent the latest in parental wishful thinking or even denial, or if there are in fact exceptional people helping us develop into a new level of awareness, continues to be a very contested issue.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that a great number of children do not conform to the standard model of normalcy.

This is because they are bringing about a new way of relating to one another, interacting with one another, and living in order to lead humanity out of the current dark age of division and destruction.

Whether or not you believe in the reality of these children, there is no denying the fact that they are guiding us all toward a larger sense of responsibility for each other and the Earth as a whole.

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